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Feb 11, 2019


UKDM: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Likely Voters Soars to His Best in 23 Months at 52 Percent After State of the Union Address as Border-Wall Shutdown Talks Intensify
Rasmussen Reports: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
FOXNews: Trump Pokes Fun at Klobuchar’s climate-Change Stance as She Announces Candidacy in Snow
FNC’s Carlson Fact-Checks Ocasio-Cortez Strategist on Green New Deal
Daily Wire: Ocasio-Cortez, Adviser Caught Making False Statements About Documents They Published
Daily Wire: Media Runs Interference For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez After Massive ‘Green New Deal’ Disaster
Daily Signal: Media Misses: The Embrace of the Green New Deal
CNSNews: Virginia Gov. Northam Refers to Slaves As ‘Indentured Servants’
The Hill: Fairfax Placed on Leave by His Law Firm Amid Sexual Assault Allegations
Federalist: After Ralph Northam, The ‘Bodily Autonomy’ Argument For Abortion Is Shot
Breitbart: Grammys: Michelle Obama Gets Standing Ovation with Surprise Appearance
PJ Media: Trump’s Popularity Rose Despite 90 Percent Negative Media Coverage in 2018
Politico: Klobuchar’s Opening Pitch Sidetracked by Staff Horror Stories
Washington Examiner: Klobuchar on the Controversy Over Her Treatment of Staff: ‘I am Tough’
Gallup: What If There Were 42 Million at the Border?
Gallup: Americans’ Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing
Washington Post: Shutdown Looms As Border Talks Break Down Over Immigration Enforcement
The Hill: Trump Lashes Out at Dems for ‘Brand New Demand’ in Border Security Talks
UK Guardian: Hate Body Odour? You’re More Likely to Have Rightwing Views
Breitbart: Donald Trump Welcomes ‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren to 2020 Campaign Trail


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