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RUSH: Hey, some of you are gonna be extremely happy to learn the Democrat presidential candidate from New Jersey, Cory Booker, has a detailed plan to end poverty in America.

Spartacus calls his bright idea “the American Opportunity Accounts Act.” He wants to create a bank account for every 18-year-old in this country. Basically they’re born, and when they’re 18, they end up with $46,500 — of your money.  But only if they are in the lowest income bracket.

As I say, he’s going to pay for this with your money. Each of his chosen poor teenagers will get $46,500. The rags-to-riches teens will, supposedly, use the windfall to make down payments on houses or even pay for college — with your money.

And just like that, Cory Booker will solve the problem of income inequality in America. Minority kids are expected to score big under this plan, so you can also look at it as “reparations.”

Now, he’s introducing his teenage give-away bill in the Senate, and I hope that Mitch McConnell makes sure that this thing comes up for a vote just like he brought forth the Green New Deal. Democrats didn’t want to vote on it. I hope he makes the Democrats vote on this one too.

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