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RUSH: CBS Eyeball News in Charlotte, North Carolina (actually on CNN Newsource): “Six undocumented immigrants were arrested in North Carolina for their connection to a Mexican drug cartel… The men are behind bars after they were accused last week of running an elaborate drug trafficking in Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties…” I hope I’m pronouncing that right.

“At a luxury home in Statesville — complete with a pool and a trampoline — in August and October 2018, more than 1,800 grams of meth were delivered…” This, my friends, is what the Democrat Party is facilitating. This is what Never Trumpers and open-border Republicans and Democrats are facilitating, enabling, and encouraging with their open-border nonsense, their sanctuary city insanity, their claim that there’s nothing wrong, that there’s no crisis.

The very fact that we are standing idly by and allowing federal law to be wantonly violated — countless times a day for how many years now — just cannot be supported! It cannot be — in any just way or legal way — supported! Yet the Democrats and the open-borders Never Trumpers persist in trying to tell us it’s not a problem. “Six … Tied to Drug Cartel Are in Country Illegally.” Look to the Democrat Party. Look to Never Trumper, open-borders aficionados.

Anybody who is in favor of stopping efforts to secure the border, this is on them.

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