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RUSH: There’s a lot going on today. We’ve had John Dowd, who is Trump’s original lawyer in the Russian hearing or the investigation. Mueller’s got nothing, saying there is not gonna be a report. He said this in a podcast that has been reported by ABC News. ABC News is devastated by this news.

John Dowd saying Mueller’s got nothing, is probably not gonna issue a report, and even if he does issue a report, there’s not gonna be anything about Trump in it because there isn’t any collusion.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has announced that, after two years, they’ve found no evidence of collusion. To my mind, if Dowd is right about this, it means all eyes should turn to the SDNY, the Southern District of New York, where actual prosecutions of the Trump inaugural committee are being prepared.

And if Mueller is not gonna issue a report and doesn’t have anything, it doesn’t mean that the SDNY is standing down.


RUSH: John Dowd — the original Trump lawyer during the Mueller probe — says that Mueller has nothing.  Zilch, zero, nada!  He maintains the president’s gonna be cleared.  He says that Mueller may not even issue a report!  That is how deft this whole investigation has ended up being.  Dowd spoke with ABC for the premiere of a new podcast called The Investigation.

He headed Trump’s “legal team during a crucial stretch of the [Mueller] investigation.” He “believes the entire affair will end in silence from … Mueller, and called the massive two-year probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign ‘a terrible waste of time.'” He said, “‘I don’t think there’ll be a report. … I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We’re done.’ … ‘I know exactly what [Mueller] has,’ Dowd said.

“‘I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what [Mueller] asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is,’ he said… Dowd’s overall view of the investigation” is this: “He called it ‘one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen,'” and it is.  And there are people within the Trump legal team who have said (and this backs this up), that for the last six to nine months, and maybe even longer, Mueller hasn’t even been actively involved in this, that it’s been taken over by Andrew Weissmann and some of the other lawyers that Mueller hired.

Here is audio from podcast where Dowd appeared.  The host is Kyra Phillips.  She used to be at CNN.  Now she’s… She’s the wife, by the way, of John Roberts of Fox News. Just for a little, you know, gossip information for you there.  The question: “Word is the Mueller report’s gonna drop in the next couple of weeks.”

DOWD:  I don’t think there will be a report! The rules of the department say no report.  I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public other than, “We’re done.”

RUSH:  He continued with this…

DOWD:  I know what the case is.  There is no case.  People in the press say, “Well, they must have some surprise.”  He doesn’t have… I know exactly what he has.  I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said.  I know exactly what he has, and I know what the conclusion and result is.  There’s no basis.  There’s no exposure.  It’s been a terrible waste of time.  This is one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen.

RUSH:  Look, folks, there’s no question about that — and I think even saying it that way undersells the scope of what has actually happened here.  You’ve heard me weigh in and opine on this for a year and a half or longer now.  This is more than a fraud.  It’s a coup.  It is a silent coup that has been perpetrated knowingly, and I think the real nature of the fraud is to cover-up the real criminality that did occur here and the real collusion that did occur here. Because the collusion with Russia happened on the Hillary Clinton side, when she commissioned that dossier to be written and Christopher Steele — an out-of-work British spy.

He then gets hold of some Russian contacts he knows and they literally start making things up at the behest of Hillary Clinton and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.  They literally start making things up like the golden showers story, like Trump renting a hotel room and hiring a bunch of prostitutes to come urinate on it once he found out that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama had slept in the bed.

That kind of stuff.  Thirty-six pages of it.  John McCain was used to get this dossier spread throughout the American media with so-called credibility.  We have all of this known criminal behavior and lying to congressional committees by members of the FBI leadership, from McCabe to Comey to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  And all of that, I think, is what this investigation sought to cover up.  And I believe that when they commissioned Mueller to start this investigation — with no crime spelled out, in violation of Justice Department regulations.

If you’re gonna appoint a special counsel, the regulations say there has to be a crime.  You have to point the prosecutor to some specific area.  Well, there wasn’t any crime specified.  This was open-ended.  I think the purpose of this investigation was to allow an untouchable special counsel to be able to peel back any aspect of Donald Trump’s life they wanted to try to unpeel, under the theory that somewhere there they were gonna find a crime.

Somewhere they’re gonna find something that they could charge with a crime. But even though — and this is crucially important — let’s say Dowd’s right. Let’s say there isn’t a report, let’s say that there’s nothing here. The damage, and a lot of it, has been done! Two years of leaks. A coup has taken place here. A silent coup. Two years of never-ending leaks, that Trump stole the election, that he colluded with the Russians, the Russians tampered with votes, the Russians may have affected the outcome of an election.

This investigation has served as another opposition research project for the Democrat Party to use if all else fails in a campaign against Trump in 2020. So even if Mueller’s got nothing, we can’t say that it was useless. Because look what they were able to do every day, 24/7, 24 hours, seven days a week, every day, look what they were able to do in their effort to defame and slander Donald Trump. And they pulled that off every day for two years.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the AP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, look at the defamation that surrounded Donald Trump and smothered Donald Trump and his family in the mainstream media under the presumption that he was guilty of stealing an election and colluding with Russia. So to say that the investigation ends with nothing, is a big yawner, is not true.

The Democrats now have an unbelievable amount of Mueller-gathered opposition research against Trump. If there’s not a report, I would contend to you that if there isn’t a report here, the sole reason is because they don’t want to give away the opposition research they’ve collected on Trump. What price is Mueller gonna pay if there’s no report? He’s not elected to anything. He’s Mr. Integrity, as far as the media is concerned.

So if there’s no report and people on the left are gonna have to deal with the fact that they thought this guy had the smoking gun evidence to get rid of Trump, and they’ll have their own mental breakdowns to deal with among hard-core leftists in the general public who really believe that Mueller had the goods here. But if there’s no report, it’s not gonna be because they didn’t find anything. It’s going to be because they’re not gonna divulge all of the dirt that they did find on Trump that is usable in a campaign.

And all of this opposition research all of these two years, this entire effort at slanderous defamation has been paid for by the American taxpayer with no financial accounting whatsoever. And these prosecutors of Mueller’s have been out of control. They have put people in jail. They have ruined people’s lives over nothing but process crimes, lying to investigators in the case of Michael Flynn. And who knows what the hell Manafort and Gates did. But whatever it was, it wasn’t colluding with Russia on behalf of Trump or anybody else.

Manafort’s in solitary confinement, slowly fading away into obscurity. There have been no limits. There has been no accountability. There has been no knowledge of what’s gone on here. Robert Mueller is the invisible man. There has not been any updating the American people. If they knew 14 months ago that there was no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, why not announce it? Because it wasn’t the purpose. The purpose is to continue this fraud that Trump did collude, to continue this slanderous defamation that Trump is illegitimate, does not deserve to be the president.

That’s why they didn’t announce they don’t have anything. That’s why they might not announce that they didn’t find anything now, if Dowd is right. They don’t need Mueller to issue a report in order to engage in leaks and smears as 2020 draws near. Okay. So Mueller doesn’t issue a report. But what’s to say select media won’t be shown that report? And what’s to say that select media will not leak some of what they’ve been shown?

And what if the report has all kinds of caca in it about Trump being unfit for office? “Yes. We didn’t find any evidence of collusion, but Trump made America vulnerable to such collusion with his lack of preparation, lack of sophisticate.” Start leaking stuff like that. “Unnamed sources in the intelligence community tell the New York Times and Washington Post that the reported clearly says Donald Trump is unqualified to breathe” or some such thing.

This report is gonna be used against Donald Trump with nobody ever knowing what’s in it for sure. And they will need to use that information, because if a report is not issued that finds collusion with the Russians, Trump may experience a huge bump in the ratings for a witch hunt. They can’t afford that. They can’t afford for, “Sorry, no report here, no collusion.” Think of the bump Trump will get from that. They’ve got to have some way of countering it.


RUSH:  If it’s true that Mueller does not issue a report on Russian collusion and Trump, it’s only so that Democrats can continue to leak from what it supposedly says.

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