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RUSH: I want to warn you: For anybody with a conscience, I’m dealing with a terrible subject today. Can’t be avoided.

In Queens, New York, 48-year-old Anthony Hobson was arrested and charged with the fatal stabbing of his 35-year-old girlfriend. She was pregnant. He also killed the baby.

Prosecutors initially charged Mr. Hobson with both deaths. In addition to the murder charge for killing his girlfriend, he faced a second-degree abortion charge for killing the child.

But then, prosecutors looked at the new abortion law passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat legislature and they realized that under the new law, Mr. Hobson didn’t commit a crime when he killed the baby. The abortion charge was dropped.

Now, no doubt, Mr. Hobson joins Governor Cuomo and the New York Democrats in celebrating the passage of their new law. After all, known baby-killers have a difficult time in prisons, where even many criminals do have a conscience about killing babies. This is the exact kind of thing that everybody warned about specifically when this legislation passed. Where does it stop?

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