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RUSH: Here is Brian in Denver, heading back to the phones. Open Line Friday. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m good, and yourself?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you much.

CALLER: You predicted this tactic, the national popular vote just passed here in Colorado. This gives what I believe to be 181 total electoral college votes out of the 270 needed. I know this has been tried before and failed, but this time they are trying to do it without an amendment to the Constitution. Is there something that could become reality at this time around?

RUSH: Wait, wait. Explain to people what just happened out there.

CALLER: The national popular vote basically takes your right to vote away. Here in Colorado, I believe there would be no more presidential elections. Colorado has elected to give the presidential — I guess the electoral college votes to the nation’s popular candidate. Colorado has nine. Just gave those away.

RUSH: Okay, so let’s apply this to 2016. According to this law, Hillary would get all of Colorado’s electoral votes no matter how Colorado voted because Hillary won the popular vote, therefore Colorado has just said that whoever wins the popular vote is gonna get all of their electoral votes.

CALLER: Correct. That’s the way I believe it. Can you set us straight?

RUSH: I’m not sure this is going to hold up. We’re talking federal elections, but the states are not powerless here. My instincts are that this is more a show than anything, but I could be wrong. Maybe they are trying to play a game here that actually — I don’t — the electoral college is a federal thing. It’s structured and set — I don’t know that the states have the ability to thwart it that way. But I don’t doubt that people in Colorado want to make a statement like this. I appreciate the call. We’ll find out about this, like we find out about everything. And we’ll pass it on to you as soon as we find out about it.

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