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Last week, there was a news report that Maryland state lawmaker Mary Ann Lisanti had called Prince George’s County an “N-[word] district.”

The Washington Post asked Delegate Lisanti, Democrat, if she used that slur to describe the majority-black area. She claimed that she didn’t remember. When the reporter asked if she had ever used the N-word, she said: Oh, sure! She’s used it! Everybody has used it.

A firestorm ensued. Eventually, Mary Ann Lisanti, Democrat, issued an apology to her fellow lawmakers and her constituents, a third of whom are African-Americans.

Now, her “apology” was the usual drivel Democrats say when they’re caught. Ms. Lisanti said she was “sickened” that the N-word came out of her Democrat mouth. She said that she’ll take sensitivity training to become a better Democrat — and only use that word when talking about Republicans — and she hopes to one day regain the trust of her constituents.

But despite calls for her to quit from lawmakers of both parties, Maryland Democrat Mary Ann Lisanti did not budge. She’s taking her cues from Virginia Democrats. She’s staying put, and anybody who doesn’t like it can kiss her whatever, and go do a late-term abortion.

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