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Mar 6, 2019


Breitbart: NYT Says Border at ‘Breaking Point’ 1 Month After ‘Fact Check’ Claimed No Emergency
New York Times: More Migrants Are Crossing the Border This Year. What’s Changed?
Breitbart: Establishment Media Admit Border Crisis
Wall Street Journal: U.S. Arrests Record Number of Families at Southern Border
Washington Times: Record Arrests of Illegal-Immigrant Families on Border Bolster Trump’s Emergency Claim
Conservative Review: New, Awful Data Shows that the Border Invasion is Worse than Ever
NPR: Migrant Families Arrive In Busloads As Border Crossings Hit 10-Year High
Breitbart: Illegal Immigration Under Trump Projected to Surpass Obama Era Levels
Breitbart: 200 Cases of Mumps Confirmed in Texas Migrant Detention Centers
Daily Caller: Immigrants, Invaders And The Power Of The President To Stop It All – Sidney Powell
RealClearPolitics: Brennan Predicts Mueller Report, More Indictments On Friday: “I Don’t Have Inside Knowledge”
The Hill: It’s Not About Collusion; It’s About Obstruction … and Impeachment – Andrew McCarthy
CNSNews: Speaker Pelosi: We Should Not Be ‘Suppressing the Vote of Our Newcomers to America’
The Oregonian: Thousands of Fake Government IDs Made in Covert Oregon Lab Were Sold Across U.S., Prosecutors Say
New York Times: Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More than 76,000 Unauthorized Migrants Cross in a Month
Washington Times: Thomas Sowell Warns U.S. May Not Resist Siren Song of Socialism: ‘I Wouldn’t Bet on It’
Wall Street Journal: More Migrant Families Arrested at Border in Five Months Than Any Previous Full Year
CNN: Cohen Gives Documents to House Panel on Trump Attorney Alleged Changes to 2017 Testimony
New York Post: Ocasio-Cortez Calls US War in Afghanistan ‘Disastrous + Wrong’


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