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RUSH: The real answer to this is: When Trump fired Comey, that’s when they began to panic. Comey was the buffer. Comey was the insulation. Comey was who was gonna protect everybody in this hoax, in this coup. Comey’s the director of the FBI. Comey is the boss of all of these people, from McCabe, Rosenstein, all this. Well, not technically Rosenstein, but certainly McCabe and some of the others, Strzok Smirk and Page. When Trump fired Comey, the buffer is gone, sort of like a protective layer was let go.

Comey was there to protect the conspirators. So Trump fires him, and they panic! And they don’t for a minute think that Trump’s obstructing justice. They are the ones obstructing justice. They are the ones that are actually conducting a national emergency. They’re the ones obstructing justice and behaving illegally — and Comey was the buffer. So Trump cans Comey, and now they’ve gotta go on offense themselves and claim, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That’s obstruction,” and that’s why they had to get a special counsel.

So Comey engineers leaking some private memos he took after having met with Trump. He sends those memos to one of his buddies, who leaks them to the media, and then that triggers Rosenstein. “Oh, my god.” The Democrats are just harping all over Rosenstein about this, and Rosenstein, he knows that Trump is never gonna be the person in Washington everybody bows down to. It’s the Democrats that run that town, and if you’re on the bad side of Chuck Schumer and Pelosi and the Democrats and the K Street lobbyists, you’re in trouble, ’cause that’s where you go to make your real money when you leave government.

So the Democrats are demanding that something be done here to get rid of Trump and further all this. So that’s when they go get Mueller. So Mueller is hired, the special counsel begins, and that becomes the new buffer, if you will. That becomes the new way to cover up what these people had done and are and were continuing to do. And that’s the purpose Mueller is serving. The added bonus is that Mueller was not given a specific crime. He was given a counterintelligence investigation, which means you don’t need evidence for what you’re looking for. You’re just looking for intel. So you can go get anybody to tell you anything.

“Yeah, I happen to know that Donald Trump unzipped his fly in front of Putin’s mistress.”

“Oh, really? Oh, my God! That’s collusion.”

You put that in there, you run it around, and it gives you reason to keep going. I’m making that up, but it’s the kind of stuff that a special counsel can collect when he’s not being forced to look at a specific crime because there wasn’t a crime. There still hasn’t been evidence of a crime found. So the ongoing Mueller investigation with no… Do you realize we don’t know a thing other than who he’s indicted? We don’t know a thing.

By design, people are speculating. There have been leaks. People are afraid Mueller’s got nothing. I talked about this the last two weeks, little bits and pieces are leaking out about that. But all of this, all of this is the buffer, the cover-up, the insulation to keep hidden what these people have done. Now, when I say, “keep hidden,” I’m talking about (sigh), to one extent, the American people. The Democrats know; they don’t care. Whatever works to get rid of Trump will be fine with them.

But if somebody ends up in the Justice Department that really is a law-and-order constitutionalist and doesn’t care about party this and party that, what these people have done is clearly criminal and clearly indictable. So they’ve got to make sure that they’re all covering for each other and doing everything they can to keep everybody’s focus off of what they did and are doing, and the Mueller investigation is just…

It’s ideal and perfect for that. That’s why McCabe is telling everybody (impression), “Well, yeah. He fired Comey! We had to investigate that. That’s obstruction of justice. Uh, we were afraid the president is colluding with the Russians.” Of course, Scott Pelley, the dupe at CBS, “Oh, wow, fascinating.” He doesn’t ask about executive authority, constitutional or otherwise.

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