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RUSH: Ralph Northam of Virginia says that he ain’t no way quitting, he ain’t no way gonna resign. The embattled Virginia governor said that he is not resigning because Virginia needs a doctor. That was during a Sunday interview on CBS Slay the Nation. Governor Northam has been facing pressure to quit since the photograph of someone in blackface and someone in a Ku Klux Klan hood was found on his medical school yearbook.

Not one mention of the fact that Ralph Northam, as a doctor, as a pediatrician, found it perfectly fine to make a newborn comfortable before killing it. That’s not even a factor in this guy’s future. That’s not even relevant. No. It’s all about some old photo in blackface.

You know, I could actually see the Republicans — well, let me get to that in some chronology here. Gayle King, the BFF of The Oprah, was doing the questioning here. “Why do you think you still deserve this job when so many people are calling for you to step down?” And Governor Northam said, “Well, again we’ve worked very hard. We had a good first year. I’m a leader. I’ve been in some very difficult situations, life and death situations, taking care of sick kids.”

The correct question would be, “Did the kids survive?” But she didn’t say that. She said, “Oh. Because you’re a doctor?”

“Right now, Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor.” Okay. So here’s Governor Northam with Gayle King. We actually have three sound bites here. She says, “I know this has been a very difficult week for you.” It’s so bad, we at CBS are really empathetic. We know it’s so bad. We’ve been trying to help by throwing that abortionist stuff off the page. But where would you like to begin in our interview here that’s built to basically help you rehab yourself?

NORTHAM: If you look at Virginia’s history, we’re now at the 400-year anniversary. Just 90 miles from here, in 1619, the first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in old Point Comfort, what we call now —

RUSH: Stop the tape. The guy sounds like he’s celebrating something they’re all happy about. Yeah, Gayle, 400 years ago the first slaves arrived here, just 90 miles from here. It’s a great anniversary we’re all celebrating here in Virginia. What in the name of Sam Hill? Who thinks this way? We’re celebrating a 400-year anniversary, and Gayle King — we’ll have to play it back, cue it back to the top. But she then follows, “Known as slavery.” She doesn’t want him to get away with calling it indentured servitude.

NORTHAM: If you look at Virginia’s history, we are now at the 400-year anniversary. Just 90 miles from here, in 1619, the first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe. And while…

KING: Also known as slavery.


KING: Yeah. Yeah.

NORTHAM: And, you know, while we have made a lot of progress in Virginia, slavery has ended, schools have been desegregated, we have ended the Jim Crow laws, easier access to voting, it is abundantly clear that we still have a lot of work to do.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. See, that’s a bad — you’re not supposed to talk about the solutions. You are not supposed to talk about the improvements because to the modern American leftists, they are irrelevant. Do not discount me on this, folks. Do not think that I’m off beat. I’m right in the middle of the bull’s-eye on this. He’s trying to get credit because he’s embattled by pointing out all of the successes. But we’ve been doing that for 30 years, and it doesn’t count for diddly-squat!

Five hundred thousand Americans being killed in the Civil War to end slavery means nothing, and the reason is – I’m gonna say it one more time. The objective is to transform the country away from how it was founded, and because how it was founded was the original sin. It was founded with slavery and prejudice and bigotry in these people’s minds. And so there’s no amount of fixing possible. It’s not possible to fix because it was founded this way. So whatever improvements have been made, they don’t count, at the end of the day.

We need to totally abolish and rebuild. This is what is being taught. This is what young generations of Americans are growing up believing. But he’s embattled here, he’s got that blackface photo out there, so he’s trying to say, “Look at what we’ve done. Look at the changes.” And then acknowledging there’s still a lot of work. What? If we have ended slavery, if we’ve desegregated the schools, if we’ve ended the Jim Crow laws, if there’s easier access to voting, then what is the “lot of work to do”? Not denying there isn’t some work. What is the “lot of work to do”? It’s just a throwaway line designed to send the message that Ralph Northam knows nothing is good right now. He’s just trying to distance himself from the bad. Next question from Gayle King: “What have you learned that you didn’t know before?”

NORTHAM: I was born in white privilege and that has implications to it. And it is much different the way a white person, such as myself, is treated in this country.

KING: Did you not know that you were born into white privilege?

NORTHAM: I knew I was, Ms. King, but I didn’t realize really the powerful implications of that. I’ve also learned why the use of blackface is so offensive.

RUSH: Give me a break. This guy is trying to make it sound like he just got out of a sensitivity class and he just now learned, Ralph Northam just learned that he was born in white privilege. I’ll guarantee you seven days ago Ralph Northam wasn’t even thinking in terms of white privilege, didn’t think he was a part of it, didn’t have any idea. But now Ralph Northam is copping to it. And not only is he copping to white privilege, he has learned why blackface is so offensive.

“Did you not know you were born into white privilege?”

“I knew I was, Ms. King, but I didn’t realize really the powerful implications.” Come on. You’re a southern Democrat. It was you people that turned the dogs and the fire hoses on the protesters at Selma. It was you people that blocked the university doors in Alabama and Mississippi. All those southern segregationists were Democrats. “I didn’t realize the powerful implications of my white privilege.” Feel like I’m listening to Frank Underwood, House of Cards here. And she then says, “Why do you think you still deserve this job when so many people are calling for you to step down?”

NORTHAM: Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor. Virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage, and who has a moral compass. And that’s why I’m not going anywhere.

RUSH: You see what’s missing here, is his entire role as a pediatrician in this new law in Virginia on late term post-birth abortions. Not even a factor. Not even talked about. Swept under the rug. And this guy is saying, “‘Cause I am a doctor and Virginia needs someone that can heal.” The irony here, this guy’s positions on abortion and he’s talking about healing. But I want to show you how great it is to be a Democrat. I want to show you in a little microcosm here just the kind of things Donald Trump is up against in terms of the kind of coverage he never gets, the kind of benefit of the doubt he never gets, the kind of promotion he never gets.

So here’s Ralph Northam who the Democrats secretly want gone but they also want him to hang on ’cause they can’t believe Trump wouldn’t have to go, so our guy shouldn’t have to go, but their problem is Justin Fairfax. More on him in just a second. But I want you to listen to Gayle King, the BFF of The Oprah, and Norah O’Donnell make a stirring defense of Governor Northam after that stern interview on Face the Nation.

KING: What I walked away feeling is that he so wants to make this right, and I talked to many black people and white people in Virginia. The people I talked to do not believe that he’s racist. They think that it was a stupid thing, but they do not think that he’s a racist person.

O’DONNELL: Gayle, it was such a good interview, and I think what you did here was try and broaden the lens —

KING: Yessss. Yes.

RUSH: Oh, my God.

KING: Yes.

O’DONNELL: Give us more context behind when we —

RUSH: I’m gonna puke here!

O’DONNELL: — judge people very quickly, and give a larger scope of this. His career includes working as a pediatric neurologist —

RUSH: (groaning)

O’DONNELL: — visiting the homes of hundreds of African-American families in crisis.

RUSH: (groaning)

O’DONNELL: He went to an integrated school.

KING: Mmm-hmm!

O’DONNELL: His parents could have sent him to a private, all-white school —

KING: Mmm-hmm!

RUSH: (groaning)

O’DONNELL: — as the New York Times points out today.

KING: Mmm-hmm!

O’DONNELL: We have to view this in context.

RUSH: Yeah, we have to view it context — and he’s a Democrat and we gotta protect him. We cannot have this stick to this guy. Meanwhile, Donald Trump — who has never appeared in blackface, who’s never show up at a Klan rally, who’s never thought a Klan rally was cool — is being accused of white privilege, white nationalism, white supremacy, white racism. And these two birds circle the wagons around ol’ Ralph Northam.

Only because he’s a Democrat! Only because he’s a Democrat. So what are they gonna do? Because right behind him they got old Justin Fairfax whose law firm just told him to get lost because of the rape allegations — and there might be more. Now the Republicans have an interesting political decision to make in the state of Virginia.


RUSH: We’ll start with Matthew in Chicago. Great to have you, Matthew. Hi.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. What do you think about the likelihood that we’re gonna have another government shutdown just because the Democrats have lost control of the messaging with this whole entire Virginia thing?

RUSH: It could be. But I don’t think they need a reason for the shutdown other than they don’t want a wall and they don’t want any kind of new immigration policy and they do not want anything put in the way of illegal immigrants getting into the country. They also want a shutdown because they are convinced that the Republicans lose them every time they’re tried — and look at Trump’s approval number at 52%. His number at the time of the government shutdown was 43% in the Rasmussen poll.

It’s 52% today. Since the shutdown. Since the State of the Union Address, this stuff going on in Virginia, and the Green New Deal. You know, the Democrats made a lot of hay about that Green New Deal. The media’s out there highlighting it and reporting it. It’s not as though the American people did not have any news about this. They did. They had lots of news about it. The idea they’d ban airplane travel in 10 years and so forth, that was not highlighted, but it was mentioned.

So all of these things… The more Democrats do — the bolder they get, the more open they and the media are about who they are and what they are — guess what happens here. So if they’re trying to engineer a shutdown to get Ralph Northam off the front pages, I don’t think that would be their primary objective. Their primary objective… Look, they haven’t changed. They think a government shutdown is gonna destroy Trump. They think a government shutdown’s gonna destroy the Republican Party.

But the fact is or the truth is that they don’t want any interruption, obstacle of any kind. They don’t want anything done that would stop or even slow this mass movement of illegal immigrants from Central America to the United States. You have… Folks, I apologize for being what some of you may think is redundant, but I’ve learned over the course of doing this that you have to say things many times for it to actually take hold or for them to take hold, and I’m telling you:

We’re dealing with an American and worldwide left that is anti-American founding, and the objective here is not to fix America. It can’t be fixed, is the point. It can’t… It is immoral and unjust from the beginning. It can’t be fixed. It has to be — take your pick — overthrown, reworked, transformed, you name it. And this endless flood of people who have no interest in assimilating and becoming Americans is made to order for that project.


RUSH: Yeah. The Democrats are hesitant to get rid of Ralph Northam, too, because the lieutenant governor is an alleged sexual abuser and perhaps even worse. So what are they gonna do? What are the Republicans gonna do in that state? Do they let the Democrats stew in this?

RUSH: Tulsa, Oklahoma, hello, Chris, it’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega Rush Revere dittos from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hey, just an observation and I’d love to get your perspective. Back in I think it was 2017 all hell broke loose in North Carolina with the bathroom bill. You had the NBA, the NFL, NCAA all pulling out of conventions and stuff, citing discrimination. And now you’ve got New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, New Mexico next, all with the late-term abortion changes and I’d just love to see the right kind of mound some fury to put the pressure on those states and just another glaring example of the hypocrisy of the left.

RUSH: Well, it is. But here’s the thing about that. That’s a good point, by the way, but hypocrisy traditionally never attaches to the left. And the reason for that is the media never makes a big deal about it. Look. There’s a perception out there. And, as you know, in politics perception is often reality. And I think you could say this about any number of issues. There is a perception among people who believe and watch the media that this is a very liberal country and that the primary order is a liberal order. Businesses act as though they believe the majority of their customers are liberal.

So in North Carolina when the bathroom bill came up, basically said that people who think they’re women on certain days that are really men can’t use a female bathroom. Well, the liberal order went nuts because the liberal order is currently championing transgender rights. I’m not gonna waste my time here by going into the reasons for this, but we all know it.

The point is the NFL you mentioned caved, the NBA caved because they make the assumption that their fans are watching the media, and if the media is reporting that there is mass outrage over this, then corporations, which are basically a bunch of weak followers, they’re not trailblazers, are gonna fall right in line. The NFL, NBA, and they think that they’re gonna be appealing to a majority of Americans by joining a boycott of North Carolina.

So, by the same token, the media and the left have convinced everybody that nobody but a bunch of crazed minority religious right do-gooders care about abortion. It’s a small number of people, so if New York state or Ralph Northam in Virginia, New Mexico, and the others, if they want to pass laws saying you kill a baby after it’s born, well, most American have no problem with it so it’s certainly nothing for us in corporate America to care about or protest.

You know the better analogy, if I may be so bold, why is there no accompanying outrage to Ralph Northam in blackface proudly standing next to a bunch of people dressed up as Klansmen? Put a Republican in that news story and see what happens. And again, it goes back to the perception that there is a liberal dominance in America and that Democrats always get the benefit of the doubt in these circumstances because Democrats are not racists and sexists. They may have had lapses in the past, but it’s the Republicans we have to look out for here.

Now, the Democrats and the media have worked very hard and they have succeeded. They have swept under the rug in toto what Ralph Northam said about killing babies born alive. And they’ve focused on the fact that Ralph Northam posed in a picture wearing blackface. All Ralph Northam had to say was, “I have now learned about my white privilege and I have learned why people are offended when they see white people of white privilege wearing blackface.”

So he’s clean. He’s been absolved. They’ve also got the problem that if they get rid of him, they have an alleged rapist next in line. So what are they gonna do? That would be Justin Fairfax. But you’re right. I mean, it’s blatant hypocrisy, but the hypocrisy is there because of a misperception of who the majority in the country are.

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