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RUSH: On Monday, Presidents’ Day, about 50 protesters marched to Capitol Square in Richmond, Virginia.

They stood outside the executive mansion gates with signs saying “End White Supremacy!” as they called on Democrat governor Ralph Northam to quit.

Also on Presidents’ Day, we heard from Meredith Watson. She’s the second woman, along with Vanessa Tyson, to accuse Virginia’s Democrat lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, of sexual assault. On the record.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Ms. Watson said she’s willing to testify publicly under oath. She said that Fairfax should be willing to do the same. She criticized Virginia’s general assembly for failing to hold public hearings on the allegations.

Democrats ignored her, and they ignored the protesters.

The Democrat governor, the Democrat lieutenant governor and the Democrat state attorney general — who also has blackface problems — are all staying put. They’re not going anywhere.

Their message is: “Screw You!” to the legislature, to the protesters, to the #MeToo victims, and to anybody else who doesn’t like it! If you’ve got a (D) next to your name, you’re golden. The media is going to protect you through thick and thin.

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