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Feb 22, 2019


Hollywood Reporter: Jussie Smollett Out of Last Two ‘Empire’ Episodes to Avoid “Disruption on Set”
UK Sun: Jussie Smollett ‘Claims He Has an Untreated Drug Problem’ and Cops Say He Bought Ecstasy from ‘Hoax’ Accomplice – as He’s Axed from Empire
New York Times: The Smollett Family Business: Acting and Activism – 03.09.16
American Greatness: The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War – Conrad Black
Deadspin: Charles Barkley Uses Inside The NBA To Debut His Jussie Smollett Material
Breitbart: Charles Barkley: Jussie Smollett ‘Should Have Gone up to Liam Neeson’s Neighborhood’
New York Post: Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren Both Support Reparations for Slavery
National Review: Kamala Harris Ignores Questions on Smollett Hoax after Dining with Sharpton
NewsBusters: WashPost’s Capehart: Even If Smollett Story Is False, There’s Still an ‘Atmosphere of Fear’
Breitbart: Advocate Mag Editor Suggests Pro-Trump Police Rigged Investigation to Harm Smollett
Campus Reform: Conservative Suffers Blow to the Face at Berkeley
Deadspin: Patriots Owner Bob Kraft Charged With Soliciting Prostitution
TMZ: Robert Kraft Arrest Warrant Issued In Prostitution Sting. Kraft Denies Charges
Bloomberg: New York Has Prepared Paul Manafort Charges If Trump Pardons Him
New York Times: Roger Stone Placed Under Gag Order Over Instagram Post
National Review: Vermont House Passes Bill Legalizing All Abortion
USAToday: Colorado OKs Joining National Popular Vote Compact to Cast All Electoral Votes for Popular Winner in Presidential Elections
Washington Free Beacon: Sanders Bashed NYT in 1986 for Not Telling the ‘Truth’ About Communism
New York Post: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Critics Who Claim She Didn’t Understand Amazon Deal
Mediaite: Ocasio-Cortez Explains ‘Farting Cows’ in Green New Deal FAQ: Maybe We Shouldn’t Eat Burgers Three Times A Day
New York Post: AOC Explains Why ‘Farting Cows’ Were Considered in Green New Deal
FOXNews: Lifestyles of the Rich and Socialist: Bernie Sanders Has 3 Houses, Makes Millions
San Francisco Chronicle: Kamala Harris’ Anti-Lynching Bill Gets Second Chance at Becoming Law
Daily Wire: Democrats Introduce Bill To Eliminate Electoral College
National Review: What Is a Born-Alive ‘Fetus’?
Daily Wire: Survey: 66% Of ‘Pro-Choice’ Americans Oppose Third-Trimester Abortions


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