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RUSH: Meg Wiehe is the deputy director of the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy. It’s a bunch of leftists.

In Newsweek magazine, Ms. Wiehe writes that state governments shouldn’t wait for Washington, D.C., to soak the rich with more taxes. She says states should “begin” to do that themselves.

Wiehe says that her Take Your Money Institute researched every state’s taxation system, and they concluded that most states don’t “capture” enough money from high-income households. Now, this supposedly leads to “income inequality,” and the other problems libs complain about when they want your money.

Bottom line: Ms. Wiehe thinks that states should whack the rich harder right now, instead of waiting for progressives to whack the rich from Washington.

Ms. Wiehe, haven’t you noticed that liberal states have been slamming “rich” residents with high taxes for decades, and that’s why so many people are leaving for low-tax states and taking their money with them? They are running away from you, Ms. Wiehe — and they are going to keep running away from you, Ms. Wiehe, because they have sense.

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