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RUSH: CNN is breathlessly reporting that the Justice Department’s gonna be announcing soon that the Mueller investigation is over and that a report will be forthcoming, maybe even as soon as next week!  Now, we’ve been told that there may not be a report.  There have been a number of people… In fact, John Dowd, the original Trump attorney in this, predicted last week that there won’t be a report, that it won’t be made public.

I mean, Mueller’s gonna have to say something to somebody, but his point was that we’re not gonna see it.  It goes to the Justice Department and Congress, and it’s up to whoever to make it public, and it may not ever be made public, he thought, because Mueller’s got nothing.  And the Mueller whatever it is — the investigation report, whatever — is much more valuable unreleased.

If there’s nothing in it, why report that?  If you’re this bunch of people running this coup, if you are this bunch of people trying to get Donald Trump’s numbers down to 30% or lower, and you finish the investigation and you haven’t found any evidence for your original premise of collusion, why would you announce that?  You’re not gonna announce that!  You’re gonna say, “Well, it’s ambiguous or it’s something,” and there won’t be a report and you’ll have the media clamoring for it — and what will we get?

We’ll get leaks from this report nobody has seen, and it will be the continuing death by a thousand cuts.  It will be one lie after another amplified by others, and it will just be continuing this looped process that we’re in.  Or there might be a report.  In case there is a report, everybody under the sun has been warning us that expectations — has been warning the left that expectations — are not gonna be met.  The latest is Clapper.  Listen to him again.  This is this morning on CNN.  He was asked, “When you hear McCabe say that it’s possible that Trump is a ‘Russian asset,’ what is your reaction?”

Listen to his reference to the report that Mueller has coming out in this bite.

CLAPPER:  I would — and have — added the caveat “whether witting or unwitting.”  And, uh, I think that’s an important distinction.  You consider Putin’s background as a trained, experienced KGB agent and how he would approach somebody that he is trying to co-opt or influence or gain leverage over. In that sense, in that context is, uh, what I think of when, uh, I mean potential unwitting asset.  I think that the hope, uhhh, is that the Mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all.  I’m really not sure it will and the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic and not draw a conclusion with that.

RUSH:  Now, he’s just the latest.  He’s about the tenth person in the past eight weeks or so who has alluded to the fact that the Mueller Report’s gonna let a lot of people down.  I want to warn you: That could be a well-coordinated, gigantic sandbag.  You know, you learn these people, you witness ’em the way they do things one time, and you never forget it.  I’ve cited this example before.  During the taped deposition that Bill Clinton gave in the Paula Jones case, it was videotaped, and it was to be played for the public later.

A day or two before this deposition was to be made public, Clinton allies flooded the media with stories of how the president just lost it when the question of the cigar came up, and they were very worried about how this was gonna look.  “The president, apparently, just lost it!” So we all are primed, and when they are going to play the videotaped deposition, we are all tuned in — and guess what?

Clinton did not lose it.  His eyes just got big for a split second and then he rolled on.  He was totally unfazed.  We had been totally set up, and I want to warn everybody that we may be being set up again.  These people have been lying from the beginning.  McCabe is out there.  You think McCabe doesn’t know what Mueller’s got?  I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. You think McCabe does not know?  I guarantee you he does know!

These guys all know they’re all in on it. These are conspirators in this whole hoax, and if McCabe is out there saying, “I think Trump is still a Russian asset,” then I’m not gonna be surprised if Mueller says that.  Why would these people do all of this, and then in the two years prior to the 2020 election release a report that’s basically blah, blah, “Eh, nothing to see here”?

You got Clapper here talking about “unwitting.” So I’ll tell you what I think now — and I’d be very happy to be wrong about this.  I think this report is gonna name Trump, and I think this report is going to position Trump as a dupe.  It’s exactly what Clapper has said here, that Trump is so stupid and so unqualified and so unprepared for this job that we should never, ever elect another president like this.  This man has been unwittingly duped by not just Putin.

But it will allude to perhaps others on the world stage who have been able to make a fool of Donald Trump to the great detriment of the United States.  I think that’s what it’s gonna be.  I mean, that’s the easiest way to go.  To say he’s “unwitting,” you’re not accusing him of anything then.  You’re not accusing him of being a spy.  You’re not accusing him of being an asset.  You’re not accusing him of colluding. But you’re saying it happened anyway ’cause the guy’s too stupid to know when it was happening to him.

I just can’t believe these people that have been lying through their teeth are now all of a sudden telling the truth that Mueller’s gonna report nothing, and I also can’t believe that Mueller would report nothing.  If there is nothing, they’re not gonna report — and the nothing report is gonna be used as some giant carrot that everybody wants to see but we’re not gonna be allowed to. That’s gonna make us want to see it even more. They’re gonna dangle it out there.

It’s something that we want but we can’t have.  They’re gonna use that old psycho trick, and then they’re gonna start leaking.  And CNN reports and New York Times reporters, Washington Post reporters all of a sudden will have sources close to the report, sources close to the Mueller investigation saying that blah, blah, whatever. Those are the two ways this could go.  But they’re not gonna drop a report that has no impact on anything.  Not after all this.

Because this is an ongoing palace coup.  It’s an ongoing attempt to get Trump’s approval numbers down to 30 or lower.  Let me ask you this.  Stop and think about this.  If Mueller’s report — and, by the way, here again is the reason why he goes after nonfactors, like Manafort and Gates and Flynn.  What does he have from all three?  Guilty pleas.  Doesn’t matter to what.  Remember we’re concocting media narratives here.  So Mueller issues a report claiming the Russians did indeed tamper.

The collusion that happened was participated in unwittingly by our dope president who doesn’t know crap from crapola, and has rendered this nation at great risk because of his inexperience and inability and all of that.  And then the media can say, “And, as part of the investigation, Mueller secured guilty pleas from Manafort, Gates and Flynn.”  They’re not gonna tell you guilty pleas to what.  They’re just gonna say, “Collusion! Russia! Russian meddling happened. We found three guilty pleas.”

Put the two together: “Three guys pled guilty to collusion with Russia.  Three guys pled guilty in the scheme to collude with Russia. Three guys…” All they have to do is put those two things together like that.  So it doesn’t matter… Manafort? Flynn? Mueller doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t care about Stone. He doesn’t care about Corsi.  He knows they’re not threats.  He knows that they’re bit players.  He knows. All he wants is guilty pleas, so in his report he can have a bunch of people who have pled guilty on the original premise of why his investigation got started: Collusion and Russian meddling.

And they’re now telling us that Mueller is not going to have anything. Sorry, Mr. Clapper, but I’m not like these dupes on social media that believe all the crap you leftists put out. I disbelieve everything. I think you are lying because you always lie. You lie all the time about everything, and so my original interpretation of everything you say is you’re lying. And when you tell me that you don’t think Mueller is gonna have anything and he’s not gonna solve anything or settle, you are lying.

Because the end result of this, whether Mueller’s got anything or not, is to continue the assault on Donald Trump’s popularity. And to send a signal to any of the other Donald Trumps out there who might one day want to run for president from outside your little clique not to even think about it because the same treatment awaits you. There’s a lot wrapped up into this. But I think Clapper’s giving it away here by insisting on “unwitting.” And this McCabe guy, believe me. “I think Donald Trump, yes, is still a Russian asset.” And then next week Mueller comes out and says he’s not?

You think Mueller would throw McCabe overboard? You think Mueller would undermine McCabe? If he would, then there’s a dynamic going on among the conspirators that we don’t know about, ’cause we assume they’re all on the same team. We assume they’re all unified and the same objective: Get Trump. And one of them’s out there profiting mightily, writing a book now, doing a book tour alleging that Trump is a Russian asset, and here comes Mueller saying, “We couldn’t find any evidence of that.” Ha. Where does that leave McCabe? “Well, we were never confident that Mueller was gonna find anything. We at the FBI were working hard to find it. It’s there but we may not have –” I mean, there are ways they can go with this but every damn way they go is just another series of lies.

And it’d be a great thing. It’d be a great thing if most Americans understood they’re being lied to and propagandized and manipulated. But they don’t. They don’t. I mean, I know people well who still, despite everything they know, their first instinct is to believe everything they see on television, to believe everything they read on a website. It doesn’t matter. And then when you tell ’em no, it’s not true, they don’t want to admit they got fooled. Nobody wants to admit that they’ve been duped or that they’re blind or, worse, stupid.


RUSH: So I just want you to think about something, folks. How do you unwittingly collude to tamper with an election? How do you unwittingly collude with anybody to steal an election? How do you unwittingly collude to tamper with votes? How do you unwittingly collude? When you say that Trump was unwittingly colluding with Russia, you’re saying he was duped. Well, how do you collude to be a dupe? “Hi, Mr. Putin. Donald Trump here. I want to collude with you, but I can’t get away with it, so I want you to make it look like I’m colluding with you, but I’m really not. You’re fooling me.”

Putin would laugh. Nobody’s gonna do this, but you can’t find any Trump-Russia policy that’s favorable to Putin. You can’t find any Trump behavior or treatment of Russia that would lead you to believe that he’s doing Putin’s bidding. But how do you unwittingly collude?

“Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, with plans for Barr to submit to Congress soon after a summary of Mueller’s confidential report, according to people familiar with the plans. The preparations are the clearest indication yet that Mueller is nearly done with his almost –” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let me get to the phones here. Naperville, Illinois. Jim, thank you, sir, for waiting. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Peace and love dittos, Maha Rushie. You know, Donald J. Trump is gonna be really greatly disadvantaged going into 2020 if he doesn’t get his hands around this dual justice system. Do you agree?

RUSH: I think he’s gonna be disadvantaged by all kinds of things. But I don’t disagree with you about the justice system, absolutely. And he’s got two years to fix it. Maybe we blow up the FBI, just blow it up and rebuild it, come up with something new, name it something different, just get rid of it. I mean, that’s what Moynihan wanted to do with the CIA way back when. Never happened. But it was when it was in disfavor.

But Trump is disadvantaged by — where do you stop on that list?


RUSH:  Let me posit another theory on this Mueller Report.  I got all kinds of ’em here, folks, as we try to anticipate.  Bill Barr was just confirmed as attorney general last week.  Now, Barr (way back some months ago) wrote a 19-page memo that nobody asked him to write. Nobody sought his opinion. He just threw it out there, because I guess he felt motivated to do so. The left hated his guts.  The Democrats tried to deny his confirmation as AG based on this memo.

The upshot of the memo was that the Mueller investigation, if it was focusing on obstruction of justice, was a waste of time, because firing the FBI director was not obstruction.  He wrote a long memo to explain this, and it was really detested by Democrats and the media.  “Who’s this guy?  He’s the former attorney general.  He’s nothing now.  He’s a lawyer in private practice.  What do we care what this guy thinks?”  Well, now “this guy” is the attorney general, and people I know — and I’ve reported this to you before.

People I know who know Barr sing his praises like, well, people used to sing the praises of Mueller.  So I gotta factor that in.  What if…? I’m just gonna throw this out.  I’ve announced a bunch of theories.  I’m gonna crowd my own field here with another one.  What if Barr has thought not just the investigation focusing on obstruction was a waste of time, what if he thinks this whole thing is?  In other words, is it coincidental that a few days after he’s confirmed as attorney general he announces the end of the Mueller investigation?

What if an adult has entered this fray?  What if Bill Barr’s in there saying, “This is over.  We’re stopping this.  I don’t care where you are, your investigation’s over, and you report whatever you’ve got next week.”  What are the odds of that?  Now, I will guarantee you that there are some people who know Barr who will tell you they think something like this is possible.  It’s also possible he’s a swamp dweller and is in on this like all the others are.

Time will tell.

But I do find it… There has been no indication that Mueller was this close to ending.  I mean, we’ve had stories that the investigation is winding down.  I don’t know how anybody knows this, ’cause Mueller and his team don’t talk to a living soul.  But shortly after this guy is confirmed, all of a sudden CNN has the story that Mueller is finished and a report’s coming next week.  I guess there’s a part of me that wants to believe that Barr went in there and finally did what Jeff Sessions should have done two years ago and shut this damn thing down.

I would love if that is what is going on here.  But I also have to acknowledge that there’s another theory, that Mueller and his team and these FBI guys, they’re all on the same team and they’re all focused on the same objective: Destroying Donald Trump.  Here’s one of them out there on television every day selling his stupid-ass book and still claiming that the president is a Russian spy!  McCabe’s on television last night, yesterday, repeating that he’s a spy.

Is Mueller gonna issue a report that undercuts one of the prime members of this little coup?  Well, only if somebody has decided McCabe is a gigantic problem in all this and has to go away because he’s threatening everybody.  I gotta tell you, I can make the case for that too.  This guy’s out there writing about this, bragging about this.  They all know that they have engaged in very near illegal activity.

They all know that what they have done is basically try to cover up what the real collusion was with Hillary, and here’s this guy out there writing a book and profiting from it and continuing to tell things about what they have done.  He’s admitting… In his interviews, he’s admitting that this coup exists!  He’s admitting that there’s this attempt to overthrow the election results!  Now, it’s quite possible other members of the coup are looking at this guy as, “We gotta grab the hook.  We gotta do something.”

My point is, there’s any number of possibilities here — and notice not one of them have I posited that could be the truth, ’cause that’s nowhere near any of this.  The truth is not a factor in any of this.  If it were, it would never have begun.  If the truth were a factor and if the Justice Department had not become two-tiered — where Democrats innocent, Republicans guilty — then this investigation would have never, ever begun.

Back to the phones.  George in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Welcome, sir.  Glad you called.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  Yeah.  I watched the whole Chris Wallace interview. His face was priceless when you said Biden, ’cause you paused a little bit when you said it. (laughing) He flipped out

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But, anyway, you know, you got Comey out there, McCabe.  These guys have integrity; they’re bipartisan. They’ve been talking collusion and obstruction all along now, and the media’s been all over it.  So if they’re so right and they’re so true, why is Trump still in office?  Why hasn’t he been arrested?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER:  And even if Mueller, to your point, comes out with a report that supports him and it doesn’t get rid of Trump, then what’s this all about?

RUSH:  Well, because Justice Department guidelines since 1973 say you cannot indict a sitting president, and so that’s off the table.  Arresting him is off the table.  It’s never been the objective.  The objective has been to create massive unpopularity for Trump.  The objective has been to create astronomically high disapproval numbers.  That has been the objective.  That’s why all the innuendo, all the leakage, all of the claims he’s a Russian spy, all of the claims he colluded and stole the election.

There has been an attempt to force the American people, American voters to reject Donald Trump and demand that he go.  So they would then move to impeach or strike a deal with him where, “Mr. President, you’ve lost all support.  You cannot govern from here on out.  You’ve gotta go for the good of the country” like they did Nixon.  I think that has been the objective.  Remember, the objective has never been to arrest him.

They’re gonna do that after he leaves office.  That’s what the investigation in the Southern District of New York is.  That’s where they’re looking into his money.  That’s where the Cohen investigation is.  When Trump leaves office, whether it’s 2021 or 2025, that’s where they’re gonna arrest him, SDNY.  Mueller and his team, it’s never been about that — and the reason he’s still in office is because they have failed!  They intended to get rid of Donald Trump in the first six months of his presidency!

In fact, they were hoping… If I dare say, they were hoping to see to it he was never inaugurated.  You go back to the transition period, November-December 2016. Try to remember the intensity of the leaks saying Trump had colluded with Russia, that the election was invalid, that it was stolen.  They were trying to make sure he never got inaugurated!  That failed. So they then continued on trying to get him thrown out of office, either by impeachment or however else I described.

That’s what this has always been.  That’s why it doesn’t matter if Mueller has anything or not.  We’ve known that Mueller doesn’t have anything!  If they had evidence Trump had colluded with Russia, we wouldn’t be sitting here two years later!  This would have come out long before the midterm elections.  They would have used this to get rid of this guy if they had the evidence. That evidence doesn’t exist.  There isn’t any.  But that doesn’t mean anything.

McCabe’s still out there saying, “Even if we haven’t found the evidence yet, this guy is a Russian asset.”  What do you do with that?  “This guy’s coming from the FBI.  The FBI never lies.  The FBI’s a great law enforcement agency.” That’s what most people’s reaction to the FBI is.  Most people don’t know this guy is a serial liar who has lied to Congress and was fired because he’d been lying to everybody.  Most people do not know that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were caught lying — and their affair — six months before they were fired.

And Mueller only got rid of them, and he staggered their firings, he only got rid of them after news leaked that they were having an affair and thus were compromised. It was the inspector general report that found the texts back and forth between Strzok Smirk and Page. It wasn’t Mueller. It wasn’t the FBI that released all that. It was the inspector general. Everybody involved in trying to cover up all of this.

All of this has been a cover-up of everything these people have done. It’s a cover-up of what Hillary did. Remember this all started — this is very key to remember — this all started as an objective to exonerate Hillary Clinton! She was the Democrat nominee. She had broken how many laws with this illegal server. She was trafficking classified data all over the world, unprotected, unsecured. She had violated regulations and laws. She had violated laws that people to this day are in jail for.

The first thing they had to do was exonerate her. They did that starting with Comey’s July 5th press conference, where he announces the details of her activities. Everything that you would use to indict her. He lists it all and then says, “No reasonable prosecutor would ever bring charges here because we couldn’t find that she intended to do any of this.” They had to exonerate her because they had to exonerate Obama.

Obama lied about whether he knew she was using an unprotected server. He said he found out about it during the news. No. He was communicating with her via her unsecure server, and he knew it. She was not using a secure statedepartment.gov email domain address. She was using her own private email. He knew! Obama had violated — this whole thing started as having to exonerate the Democrat presidential nominee! And once they did that, well, then they had to cover that up. They had to cover up how and what and why they did that. That begot the Trump investigation, although it had its own origins outside of the effort to exonerate Hillary.

But the effort and the time spent exonerating Hillary provided the opportunity to then cover all that up by launching this investigation into Trump. And for that, Comey had to be fired. So Comey gets fired and then he starts leaking little memos of conversations he’d had with Trump, and then everybody starts shouting “obstruction” and start demanding of Rosenstein special counsel, special counsel. So we go get Mueller and here we are. And all of this has been to cover up what these conspirators did in exonerating Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is where the criminal activity took place along with Barack Obama, and everybody in this mess is an employee and a loyalist of Barack Obama: the DOJ, the FBI, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, all of these people are loyal to Obama and the Washington swamp or what have you.

And all of this, up and to the present, is designed to make sure the public never finds out how Hillary was exonerated, how Hillary was involved in the dossier, which was used to go after and destroy Trump. How this whole thing has been a palace coup to overturn the election results of 2016, which none of them believed could possibly happen. None of them ever thought until the last moment that Trump could win. So they never expected any of this to ever be known, none of this to ever be made public. Nobody was ever gonna know any of this happened if Hillary was elected.

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