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RUSH: My friends, there is a war in the heartland over measles. In 2000, it looked like measles had been wiped out, thanks to vaccination. But now the disease is sweeping across Oregon and Washington state.

Measles can cause deafness, nerve damage, brain swelling, and even death. But in the past 20 years, opposition to vaccines has grown. Some parents believe there’s a link between vaccinations and autism.

So these liberal states are allowing parents to opt-out of vaccinating their kids. Now those chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak. Measles is back, and anti-vaccination parents are getting death threats.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, there’s a typhus epidemic. This third-world disease is spread by fleas living on rats in garbage. With garbage seemingly everywhere in Los Angeles, disease has leapt from the “Typhus Zone” on skid row to the general population.

Do you wonder how America could have eliminated serious diseases, and then let them make a comeback? I’ll tell you how. Elect liberals. Let them run things. Let them keep the open borders open. It’s always dangerous, it’s sometimes deadly, and that’s who you point to to answer, “Why is this happening?”

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