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RUSH: Here’s Steven in Westchester County in New York. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Maha Rushie. I thank God for you being there. That’s all I can say.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: (chuckles) In regard to this whole thing with the Mueller report ending and the new AG coming in, do you know — or can you find out — if the new AG can compel Mueller to put out a report? Because if he doesn’t, there’s just gonna be too much endless conjecture still going on just like there is now. They make up… The media can make up anything they want out of anything, and there will be nothing resolved and nothing cleared up.

RUSH: Well, I think in the truth of the matter… I mean, in the real world, there’s gonna be a report. Mueller will submit something. The question is, “Will it be made public?” And that is a decision for the attorney general and perhaps Congress, although I think the attorney general has the purview over whether or not the report is made public. I get your concern. I think if there is no report or if a report isn’t made public, then what is it? It becomes this mass of curiosity. Everybody wants to know what’s in it.

“I mean, we just spent two years ago looking into the fact that Trump colluded with the Russians and stole the election and there’s no report? Well, let’s have the media start leaking things!” They can start reporting what “connected sources” say. “People who have seen the report tell ABC News that” blah, blah, blah, blah. They can write whatever they want. They’ve been making it up ever since this began. So it continues to be a leak opportunity. Here’s how I look at this new attorney general, Mr. Barr. I hope I’m not alone in this, and I hope that this is not a quaint view that is seen to be way outside the bounds of reality and filled with naivete.

But the fact of the matter is the Department of Justice is in a huge mess, and Andrew McCabe is detailing it for us in this book. He’s basically laying out (and wanting to be paid for it) the various steps he and his other unelected colleagues took to get rid of Donald Trump, including confirming that having Rosenstein wear a wire was real, that they actually considered it! Rosenstein denies it, of course. If this guy, Barr — and I don’t know him.

But I can tell you, people I know who know him say that there’s nobody better, nobody with more integrity, nobody that’s better qualified to put the DOJ back on the right course. Well, if that’s true, then there are gonna have to be some heads rolling. What’s happened at the Department of Justice, the leadership of the FBI? This is unconscionable. This cannot be allowed to go unpunished. We’ve had a two-tier justice system.

We have had rogue FBI and DOJ officials attempt to actually subvert the outcome of a a duly constituted presidential election. Call it a silent coup, whatever. If this guy is who he says he is, he still has got a massive cleanup job ahead of him. You talk about reports? The Mueller report’s not what I’m interested in. I want somebody investigating what actually went on with McCabe and Comey and Strzok and Page and all these other players.

I want to find out the extent of this, and I want it actually confirmed and reported on and people in this country made aware of it. If Barr doesn’t do that — if he goes in and thinks the best course of action is to kind of sweep as much of it under the rug as possible and limit the damage control so that we put a stop to this stuff that’s been going on but we don’t publicize it and just move forward — that will be a big mistake.

Because we’re running out of people in Washington with any integrity. We were also told that about Mueller! When they hired Mueller to be the special counsel, what did they tell us? “There’s nobody with more integrity. There is nobody with more honor. There is nobody with greater reliability. There’s no greater patriot than Bob Mueller!” Well, we haven’t seen any evidence of it because if he was really that respected, if he was that honorable, he wouldn’t have done this in the first place! He would not have presided over this hoax!

He would not have furthered it! He wouldn’t have participated in it! Somebody truly honorable, somebody actually with dignity — somebody with real character — would not have helped this thing along, would not have participated in a coup or in a hoax! But what if there isn’t anybody left in that town in the establishment that actually has character and integrity as we define it? What if they think, “Oh, yeah. We’ve got great character. We’re about protecting our turf.

“We’re not gonna let our turf get stolen. We’re not gonna let outsiders come in and take over our turf. We’re not gonna let interlopers come in here and set things everything upside down.” What if their definition of character and integrity is protecting themselves rather than the institutions? The institutions have been used to corrupt. The institutions have been corrupted by less-than-honest people with very questionable integrity — unelected all — who took it upon themselves to overturn the results of an election, however they could.

Somebody’s gotta clean this up. Somebody has to go in there, roll up his sleeves, figure out what happened, tell everybody what happened, and fix this. And, if they don’t, then we’ll learn that there is nobody in that town that actually has character and honor and integrity in a way that applies to anything but themselves, and anything but the organizations and institutions that they run and are in charge of. I think he’s got a big test. McCabe’s book, McCabe’s appearances on 60 Minutes? I mean, he proudly announced (paraphrased), “Yeah, I was serious.

“Every day in Washington was worse than the day before with this guy Trump. It was a disaster what was happening to our country.” They think it was an absolute disaster Trump got elected, that every day he was in the Oval Office was ripping this country apart. They had to stop him. It didn’t matter what the election was, didn’t matter what the American voters thought. Nowhere in the American founding is there a provision for anything like this — and it has run with hardly any opposition to it. It incorporated the American media.

The media have themselves become agents of this coup, and they are continuing in that role. So Mueller doesn’t have a report that’s gonna — unless it’s chocked with lies. But, folks, I don’t think there’s gonna be one, unless they’re running a giant sandbag on us — and that’s entirely possible. But the signals have begun too soon and they are too frequent. There are a lot of people trying to lower expectations all throughout the liberal media about this Mueller report and investigation.

It’s causing people like Pencil Neck Schiff to say, “Okay. Well, fine. Then we’ll start looking at Trump’s money. We’ll start looking at Trump’s businesses.” There never has been any Russian collusion. There was never any to find. All they hoped to do was maybe create enough questionable evidence to convince people there had been collusion. But they weren’t even able to do that. It does not mean the end of the coup. It does not mean the end of the effort to get Trump. That is ongoing. It’s just taking different direction, taking different form.

We’re gonna find out if this guy Barr actually does care about defending and protecting the Constitution and the FBI and the Department of Justice, or whether he’s just one of them. We know he’s one of them. He’s been one of them for who knows how long. But whether or not there is anybody in that town that’s indignant over what’s happened? Whether there’s anybody left in Washington who is literally outraged over how the instrument of justice in this country has been corrupted and used to overturn a legitimate election result?

If there’s nobody in that town that is at all bothered by this, then the cover-up is gonna continue.

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