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RUSH: Jeff Bezos.  Yeah, he’s Amazon.  But Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.  Jeff Bezos sent out photos of his genitalia to his mistress, and Donald Trump is being blamed for it.  Because the people that have the photos happen to be the National Enquirer.  In a bit of irony, the guy that runs The Enquirer is named Pecker.  So a guy named Pecker has some pecker shots of Jeff Bezos, and Jeff Bezos claims that he’s being blackmailed and extorted.

And the media’s now saying, “Well, Trump knows Pecker! Pecker knows Trump. Trump has a pecker. So, therefore, Trump is behind what’s happening to Bezos.”  Can you imagine if that Little Pinch Sulzberger had been caught doing this?  Can you imagine if the great Arthur Sulzberger Sr. and then Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Little Punch and Little Pinch…? Can you imagine if they had been caught sending out photos of their genitalia to their mistresses?

Well, it’s happening.  And Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and the media’s circling the wagons to defend him and somehow try to link Donald Trump to this.  But, aside from that, what does it say about the leadership of Amazon?  What does it say about the leadership of the Washington Post that this is what — and these people are all leftists.

And, meanwhile, we have to sit here every day we have to listen to what immorality Donald Trump is visiting upon America.  “The ogre, the gauche, the brute, the absolute horribly rotten behavior-oriented Trump,” and, meanwhile, this stuff is going on?  What sort of man…? What sort of man…? We know that Carlos Danger, the husband of Huma Abedin. We know that he did it. Again, that’s part of Hillary campaign

We know that Bill Clinton did — well, I don’t think he ever sent out photos. But what sort of person does this? What sort of man thinks that his genitalia, a photo of his genitalia on a phone of his mistress is going to make her swoon? Do men not realize this doesn’t work? Do men not realize that’s not what works, if you’re trying to make a woman swoon? It’s the exact opposite! And yet that behavior is not being condemned. It’s being used to condemn Trump somehow.


RUSH: Another way of looking at this is you’re the richest man in the world, why in the world do you think your genitalia is what makes people interested in you, particularly women? But it’s a crumbling of decency. You know the old saw about we are watching longtime, trusted institutions just fade, be whittled away.


RUSH: You’ve gotta hear the sound bites of the Drive-By Media, the potty mouth press can’t get enough of Jeff Bezos and the Pecker post. Here we go with the first sound bite.

FRANK BRUNI: World’s richest man has just released a long blog post about his genitalia, his semi-erect manhood.

DON LEMON: Tight black cargo pants or shorts and his semi-erect manhood is penetrating the zipper.

LINSEY DAVIS: Bezos wearing nothing but a white towel and his wedding ring.

PETER ALEXANDER: Below the belt selfie of Bezos.

ANDERSON COOPER: The below the belt selfie, as a blank pic.

JOHN BERMAN: The below the belt selfie, known as a blank pic.

ERICA HILL: Below the belt selfie, known as a blank pic.

RENATO MARIOTTI: Publish these dick pics.

LAUREN SIMONETTI: The New York Post today, the title is the best, “Bezos Exposes Pecker.”

BRIAN SULLIVAN: (laughter) “Bezos Exposes Pecker.”

RACHEL MADDOW: Mr. Pecker. It’s the name.

DON LEMON: (laughing) I have said and heard things on television tonight that I never in a million years.

RUSH: Well, yeah. Not just last night. I’ve heard and seen things on television politically I can’t believe that we would ever see, especially be taken seriously. Here’s these people the Drive-By Media, first it was Stormy Daniels and then it was Avenatti said, “Ooh, man, this Avenatti guy, he could be the serious challenger to Trump.” Now we have this from the guy that runs the Washington Post, that owns Washington Post. The media’s just having the biggest time here because the next bite will tell you why.

Last night with Don Lemon, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni or Bruni, don’t know how he pronounces it, was on to talk about Bezos’ allegations at the Enquirer and David Pecker trying to blackmail him. Lemon says, “Does it seem like the National Enquirer is just going after one of the president’s enemies here?”

BRUNI: He’s done something else really, really important that I don’t want us to lose sight of…

LEMON: Yeah.

BRUNI: …which is he has given us another glimpse of the morals or the lack of morals of the company that our president keeps. Even though he and David Pecker are apparently estranged now because of all that happened with federal prosecutors, there’s a long, long alliance over time between AMI, Donald Trump, David Pecker, the National Enquirer. Donald Trump’s friends behave this way.

RUSH: Right. So Jeff Bezos takes pictures of his genitalia and sends ’em out to his floozie, paramour, whatever, and it automatically, the only reason Bezos did it is because Donald Trump is destroying the moral fiber of the United States. Donald Trump did it because Donald Trump knows Pecker and Pecker knows Trump, and The Enquirer is Pecker and Pecker is The Enquirer and The Enquirer is going after Bezos, all of this is Trump’s fault. So that’s why they’re spending time on this. They can’t give up the ghost.

Now, here’s Dan Abrams of Mediaite. He’s on with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today. Question: “Does what Bezos describes,” meaning I guess he’s being blackmailed over photos, these pictures and so forth, “what Bezos describes here, does it meet the legal definition of extortion?”

ABRAMS: Under federal extortion law you would need a threat and you’d need to be demanding something of value. There’s a question as to whether this was an overt specific threat or just a suggestion. It’s also a question about whether it was something of value. And also the American media’s defense here would be it was a dispute. They were going to publish something false in The Washington Post. We were trying to negotiate this and this was all part of the negotiation. So there is a line here and the question is did they cross it? Is it a crime, would they prosecute? You know, again, I think it’s a close call.

RUSH: Yeah, finally somebody gets the truth out there. The Washington Post starts this, the Washington Post is gonna print a bunch of caca about people and about The Enquirer and The Enquirer said, “Oh, yeah, you gonna do this, well, let me tell you something, Mr. Bezos, here’s something we got on you that we could publish if you do that.” So Bezos and his bunch start this. The Drive-By Media is always at the beginning of this kind of mess, and then demanding immunity from it. Well, we’re just journalists, you know, we go where the facts take us.

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