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RUSH: Democrats running blue cities are practically on their hands and knees, begging. Maybe just on their knees, begging.  They were stunned that New York treated Amazon like a two-bit floozie. Now they see their chance.

Even though the company says they’re no longer looking for a second headquarters, these liberals are begging to be Amazon’s rebound lover. Newark’s mayor issued a heartfelt pitch, bragging about his city’s “strong talent pipeline.”

Chicago, Miami, Warren, Michigan, and even West Palm Beach are doing everything in their power to convince Amazon to please – please – come to their city and set up shop.

Amazon may have been kicked to the curb and thrown under the bus by progressive kooks in New York City, but that is not stopping some upstate New York towns from angling to get Amazon to give them a shot.

But if Amazon is smart, they’ll stay away from any city run by Democrats, except that Jeff Bezos is a Democrat so what are the odds of that? They call themselves moderates, liberals, or progressives. They’re all cut from the same anti-business, anti-capitalist cloth, and Amazon ought to avoid them. Fat chance.

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