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RUSH: Well, these New York Millennial socialist politicians won, my friends.

Amazon announced they’re pulling the plug on their plans for a new headquarters in Long Island City, in Queens, after protests from these radical Democrat socialists and other assorted kooks. And it was all because Governor Cuomo’s a lousy salesman. He ended up presenting this deal as though Amazon was not gonna be paying any taxes and in fact would be getting a $3 billion tax break.

And that’s not what was gonna happen. Amazon was going to pay $27 billion in taxes, get a $3 billion tax break over the course of 10 years. New York needs the tax revenue. Rich people are leaving.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all happy. “Amazon’s leaving. Amazon’s not coming.” So now she says we go get that $3 billion and spend it on the subways and infrastructure. There isn’t $3 billion if Amazon doesn’t show up. You don’t have $3 billion.

It was coming from their taxes that they were gonna be paying that Cuomo did a lousy job of informing people. This is classic. Normally these are the kinds of things Democrat use to get reelected — job creation, income increases and so forth.

But now, because they’ve killed a corporation and they’ve sent it packing, the Democrats are celebrating? We’ll see how this works out in 2020 when they all run for reelection.

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