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RUSH: So the Democrats and the media are proclaiming that Trump was a total failure in the North Korean talks. The Democrats are saying whatever the North Koreans say is true. This has gotten so bad that it’s becoming comical now. The demonstrable liars and thieves and cheats of the North Koreans, from Kim Jong-un on down, are now claiming that Donald Trump is lying in his characterizations of how the summit went.

They’re saying that Trump did not do what he said he did and that Trump did something entirely different and made it impossible for the poor North Koreans to accept the deal! The media has picked that up and is running with it: North Koreans say that Donald Trump did this. The media of this country is now willingly embracing not just an enemy, but an allied enemy of the ChiComs. They’re embracing Kim Jong-un.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you, it’s not registering. This kind of thing is not gonna be reported on. But just as — and mark my words on this — just as the American people, as they learn this on this entire Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the Democrats are gonna pay a huge price for that. The deep state people are gonna pay a huge price for this with the American people in two years. And so is something like this gonna add to it.

It’s hard for me to get my arms around what these people must think of the American people. Because here you have, it doesn’t matter, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, they are all embracing an enemy of the United States. They’re embracing Kim Jong-un and his spokespeople, claiming that Donald Trump lied, Donald Trump mischaracterized. We were totally willing to make a deal here, but Donald Trump changed the terms, Donald Trump, blah, blah, blah, Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that.

And since whatever their view of Trump is comports with what the Norks are saying, then they automatically now agree with the North Koreans. And I’m here to tell you that the great unwashed of this country, the people, the Democrats and Bill Maher pretend don’t exist and they don’t count, you in flyover country, you in 98% of the square mileage of this country, you don’t count, you’re irrelevant, you don’t matter, you’re not cool, you’re not hip, you’re a bunch of hayseed hicks.

But I’ll guarantee you there is a large portion of our population that just cannot stomach the American media embracing an enemy of the United States. The Democrats caught hell all throughout the 1980s for just this kind of thing with the Sandanistas and the Nicaraguas and embracing the Soviet Union, as Ronald Reagan won two landslides and George H. W. Bush ran on and won what he promised would be the third term of Ronald Reagan.

And it was all predicated on the fact that the Democrat Party was sidling up to America’s enemies. Back then it was the Soviet Union. They could do no wrong. Whatever the Soviets wanted to do in Nicaragua, Democrats supported it, tried to come up with the money for the communists to make it happen. Stop Reagan from stopping it. Now the Democrat Party and its willing allies are colluding with Russia in an attempt to sabotage the campaign of Donald Trump. And now they are colluding with the North Koreans in an effort to sabotage the president of the United States.

They must have forgotten the people of this country elected Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s not there because he cheated anybody of anything. He’s not there because he stormed Hillary’s inauguration ceremony and took the oath himself. Donald Trump’s there because he was elected. They still can’t accept it. They can’t get their arms around it. They’re still pretending that it’s not real, it’s not legitimate. And of course they think everybody else agrees with ’em too. They’re gonna pay a huge price for this.

In the meantime, Trump says (paraphrasing), “You guys can think what you want about all this, but I’m telling you we’re not through talking with them. I walked out of that deal because it made no sense to continue sitting there.” I want to go back before playing this next sound bite. I tried to spend some time looking into what actually happened and why did the talks actually break down.

And I think I found out. Today a new round of tariffs were to be implemented against the ChiComs in our ongoing trade negotiations with the ChiComs. The Trump administration issued a suspension of the tariff increases. They were not eliminating the tariffs, but just the new round of new tariffs were to go into effect today, Trump suspended them during the talks with the Norks.

Well, the Norks and the ChiComs are inexorably attached. The North Koreans essentially get 90% of everything they’ve got from China. They are essentially a satellite state. And the North Koreans cannot make a deal about denuclearization without the approval and the sanctioning from the ChiComs and Xi Jinping.

And I think what happened was that when the president, in an act of good faith, suspended the implementation of this new round of tariffs today, that the North Koreans and the ChiComs took advantage of that, tried to get a little bit more and made a move to try to get all of the sanctions on North Korea removed in exchange for denuclearizing a single installation. Not all of them. And this is when Trump walked away. I’m not gonna totally lift sanctions against North Korea in exchange for the denuclearization of just one of your installations? He walked away. Fini.

So the North Koreans call a press conference, and they’re claiming that Trump is not telling the truth about all this, that they were willing to do far more and Trump didn’t want to accept it because he just didn’t, and so the media is embracing them. I think this is all wrapped up in these tariff increases that were supposed to happen today but were suspended for a while. And this show of good faith that Trump made was kind of rammed right back down his throat.

In a little microcosm, you really can’t make deals with these people, whether they’re Democrat communists, Democrat leftists, or ChiComs or North Koreans. You can’t do it without a show of force of some kind. But you can’t do it with good vibes, you can’t do it with hopes, and you can’t do it with just single-minded cooperation. That’s not the kind of people that we are dealing with.

So today Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News Channel, America’s Newsroom, she’s on with Sandra Smith today, and Sandra Smith asked her a question. “Okay. So we’re now 24 hours from the president walking away from the deal in Vietnam with the Norks. What does it tell us about a potential deal with China?”

You see, my friends, people who have studied this know that China is what this was really about. So kudos to Sandra Smith for zeroing in on it. She says, “What does it tell us about a potential deal with China?” Is a trade deal. “The president clearly showing he is willing to walk away if the deal is not right.”

BARTIROMO: Well, he basically tried to tell the world I’m willing to walk away if it’s not the best deal for the United States. And, look, I think in retrospect, you know, all over CNN yesterday was failure this, failure that. Actually, this was a real success, because the president proved that he is not going to give away the store. If there is not gonna be denuclearization, well, guess what? Then the sanctions will stay in place. And I think he’s trying to show that kind of oomph with China as well, basically saying to China, it’s not just about China buying more stuff. It’s not just about China buying more soybean and grain. It’s about China moving the needle on a commitment to stop stealing.

RUSH: That’s a reference to intellectual property, which is also a huge part of what the president considers criminal violations the ChiComs are committing against the United States. Intellectual property, of course, stealing software, stealing music. I mean, whoever writes something, whoever composes something, intellectual property as well as material property. But I think Maria Bartiromo here has it exactly right in the sense that Trump is walking away from the ChiComs here as much as he was walking away from the Norks.

‘Cause I gotta tell you, folks, there’s not a soul, nobody fully expected the North Koreans to denuclearize in this summit everything. But because that didn’t happen and then the Norks call a press conference claiming that Trump’s not being honest about the status of the negotiations, the media embraces the North Koreans.

I just don’t think they get — look. It’s gonna affect some people, don’t misunderstand. I just don’t think they have the slightest idea who the people of this country are anymore and how embracing and lauding a thuggish, murderous enemy of the United States is seen by most people. Now, you have some leftists, they love Che Guevara, they love Castro. Those are not people that represent the majority of thinking in the country.

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