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RUSH: We just had the press conference in the Rose Garden after the president signed the budget deal and then declared a national emergency. We’re still working on some of the sound bites from this that I want to share with you, but I want to set the table on this. I want to tell you what’s really going on, and I want to combine a couple things here.

I want to go back to McCabe and his book. Here is a guy who is writing a book and profiting — earning money — on his admission, essentially, that he was running a silent coup to overturn a presidential election.

And every one of the people he was working with… McCabe working with Comey and Bruce Ohr and James Baker/Jim Baker in the FBI, and Clapper and Brennan and all the others. Rosenstein. Not one of them has ever been elected to anything. Not one of them has any kind of a mandate from anybody in the American people to do what they were doing, and they were running an effort to undermine a duly elected president. It was a coup, and the media was in on it, and they continue.

This coup is continuing, is the point — and the coup, I think, continues in this budget deal. So just hang on here as I draw the lines and connect these things. It’s a multifaceted coup that is occurring. And, again, it hasn’t changed. Even though the news has been hitting the past couple of days that the Mueller report’s got blah in it (and that there might not even be a report, all this), that doesn’t change the objective.

The objective is still to drive President Trump’s approval numbers as low as they can. That remains their objective, and they’re panicking when they see him at 52% at Rasmussen, 45% at CNN. They are panicking. It’s the exact opposite of what they want to happen. When they come up with a piece of legislation — both parties — like this budget deal that they wanted him to sign, this is part of a coup. This is part of the ongoing effort to get rid of him. I’ll explain this in just a second.

The effort to go get the Covington guys is all part of the effort to create hate about and for Trump and Trump reporters. This Jussie Smollett farce is all part of an effort. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to discredit Donald Trump and to portray his voters as a bunch of racist hatemongers. There is pure venom in the minds and the hearts of all of these people in Congress and at the FBI who continue this (for lack of a better term) silent coup that is designed to, even now, overturn the results of the 2016 election.

And these people in the deep state? They are cowards through and through, hiding behind a bunch of different artifices that they have created, such as Russian meddling, Russian collusion. They’re doing it for the sake and the future of the country and so forth. Now, how does this relate to this bill? This budget bill — and you have to understand, this is both parties. There are some Republicans that support the president in the Conservative Caucus, but there are a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate who still qualify as Never Trumpers.

The purpose of this budget deal — and I want you to consider this when you go back and forth deciding whether you think it was a good thing or a bad thing for him to sign it. I’m not talking about the national emergency, but actually signing the deal as opposed to not signing it, which would have led to another shutdown. I believe — and I think I’m a thousand percent correct about this — the purpose of this budget deal… I mean, you look…

Let me… Before I tell you that, let me give you some of the contents as we went through yesterday. There is a limit on a number of detainees. There is limit on how much of border and fence can be built. There’s a limit on what kind can be built. There’s a limit on modernization. This bill is filled with congressional edicts telling the president of the United States what he cannot do. Now, it authorizes $23 billion for Homeland Security, but it specifies $1.375 billion for fencing and bordering.

But there are so many limits on this as to make this practically irrelevant — by design and on purpose, because I firmly believe that what members of Congress (both parties) actually want with this bill is to send a message that nothing is ever gonna happen as long as Donald Trump is president. The attempt in this budget deal is to send a message to you Trump voters that it’s worthless voting for him, that it is a waste of time supporting him, because they are demonstrating that he can’t get anything done.

They are not gonna let him get anything done. They’re gonna put obstacles in the way and they’re gonna make sure, as best they can, he can’t get anything done. And you are supposed to conclude at some point, “You know what? Maybe we would be better off without Trump. Maybe we would have a better chance of getting something done without Trump, because they hate him so much that they’re never gonna allow anything decent and good for the country as long as he’s there.”

That’s what they want you saying. It’s no different than what they did to Sarah Palin. They had created so much negativity around Sarah Palin; they convinced all kinds of Republicans it’d be better to just sweep her away. “Yeah, Rush, the media hates her so much. They’ve ruined her, Rush. They’ve destroyed her. I mean, we gotta dump her. We got get rid of her, replace her with somebody.” Remember that? I think this is exactly the purpose of this stupid legislation! It’s not even a budget deal.

This is Pelosi in the House and Schumer in the Senate getting together, because they know when it comes to illegal immigration, these parties are unified, folks. For the most part, the Republicans and Democrats are for open borders. There are exceptions on the Republican side. But there are a lot of Republicans that don’t want Trump to succeed even now. There are a lot of Republicans just after he was inaugurated who don’t want him to succeed. So they come up with a piece of legislation here that is outrageous.

It is outrageous in its denial of the existence of a genuine emergency at the border. They don’t care. They will deal with whatever mess they create. They don’t care how bad it gets because in their world, the only mess is Donald Trump — and since the Russian effort and the Mueller effort and everything else related to that has failed to get his approval numbers down (and that has been the objective from the get-go), this is the latest effort, and it won’t be long… You mark my words on this.

It’s not gonna be long before some cable news network assembles a panel and one of the themes on the panel is gonna be, “Is the message here really to Trump voters that they’re wasting their time with Trump because he’s so disgustedly hated, he’s so despised that Congress just isn’t gonna work with him? They’re just not gonna let anything get done that Trump wants. Would Trump voters be better off abandoning Trump? Would Trump voters be better off if somebody else could come along and pick up the Trump mantle?”

This is what this bill is all about. Yeah, this… I mean, the actual contents of the bill that relates to budgeting and the limits on the wall, some of that’s real. Don’t misunderstand. And all of the pork barrel spending, yeah, that’s real too. But I think that the real objective here is to send the message that Donald Trump can’t win. “He’s so hated, he’s so despised, he is so opposed, that you Trump voters, you’re basically spitting into the wind. There’s nothing that can happen here — and we are passing a budget.

“We in Congress, your Congress, are passing a budget designed to show you how irrelevant and unimportant he is, because not a single thing that he wanted is in this budget — and, therefore, not a single thing that you wanted is in this budget. The hatred and the resentment for Donald Trump has not abated. It has not subsided. It is increasing, it is ratcheting up because he is defeating them at every turn — and I’m telling you, this McCabe…

McCabe ought to be in prison, not profiting off of a book packed with lies about the supposed impeachment behavior of Donald Trump. All these people ought to be in the midst of a serious investigation of what they have done and how they have violated Constitution and how they have worked behind the scenes as the cowards they are to try to overturn the election results in 2016 because they don’t like it, and they don’t think somebody like Trump ought to have the right to be in their little club of people who run the country and people who run Washington, D.C.

So now we come to the press conference today, and Trump just owns them! They expect Trump to be whimpering — or they’re hoping that he’ll be whimpering. They’re hoping he’ll be conciliatory. They’re hoping that he will act defeated. They’re hoping that he will recognize the truth, and that is, “These people hate his guts and they’re never gonna let him have anything, and he’s never gonna get one thing toward his agenda,” and they’re hoping he’ll end up being despondent or figure this out — and he just steamrolls them today!

He steamrolls them today in technique. He steamrolls them today in style. He steamrolled the media that was asking him questions. He even opened it up for questions when they weren’t even prepared for it. So popping up like jacks-in-the-box. (sputtering) “Mr. President…” (sputtering) And then somebody… Who was it? It was NBC White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell. “Mr. President! Mr. President! Could you tell us to what degree some of the outside conservative voices help to shape your views on this national emergency?”

His answer was (paraphrased), “Nobody!” He did describe his friendship with Hannity. He talked about me. He talked about Laura Ingraham. He talked about Ann Coulter. But he did not say any of us influenced him. In fact, what he said was (he said this in regard to Hannity, but he meant everybody), “These people support my ideas. These people support my policies. If I believed something else, these people wouldn’t be on my team. They wouldn’t be on my side.” He did not say all of us are influencing him.

This is another attempt. This question, this whole narrative that Trump’s afraid of me — (snort) and again, 80% of the sound bites today on the roster are the media talking about me influencing Trump! It’s part of this overall effort to tell Trump voters, “He doesn’t even know who he is. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s listening to these outside voices ’cause he’s lost.” They are creating false narratives and false circumstances all for the purposes of diminishing his stature in the eyes of all Americans, but especially the people that voted for him.

I’m telling you, do not fall for this. He went ahead and declared the national emergency. He made a point. (impression) “Who talks like this? There is $23 billion! Who talks like this? I’ve got more money. They gave me more money than I know what to do with. They just told me I can’t spend it on the wall. So I gotta go find other ways to spend it.” He described how they’re gonna sue him. It was wonderful! He goes through this entire history of how he’s been sued with every executive action he’s taken.

(impression) “It goes to the Ninth Circuit, California court, Ninth Circuit. They sue us there; we lose there. They sue us again; we lose there. We go to the Supreme Court; we win there.” He predicted exactly what’s gonna happen, because it has happened. He did it masterfully. He just owns these kinds of events because he’s not one of them. He’s not a politician proceeding cautiously here, and speaking from a defensive or cautious frame of mind. He just lets it rip, and he’s not defeated. He is not despondent.

He is not any of the things that they are hoping he will be. What they’re engaging in is the techniques they use to destroy each other, from the manual: How do you destroy members of the Washington establishment, particularly in the Republican side? You go after ’em this way: A, B, C, and D. They go after Trump the same way, but he’s not one of them. Trump has faced opposition and enemies as powerful, if not more so, than this bunch of schlubs that he thinks he’s up against here, and the ability he has to just communicate with people, that bond that he has established with people…

Calling out the media once again as fake news, pointing out how they make things up and are lying. He just never pulls back, never slows down, constantly doubles down on things. So it’s gonna be fascinating to see how this plays. But in the final analysis, what Congress did today with this budget, they’re the ones that need to be called out. This is an absolute outrage, what they’ve done — and what they have done is strictly put together a budget that is designed to send a signal to Trump and Trump voters, “You may as well give it up, because Trump can’t get anything done that he wants done or that you want done. We’re not gonna let it happen.”

It’s designed to make you finally start thinking about throwing Trump overboard.


RUSH: Let me share with you some of the things in this budget deal that illustrate the point that I think they are in here specifically to embarrass the president. They are in here to be publicized. I just want to reiterate again that I firmly think the point of all of this is you. I think the targets of this are you who support Trump. You are supposed to conclude that supporting Trump’s a waste of time, because Trump is never gonna get anything done, that he’s so disliked, that he’s so disrespected by respectable people in Washington that no matter what…

If what he wants is the absolute best thing for national security or for the economy, it’s still not gonna happen. Nothing’s gonna happen until Trump is gone. Nothing’s gonna happen until you stop supporting Donald Trump. I have no doubt that that’s what this is. Whatever else it may be, that is clearly a part of it. Try this headline: “Border Security Bill Provides Aid, Buses, Legal Shields to” illegal Immigrants. This budget deal spells out all of the protections Congress is extending to illegals.

It explains and spells out all of the things the administration cannot do, that Homeland Security cannot do, that ICE cannot do in apprehending illegals. “The spending includes [money] to aid and feeds [illegal immigrants] … as well as [money] to bus the migrants from the border to pro-migration non-profits: ‘To facilitate these additional requirements, the conferees,” meaning members of Congress in the House and Senate, “provide $192,700,000 above the request to include $128,000,000 for contract medical professionals, $40,200,000 for increased consumable commodities such as food, infant formula and diapers.’ …

“The bill adds $220 million to build new border reception centers for illegal migrants and asylum migrants,” meaning we’re gonna be building new recreation centers and say, “Hey, come on in!” Reception centers for illegal immigrants! “Border officials are also directed to bus [illegal immigrants] from reception centers directly to the welcome centers run by pro-migration aid groups…” Are you getting a flavor for this? Now, also keep in mind that this has more than one purpose. Obviously, the purpose here is to jam Trump, but it’s also to jam us, we who voted for Trump.

It is also… You have to remember that for the most part, when it comes to open borders and to amnesty, we don’t have two political parties. We have one. Both the Republicans and Democrats have the same objectives. They have different reasons, but they have the same objectives. Open borders. Eventual amnesty. But this budget deal delights in piling on all of the welcoming and the comforting and the financial assistance that we are extending. The only thing this bill doesn’t contain is engraved invitations to illegals in the caravans down in Mexico.

But it may as well contain engraved invitations based on what they’re going find when they get here: Reception centers, medical professionals, increased amounts of food, infant formula and diapers. In other words, we are incentivizing the continued migration and arrival of illegal immigrants. The bill has “$220 million to build new border reception centers…. [T]he legislation reopens the joint cartel-to-agency smuggling route for so-called ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children.'” Now, this is one of Obama’s deals.

He “opened this route when his deputies agreed to let illegal migrant parents in the United States ‘sponsor’ — pick up — their foreign children from government shelters after the cartels deliver the children to the border agency.” So drug cartels can deliver unaccompanied kids to the border, and we are making it possible for unaccompanied alien children to be picked up by their parents later when they arrive, and we are establishing an actual route for this, reopening the joint cartel-to-agency smuggling route that was in existence during the Obama administration!

They just reopened the route in this bill. If you read further into the paragraph, the end result of this is de facto sanctuary for anyone near an unaccompanied alien child. “The language also offers a legal shield to illegals who agree to pay cartel-affiliated smugglers to move additional children into the United States.” It is outrageous what’s being done here. We’re actually encouraging cartels to grab kids, bring ’em in, and hold them until their parents get here to pick them up — which is a characteristic of immigration that was active during the Obama years.

“The bill directs border agencies to spend $1 million on ‘rescue beacons’ so that migrants who try to sneak through the deserts and scrubland along the border can call for help when they are exhausted.” Rescue beacons. “[T]he budget adds $30 million to ensure that 100,000 [illegal immigrants] in the federal welcome centers can get an ‘Alternative to Detention’ option, such as monitoring devices attached to [their] ankles,” not for deportation, but for care. Now, I’m here to tell you that this stuff being thrown in this bill and being publicized…

If you go to Yahoo News or Breitbart or anything, you’re gonna find these details. You’re supposed to just get livid. Your reaction is supposed to be, “What in the name of Sam Hill! We elected Donald Trump to stop all this and he just signed something with this stuff in it?” You’re supposed to react, “What good is supporting Trump! They hate him so much that we’re actually losing ground.” That’s what they want you to conclude. They want you to take the lead in abandoning your support for Trump, get his approval numbers down.

You know, the drill. Now, they can do this because elections have consequences and the Democrats run the House now. The Democrats won the House. There is divided government, and on the issue of illegal immigration, we don’t have two parties. We’ve got one. We have almost a unitarian purpose when it comes to illegal immigration, and that should not surprise anybody. That’s not new. That’s been the case since the George W. Bush administration all the way through the Obama years.

It’s always been you, the American people, who have put the brakes on this. All of the faxes, the emails, the letters, the tweets, whatever you have done to let your people in Washington know. But they are so fed up now. They’re so fed up with Trump, they’re so fed up they can’t get rid of Trump, they’re so fed up with you for electing Trump that they don’t care. They’re just piling all of this stuff in it, and (sigh) the objective, again is to make you conclude that Trump is not a factor.

“Not even Donald Trump can stop this. Why, not only can’t Trump not stop it, Trump signed it!” Again, it was either this or shut the government down, and there is no leverage. Shutting the government down was not gonna change this. These people are committed. That’s why I’ve always said it’s gonna take more than one election. It’s gonna take a series of elections. If this stuff keeps up and people are properly informed about it, there is gonna be hell to pay in 2020, and the Democrats have no idea what’s coming. They have no idea what’s headed their way.

They are so poisoned with their hatred for Trump and their desire to get rid of him that they are abandoning all pretense of caution and care about protecting their flank and their policy positions on this, ’cause what they don’t get is you’re not gonna abandon Trump. You’re not gonna be responsible for Trump’s numbers fading away to the thirties, high thirties, low thirties. You’re not gonna do that. But they think they can make it happen. They think they can do enough of things like this to… What they’re really hoping is you’ll just get so frustrated, you’ll just stop being involved in politics.

And that means you’ll stop being an opponent to them. Not just supporting Trump, but you just get out, you just check out. You’re just fed up with it. You’re supposed to realize that what you want is never gonna happen, that there’s nobody around that supports what you want in Congress to make it happen. You’re supposed to give up, throw your hands up in total frustration and just exit politics and go live your life paying no attention to this stuff. They don’t understand patriotism, they don’t understand loyalty, and they don’t understand — to this day — why it is that Trump got elected.

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