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RUSH: Did you see Crazy Bernie, folks? Crazy Bernie announced his candidacy yesterday. Do you know how much money he raised in 24 hours? Six million dollars. I’m sorry, folks. You can’t ignore that. I was told, “You can’t ignore this, Rush.” So I’m not gonna ignore it. Crazy Bernie, $6 million in 24 hours and, as an added bonus, somehow — I don’t pretend to know how this is — but the story is that $600,000 of those donations are set to recur monthly. Six million he has collected in 24 hours, and then every month $600,000 of that six million rolls over again.

You don’t think the other Democrats out there gulped? I mean, you’ve got Kamala Harris and there are others out — this is so funny. Cory Booker, Spartacus, and Kamala Harris are out there in public, what Democrats always do, they’re ripping the rich to shreds. They’re ripping them up and down, left and right, they’re tarring and feathering them. And after that they then knock on the door and ask for money! And the rich are giving it to them! Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, you name it, rich corporations are flooding all these Democrats with money while the Democrats are out trashing ’em and blaming ’em and claiming they’re not paying their fair share and all of this. And then Crazy Bernie comes along, $6 million in 24 hours.

Now, when I was on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked me who I thought the Democrat frontrunner was. I said I’m gonna have some fun with this, I’m thinking to myself, have some fun with this. You got all these Democrats out there, then you got the aging Plugs. So I said Biden. I said Biden’s the frontrunner, no question. He kind of looked at me, Chris Wallace, “Really, Joe Biden?” I said, “Yeah. He’s a plagiarist, nickname is Plugs, he’s 77 years old and he remains, I think, the front-runner.”

Well, lo and behold, I have here a story in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers that is from TheHill.com — ready for this? — dadelut dadelut dadelut – “Michelle Obama would be tied with Biden as the frontrunner if she ran in 2020 according to a Hill Harris poll.” So here I am again cracking a joke about the Democrat frontrunner being Biden, and he is, in this poll! And that if Michelle Obama got involved, she would be tied with him.

Now, let me ask you to consider something here, folks. Michelle Obama has done nothing her whole life that would warrant anyone thinking she’s had any life experiences qualifying her to be the leader of the biggest, richest nation on earth. She has no love for this nation. She has no respect for it. She’s admitted this.

She married Barack Hussein O, who had probably less experience than she has in actually doing things. The guy was an academic. The guy was a lawyer that never lawyered. He was a community organizer. He had no practical experience doing anything, and yet became the world’s leading authority on health care, the world’s leading authority on climate change, the world’s leading authority on — He never had done squat, and neither has she. They are marginal people.

But yet the Drive-By Media treat them all like they are unique and special and unrivaled, that nobody compares to them. But in terms of life achievement and life accomplishment — now, getting elected president is a big deal, but in terms of living life, having experienced all kinds of things, meeting all kinds of people all over the world, I mean, there’s nothing here. The accomplishments they have? Add them up. They’re nothing.

Now, Michelle Obama’s benefiting the same way Colin Powell did. She has not announced. Colin Powell, when he had not announced, 70% approval. The moment he announced and identified as a Republican — ha-ha-ha-ha – it was over for him. She’ll announce as a Democrat. But they’re hoping and praying. So there’s 22 now in the Democrat field.

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