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RUSH: So the Drive-By Media have found a story they can use to get past the Jussie Smollett story. Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, has been charged with soliciting for sex in Florida, right up at the road at a Jupiter massage parlor. This according to… I mean, CNN is going wall-to-wall with this. Fox has touched on it a while. It’s headlined at the top of the Drudge page. The way this got started…

The best I’ve been able to put together here, in the limited moments that I have to actually do show prep once the program begins — and I daresay that there’s nobody who can do show prep while doing the show like I can. To have two, three minutes at a time max to do it? But here we go. Apparently, neighbors — business neighbors and others — of this massage parlor… And there is a string of them involved in this, all the way down the east coast of Florida from, say, Jupiter, Vero Beach, maybe even down to Miami.

Some neighbors got hold of the local cops in Jupiter and filed a public health complaint over what they thought was going on in this place. So the cops show up and say, “Okay, fine.” They planted some cameras in there and other efforts to help them surveil. In the process of watching who was coming and going — and there’s also some written slips of paper with supposedly the names of clients, clientele on them — Mr. Kraft is seen going in and out, and his name is on a piece of paper.

So he is among those who have been charged with soliciting prostitution. He has denied it, said that it isn’t true, and is not going to comment further because it is a legal matter. Now, he’s a resident of Brookline, Boston, Massachusetts, but he has homes here — a home here — and it matters. It’s a misdemeanor, but, if you live in Palm Beach County where all this happened, then you’ll get a letter in the mail notifying you when to show up in court and all that.

If you live outside the county of Palm Beach, then you are going to get an arrest summons, supposedly. So that’s pretty much it. The details have not… I mean, the juicy details have not been revealed other than what supposedly has gone on. Of course, all kinds of people are now raising the obvious questions. “What in the name of Sam Hill…? Why? Why would anybody so well known…?” It makes it unbelievable. It literally makes it unbelievable. But, anyway, CNN has glommed onto this, and it’s providing an opportunity to ignore the Smollett story.


RUSH: Well, apparently, Robert Kraft is not “the biggest name” of those who have been identified in this latest prostitution scandal. I don’t know who the bigger name is, but the local police authorities are suggesting that there is an even bigger name in this… (interruption) Well, I don’t know if it’s Bezos. They didn’t mention names. I don’t know if it is Bezos or if he just sent pictures to the prostitutes. You know, your guess is as good as mine on who it is. We just have to patiently wait.


RUSH: The story that there is an even bigger name in this prostitution case up in Jupiter, Florida, actually comes from an NFL reporter, not the… Well, his source might be the Jupiter cops, I don’t know. But there is supposedly an even a bigger name than that of the owner of the New England Patriots, and I was just reading something, some of these nimrod people that comment on website stories.

(laughing) You would not believe how many people are hoping and praying that it’s Trump, (laughing) or some other names that you would recognize. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I just love… I’m fascinated by the degree of stupidity that we are confronted by on a daily basis by people who have no idea how dumb they are — and that is a real danger.

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