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RUSH: I have to tell you, folks, I’m about at my limit of being able to absorb all of this and remain civil with this Andrew McCabe situation. This is so beyond the pale. This is just not right. And nothing, apparently, is being done about this. McCabe is still appearing on every cable news and infotainment television show that will have him, even though he is disgraced, completely, totally disgraced.

He was fired from the FBI for lying to any number of sources for illegally leaking. He is at this moment being investigated by the Department of Justice for lying to the FBI. There is an inspector general report, another one, an investigation going on right now, Mr. Horowitz. That’s gonna be revealed in April. And all of this raises the question, why hasn’t McCabe been arrested? Why hasn’t McCabe been put in solitary confinement?

What is Manafort doing in solitary confinement? What are any of these other people doing having their lives destroyed for having so-called lied to the investigators when Andrew McCabe has done exactly that and far worse? And now he is permitted to write a book furthering these lies, amplifying these lies, being given media assistance in amplifying these lies, and profiting from all of this for which any other person would have been arrested, would have been subjected to a grand jury, may have been convicted already, and put in jail.

Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, any number of others that Mueller has targeted have been financially ruined over having done absolutely nothing that had anything to do with the so-called original claim here: Trump-Russia collusion, stealing an election. It is just outrageous! How come Andrew McCabe is allowed to have a Kickstarter fundraiser page? How does he get book deals? How does he get a book tour? Well, we know the answers to these questions.

Most of all, why hasn’t McCabe been forced to turn state’s evidence and sing? Why hasn’t Andrew McCabe been put under the hot lights and been forced to explain the absolute truth of what everybody has done here? Who else would be in a better position to rat on the other members of this attempted coup against Trump? We’ve got Comey, John Brennan, to James Clapper, to Rod Rosenstein, to Peter Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, Sally Yates. Why not use his process crime to put the screws to him for what surely is the biggest political crime and political hoax in U.S. history?

But, no, Andrew McCabe is being feted as a hero all over American journalism. He is allowed to profit. He was given a book advance. He’s now out selling this book. And he is continuing to tell lies and defame the reputation of the president of the United States. Andrew McCabe is still out there on cable television saying, “I still think Donald Trump could be a Russian asset.”

You know there’s a name for this. There’s a name for falsely accusing people of these kinds of crimes and activities. That term is McCarthyism. And supposedly the left hated McCarthyism, and they hate McCarthyism to this day except when it works for them. When McCarthyism works for them, look how eagerly they get behind it. Look how much they push it. Look how they promote it.

They’ll defame anybody. The Covington High School kids. They’ll defame people that do not believe people running a hoax, like Jussie Smollett. They’ll defame anybody who did not believe Smollett’s hoax from the get-go. Mueller has been doing the same thing. There hasn’t been a crime indicted, a person indicted for anything having to do with what Mueller’s original investigation was ostensibly all about.

Now James Clapper is out on TV (imitating Clapper), “Well, you know, I can see where Trump could still be, yes, a Russian asset, but I think the Mueller Report’s not gonna say that,” Clapper said, “And I think it’s gonna be rather anticlimactic.” So, wait. Mueller doesn’t have the goods, Mueller never has had the goods ’cause there aren’t any goods to have, but McCabe could be right, Trump could still be a Russian spy. He could still be a Russian asset. Mueller doesn’t have the data on this, but we still think that this is all possible.

How is it that Andrew McCabe is free to go on TV and declare that even to this day he thinks Trump may be a Russian spy? And in the very same breath he goes on to say that Trump has undermined faith in our public institutions? Trump. Trump has undermined faith in our public institutions? This guy has single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the FBI. This guy has single-handedly called into question the fairness and the justice at the very Department of Justice. This guy is an obvious sleaze weasel when you watch him on television. He knows he’s getting away with this. He knows the media is not gonna call him to account. He knows that nobody else is, either.

These people are free to engage in all this because they are confident nobody is gonna do anything to them. And they have done this. This has been one of the things that has propelled them since this entire Mueller farce and all of the crap that happened before the Mueller farce got started. They have sat there arrogant and confident that there’s nobody that can stop them and nobody who will stop them.

I’ll give you evidence of this. McCabe is now claiming that he briefed the congressional leadership, the Gang of Eight, which included the GOP leadership, Devin Nunes, and Paul Ryan. McCabe claims that he briefed them on the FBI’s investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion, and he says that none of them objected, none of them had any problem with it whatsoever.

Now, Trey Gowdy’s all over Fox saying, “That’s not true.” We’ll have the audio sound bite of that coming up. But I want you to think about something. I think this is entirely possible, except for Nunes. I think this is entirely possible. I think in the early days of this McCabe goes up there and he talks about this Russia investigation with Trump. And, don’t forget, for the first six to nine months of Trump’s first year — remember how the Republicans were not helping Trump in anything. He wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare. There was talk about shoring up border security. Trump wasn’t getting any assistance whatsoever.

And I remember going on Sean Hannity’s television show, other TV shows and on this program observing that if we could just get three months, just get three months of the Republicans supporting Trump’s agenda we’d be off and running! And there wasn’t any. I later learned about September of 2017 that the Republicans in Congress believed all of this. They believed that Trump was not long for the office. They believed that he had colluded with Russia. They believed the media. They believed all these FBI people. They believed Comey.

All these people had impeccable reputations. Comey before all this began was considered only number two to Mueller as having the most integrity and honor of any human being in that wretched town. So I can totally believe there might not have been any pushback from the early Republican committees when McCabe waltzes in and tells them that he believes Trump colluded with Russia. People forget after Donald Trump won this election, there was so much shock and dismay, it was heart attack creating kind of shock. Nobody expected Trump to win.

I remember on the Friday after the election, Reince Priebus came in here (well, we had him on the phone), and the first thing out of his mouth… “Okay. Okay. We get it. We get it here. No more excuses. No more excuses.” What he meant by that is, “Okay. We — we — we get it. We can’t we can’t blame the Democrats anymore. We’ve got to accomplish things now. Our guy won. We have the Congress. We have the House. We have the Senate. We have the White House. No more excuses.”

Yeah. Well, that was the Friday after the election. But it wasn’t until after September of 2017 that some of the Republicans in Congress finally figured out this whole thing was a hoax. Why did it take ’em that long? At the center of every one of these outrageous moments in history is the media. The media is to blame, the explanation. The media is who is feared, media reaction is feared, and so media malpractice is allowed to happen day in and day out with nobody pushing back on it because they can’t!

The media can defame public figures all day long. The media can destroy the lives of public figures all day long. Because of a Supreme Court case, there’s nothing public figures can do other than try to prove that what the media is doing is with absolute malice — meaning they are intending to destroy careers and lives — and that’s a very difficult thing to prove. So most people never even try because it involves discovery and the revealing of secrets in people’s lives they don’t want known that may have nothing to do with the particular case.

So the media has a free rein to systematically target and destroy anybody they want.  Do you realize Sarah Palin is still being blamed on prominent websites today for the shooting of Gabby Giffords?  Sarah Palin is still being blamed.  I am still being held up for ridicule in so many different ways.  I may be the most targeted, ridiculed private citizen in this generation. That may be a bit of it contest.  I’m sure there are some other private citizens here regularly defamed and libeled.

But, regardless, there’s nothing anybody can do about it.  So here’s McCabe running around, “Oh, yes.  I re…” The guy is an admitted liar!  He has no business profiting from anything that he’s done.  And he’s just the first.  Comey.  He had a book; he’s out.  He made some money off his book.  There will be others as this unfolds.  But back, you know, when McCabe was first briefing Congress on this thing, why wouldn’t they believe McCabe?  At that point, the FBI was very trusted. The FBI was considered to be impeccable.

Everybody’s always thought that about the FBI.  It wasn’t until much later in 2017 that some of these people in Washington began to see the truth.  But you know what?  For even a lot of Republicans, the truth of what the FBI had done, the DOJ and Obama’s people, still didn’t matter.  They hated Trump more than they hated any of that.  Now, at some point, if there’s any justice left in our legal system, if there’s any justice left in our culture, someone’s gonna have to shut McCabe up.

Somebody on their side — Clapper, Brennan, somebody. I don’t know who. Somebody’s gonna have to call McCabe and tell him to shut the hell up because he is incriminating himself as a conspirator in an attempt to overthrow the government!  He’s justifying it!  He’s out there on television veritably admitting that that’s what he was doing because he had reason to believe it was necessary!  I guarantee you his co-conspirators are watching this and they’re sweating.

Something like this can always go wrong.  You never know when somebody’s gonna see something and considers it a big misstep, or McCabe is gonna make a misstep that people can’t paper over.  But the arrogance is plain to see all over the guy’s face and in his speech and the way he speaks.  And he is in the process of actually admitting and incriminating himself in all of this.

You know, folks, the last 25 years, last quarter century of our lives, what have you, I actually see the United States in a sort of life-and-death struggle for its existence as we knew it.  I know you’ve heard me reference this a thousand times.  I thought after the eighties — I thought after two terms of Ronaldus Magnus — that we’d literally won.  How could we not have, in my mind?  We had just had two years of the most conservative administration ever.

We had had an economic boom.  We had wages way up; interest rates were plummeting.  Virtually every economic mistake Jimmy Carter made was fixed.  There were more people working than ever before.  The Berlin Wall came down shortly after Reagan left office.  We defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War.  We had rebuilt our military.  I figured, “People lived through this.  They’re going to finally see it, they’re gonna see it, they’re gonna trust it.”  So why didn’t that last?

I’ve asked myself countless times, “How in the world can you have eight years where everybody alive knows that massive tax cuts led to all kinds of prosperity for everybody…? Why didn’t that last?”  I’ll tell you why it didn’t last.  That is when the left began to import millions of foreign nationals via illegal immigration.  Simpson-Mazzoli 1986 granted amnesty for 3.6 million of ’em, and that opened the floodgates, and that’s why the eighties are not remembered.

It’s not that they’re not remembered; they’ve just been overwhelmed and outnumbered now by people who were not alive here.  They were living somewhere else.  They’ve been imported by the left via illegal immigration.  Do you know that one-out-of-four citizens in California was not born in the United States?  Twenty-five percent of the California population was not born in the United States.  You wonder what happened to the Republican Party in California?

There you go.  The electorate has been changed.  The makeup of our culture has been changed by way of illegal immigration, brought to us by the Democrats and a bunch of clueless Republicans who thought that all these people from Latin America, because they were Catholic, were gonna end up voting conservative. And so they were on the bandwagon for keeping borders open, for their own reasons.  Gigantic miscalculation.  And then Obama, in his eight years, finds ways to expand on that by making every damn person in this country who wants to be a victim.

And we find ourselves where we are.


RUSH:  Here we go.  Last night, Anderson Cooper 210 interviewing former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe.  Cooper says, “So, do you still believe the president could be a Russian asset?”

MCCABE:  I think it’s possible.  I think that’s why we started our investigation, and I’m really anxious to see where Director Mueller concludes that.

RUSH:  All right.  Now, before I comment on that (time is precious here) here’s Clapper next on CNN this morning.  Alisyn Camerota: “When you hear McCabe say it’s possible the president is a ‘Russian asset,’ what is your reaction?”

CLAPPER:  I would — and have — added the caveat “whether witting or unwitting.”  And, uh, I think that’s an important distinction.  You consider Putin’s background as a trained, experienced KGB agent and how he would approach somebody that he is trying to co-opt or influence or gain leverage over. In that sense, in that context is, uh, what I think of when, uh, I mean potential unwitting asset.  I think that the hope, uhhh, is that the Mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all.  I’m really not sure it will, and the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic and not draw a conclusion with that.

RUSH:  Well, why would that be?  Because there isn’t any evidence of it!  There never has been any evidence of it!  So these guys… Even the Mueller report… They’re leaking here. This is the next one that is not gonna have anything in it.  This has got Adam Schiff saying, “Okay, well, then we’re gonna do our own.”  They’re not gonna accept the Mueller investigation.  They’re gonna use… If it’s not revealed, if there’s no report, they’re gonna continue to leak from it and so forth.


RUSH: Andy McCabe is on television lying his head off, admitting to this conspiracy but not admitting how it started.  He will not dare go there, because the answer to the question, “When did your investigation begin?” is the Steele dossier.  And not even McCabe is gonna call our attention to that because everybody now knows that that was a hoax.

Everybody knows that was Hillary Clinton opposition research.  So, instead, Andy McCabe is on television saying, “I think it’s possible. I think Trump is still a Russian asset.  That’s why we started our investigation.”  No, it is not.  You started your investigation because you were afraid the guy was gonna get elected.  You intensified your investigation after he got elected.  You knew, McCabe. You know he’s not a Russian spy!

You know who might have been, if we’re gonna talk about that? Let’s go back to Clapper.  Clapper’s covering his rear end.  “Well, I we must include ‘unwitting’ in here.”  ‘Cause even Clapper knows that Trump is not a Russian spy.  But he can’t expose McCabe.  So he’s gotta say, “Well, we got an unwitting spy,” meaning, “Trump is such a buffoon.  He’s such an idiot.  He wouldn’t even know that Putin is using him.” That is the extent of Clapper’s comment.

“Oh, you have to consider he’s unwitting.  Putin’s a very, very smart guy, former chairman KGB.  Nobody ever leaves the KGB.  The KGB never gets disbanded and so forth.  Putin knows how to recruit people who don’t even know they’re being recruited!”  So Trump is this idiotic buffoon, has no idea what’s happening. Trump is being used by Putin.  You know who’s a bigger unwitting dupe of Putin than Trump could ever be? It would be none other than Barack Hussein O.

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. They were the ones that were dazzled by Putin.  They were the ones that bent over backwards to accommodate Putin.  Here’s Obama with an open mic shortly before the 2012 election talking with the Russian foreign minister or somebody — vice president, whatever — Dmitry Medvedev and he says, “You be sure and tell Vlad I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.”

What is that if that is not collusion with Putin?  It’s talking about denuking the American nuclear arsenal!  He was sending a message to Putin through Medvedev, “Just tell Putin to calm down.  I’ll have more flexibility after I win reelection.”  Meaning, “I can’t get rid of our nukes and still get reelected, so let me get reelected and then I’ll get rid of the nukes and you can stop bothering me about it.”  What’s that if that’s not collusion, if that’s not being an unwitting dupe of Putin.  Barack Hussein Obama.


RUSH: Here is Michael in Denver. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. What an honor it is for me to be on your program. You are a national treasure. And God bless you and your golf handicap.

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha! Thank you, sir, my golf handicap is ruining my game. I got my handicap down to 12, and I don’t remember how. And now often I’m the low man in the foursome. I’m giving everybody strokes. That’s not fun.

CALLER: I can relate. And, by the way, because of your integrity, if I need to buy something for my household I go to your advertisers first and they have my business.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. That’s very, very meaningful to me and wise on your part. Thank you.

CALLER: So my question is — and I don’t know the answer to it — do you think that we’ll ever see a day where they’ll take — there’s probably a dozen characters in this — and Comey and Strzok and Page and just the whole list of characters in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and have them all questioned at once about this whole scam —



RUSH: I don’t see it ever happening. I don’t see the Washington swamp ever trying to actually hold these guys accountable. If anything happens, it’ll be for show, it’ll be designed to make it look like Washington is outraged, government, that the Senate committee you mentioned is outraged doing something about it. I don’t expect these people to go to jail. Not like Flynn’s gonna go to jail, not like Cohen’s gonna go to jail and Manafort’s gonna die in solitary confinement. That’s not how the swamp works.

Did Castro go to jail? Is Xi Jinping in China gonna go to jail? Was Mikhail Gorbachev ever gonna go to jail? These guys don’t go to jail. They don’t even get prosecuted. These guys are in the ruling class. The judges are all their buddies and friends. They’re not gonna go to jail. I say that ruefully. I’d love to be wrong about it. I’m just totally frustrated as I can be by this.

CALLER: As am I. I can’t see how Strzok and McCabe, at least those two, stay out of jail. I just do not understand that.

RUSH: Let me ask you, why — see, I believe you’re relying on an America that no longer exists. You’re relying on an America where standards prevailed, where institutions did not crumble, where institutions stood for what everybody thought they stood for. They were not flexible. They were not two-tiered. They didn’t move or bend depending on who was before them.

This is a rigged game now, and I think one of the reasons these people are continuing to operate as they are is because they are confident and arrogantly aware that nothing’s really gonna happen to ’em. I mean, McCabe is profiting from this and continuing to lie in the process while slandering and defaming Donald Trump in the process!

CALLER: And not one single reporter has yet to say, “Hey, Mr. McCabe, you know –”

RUSH: Well, I’ll give you an example. I just watched McCabe being interviewed last night by this dunce Anderson Cooper. And Cooper asked him a question, McCabe says, “Well, when he fired Comey we were really afraid that he was obstructing and going to stop the investigation.” Now, Andrew McCabe knows, he knows that the president of the United States can fire the FBI director and that it does not mean the end of anything, and it didn’t!

Comey gets fired, and what happens? It ends up even worse. We get Mueller! The investigation did not stop! It ramped up! McCabe is lying through his teeth when he says that Comey getting fired scared the hell out of ’em, it made ’em really think Trump was covering something up. They know better. They know the president can fire them at any time he wants. He pays the price politically if he makes a mistake, but he has the constitutional duty to do it, and it doesn’t mean anything other than somebody got fired.


RUSH: My point is, Anderson Cooper, he also knows that Trump can fire anybody. He knows that McCabe is lying to him and he doesn’t call him out on it. He just lets him get away with it and nods his head in agreement.

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