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Mar 12, 2019


FOXNews: Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among 50 snared in elite college cheating scam, authorities say
Breitbart: Tom Steyer: Pelosi Sounds Like She Needs GOP’s ‘Permission’ for Impeachment
National Review: What Pelosi Knows about Impeachment – Matthew Continetti
The Hill: Paul Ryan: Some Democrats Could Beat Trump in 2020
The Atlantic: How Not to Lose to Donald Trump. A Winning 2020 Candidate Needs Three Things: Authenticity, Credibility, and Viability – Rahm Emanuel
Washington Examiner: Glenn Greenwald After Speaker Rejects Impeachment: Does Putin Have Dirt on Pelosi?
Washington Free Beacon: Omar Trashes Obama: ‘Hope and Change’ Was a Mirage, He ‘Had Really Bad Policies’
Washington Examiner: Ilhan Omar Isn’t a Serious Thinker
CNN: Pelosi: Omar May Not Understand Weight of Her Words
Business Insider: Putin Applauds Russia’s Women as ‘Beautiful, Bright, and Charming’ in Bizarre, Gushing Speech for International Women’s Day
USAToday: Study Finds a Race Gap in Air Pollution — Whites Largely Cause It; Blacks and Hispanics Breathe It
Townhall: AOC Gets Schooled On Reagan After Numerous Ignorant Blanket Statements About The Gipper
CNBC: Porn Star Stormy Daniels Replaces Michael Avenatti with New Lawyer Days After Trump Lawsuit Tossed
CNN: Buttigieg Feels Momentum after CNN Town Hall, with $600K Raised in 24 Hours
AP: At Age 30, World Wide Web Is ‘Not The Web We Wanted’
CNBC: The Man Who Invented The Web Says It’s Now Dysfunctional With ‘Perverse’ Incentives
AFP: Web Inventor Urges Users to Seek ‘Complete Control’ of Data


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