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RUSH: I have always thought that Kamala Harris’ name was pronounced K’mah-la. But I’m hearing a bunch of people on TV today pronounce it Ka’mela or Kam-ala, and so I’m confused. I’ll have to start pronouncing it both ways now? Anyway, how she pronounces her name is not the story. This is instructive, too. This is hilarious. You want to look at this in the proper light. Kamala Harris came out and just defended Smollett and raked America over the coals.

It’s just a classic example. Then after that, she came out in support of reparations. Okay? So what does she do yesterday? Nobody in the Drive-By Media seemed to note the irony of Kamala Harris having lunch at Sylvia’s in Harlem with the father of all racist hate crime hoaxes, the Reverend Sharpton! She’s up there kissing the ring. You remember that — what’s her name — Caroline Kennedy did the same thing when they talked her into running for office.

She went up there, and she made the classic mistake of actually eating when the cameras were on — and she’s not a good-looking eater. She chews with her mouth open and crumbs of food flying out there while she was talking to Reverend Sharpton. The Reverend Sharpton wasn’t eating anything, ’cause he knows (at least when the cameras are on), don’t eat — and whatever you do, don’t swallow. Caroline is chomping away, crumbs flying all over the place.

So Kamala Harris bops up there. It’s time to kiss the ring of the granddaddy of all racist hate-crime hoaxes, the Reverend Sharpton fresh off of Tawana Brawley! And the media doesn’t catch the irony of this? She has raked everybody over the coals because of Smollett. She defended Smollett, and then she’s up there — and it wasn’t even a lunch. It was a 20-minute photo op with the Reverend Sharpton.

The mob of reporters as she is leaving peppered her with questions about what she thought of Smollett’s arrest. But there wasn’t one question about what was she doing kissing the ring of the most notorious (laughing) racist hate crime hoaxer on the planet? (laughing) I can’t help but laugh at this. Some people don’t find it funny, of course. But I do. Anyway, I don’t think that Kamala/Kamala/Kamala, whatever, has the ability to think on her feet much. I’ve noted this long before today and long before these incidents.

She refused to answer any questions from the assembled Drive-Bys — who are there, of course, to kiss her ring and make her look great and promote her, and she wouldn’t even answer any of their questions. Instead, she just acted like she’s beautiful, which is how she handles everything.

Do you think she’s beautiful? (interruption) Kamala Harris, is she beautiful? (interruption) I’d kind of rather ask other women those questions than render an opinion myself. There’s no winning that one, so…


“She’s not ugly,” you say.



RUSH: Man, oh, man are the e-mails pouring in on my question of whether or not Kamala Harris is pretty or beautiful. Man, oh, man. Here is a sample: “I do not think Kamala is beautiful, but she’s not totally unfortunate, Mr. Limbaugh. She’s like Michelle O. On occasion, she can get her act together enough to look attractive.” Man, it’s vicious out there

I’ve always known this. When women start weighing in on other women, it can get… It’s time to turn around, plug the ears, and forget that you hear what you hear.

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