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RUSH: Portland, Oregon. Mark, you are next. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Great to talk to you, Rush. Hey, if there is so much bigotry and racism and homophobia in our country and it is just rampant everywhere, why do these guys have to keep making this stuff up? Wouldn’t it just be everywhere?

RUSH: That is exactly my point. Can I go back…? I want you to hang on here, Mark. I need to play a sound bite that I want you to listen to. Grab sound bite number 1. I’ve put it at the bottom of the Stack. I didn’t think I was gonna be using it today, but I’m gonna answer your question with a sound bite of me on this program this past Tuesday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I don’t think they’re falling for anything. I think they are attempting to make these things real. Even if they doubt or think that Smollett in this case is making it up, they’re still gonna try to make this story end up being real as far as the perception of the American people. It is exactly stuff like this, folks, that fuels the idea that America was founded immorally and unjustly and needs to be transformed, overthrown, remade, what have you. This is what they think America is. They’re not falling for anything.

RUSH: There you have it. That’s the answer in a nutshell. They have to make it up precisely because it isn’t happening. But they despise this country for whatever reasons. We can list them. Some we know; some that we don’t. But they despise it — and I’m talking about the preponderance now of the American left. You know, I don’t want to listen to them talk about how they’re patriots and they love America, too, and their set of values.

They do not love America as founded. They do not love the capitalist American economy. They do not like traditional American values or Western Civilization at all. They want to overthrow this country. They want to transform this country because they despise it, and part and parcel of that is convincing people it deserves to be overthrown because it was founded in homophobia. It was founded in racism (i.e., slavery).

It was founded in bigotry. It was founded by a bunch of rich white guys for themselves. They didn’t even let women vote when this country was founded! That’s how immoral this country is. They want to overthrow it, not because of the way it was founded. They want to overthrow it because they hate America as an outpost of freedom and liberty and capitalism. They hate America because in America, government is not the focus of life. It’s not the…

Well, it’s becoming that, but it was not founded as such. So the answer to your question is since these events are crucial to them convincing young people that this country is unjust and immoral, since these kinds of attacks are not happening — in fact, if you wear a MAGA hat, the odds are you’re gonna get beat up or attacked rather than be the attacker. So, they make these events up with compliant media to then try to create a false narrative and image that this is what America is.

That’s why they make ’em up. It’s why they made up what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s why they made up what happened in Baltimore. It’s why they make up what happened with the Duke lacrosse case and Trayvon Martin. The list is long. I could go on. They have to make it up. They have to take events and lie about them and create false narratives because these events really don’t happen anywhere near…

Just like the cops are not running around shooting innocent black people. When’s the last example of this we heard? But the next time there is one, they’re gonna act like, “See? It happens every day, happens all the time! Unfair, unjust, racist America.” It doesn’t happen all the time. It doesn’t even happen very much. But they need to create the opposite image. So that’s why. That’s the long answer to your question. What do you think of that?

CALLER: As usual, I think I come up with something you haven’t thought of and you thought of it two days ago. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: That’s why you are the Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Well, I’m thinking about this stuff all the time because… I do a good job of hiding the boiling rage I have over all of this, because I’ve learned that exhibiting rage is not enough. It’s not pervasive. But I can’t tell you how mad this stuff makes me. I despise these people. I despise them and what they are trying to do. I despise what they’re teaching our kids. I despise the fact that they feel so abnormal and odd that they would hate the greatest place for humanity on the face of the earth ever: The United States of America.

It does not compute with me.

It never has.

I have never understood intellectually… I understand it politically and emotionally. I’ve never understood intellectually how people born and raised in this country can grow up to hate it. They have to be taught it, and the results of that are a bunch of (sigh) infiltrators from around the world — socialists and communists — who end up as university professors and teachers or they end up in media or what have you. But it makes me livid. I’m angry about it all day, and I’ve been this way for years and years and years. I keep waiting for it to end, and I keep waiting for these people to get beat back and lose — and I’m still waiting for that.

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