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RUSH: Breaking news! Breaking news! Breaking news! Dadalut! Dadalut! Dadalut! Dadalut! White Leftists Run Giant Scam on Major Universities! White Leftists from Hollywood Running Major Scam on Leftist Universities to Get Incompetent, Worthless Kids into Elite Universities! White Leftist Liberals from Hollywood Exercising White Privilege! One of the biggest scandals to ever hit elite American universities!

No, Pelosi has not taken impeachment off the table! Do not fall for this. (interruption) What? She’s… I know she said she’s taken impeachment off the table. Don’t believe this! Don’t believe this! They’re going to impeach Trump. The objective has never changed: Get his approval numbers down to the thirties if they can, for one reason or another… Look, we’ll get to all that in just a minute, but this breaking news about these white, leftist liberals in Hollywood trying to game the admissions system at major American universities? Holy smokes, folks!

When you unpack, this contains so much. Here are the details: “Actresses Felicity Huffman…” What was she on? What big TV show? It was a Sunday night show. It was about women that cheated on their wives or husbands. (interruption) That’s right! Desperate Housewives. Her husband is William H. Macy. His name is not in these news stories. William H. Macy of Fargo fame. He plays insane lunatics. His name is not even mentioned in the story, but she and her husband are involved in this. Also, an actress named Lori Loughlin.

They’re among more than 50 white liberals “charged in a nationwide college admissions cheating scandal that involved paying up to $6 million to place their children into elite universities according to court records revealed Tuesday. The scam involved placing students in top universities like Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, USC,” which stands for the University of Spoiled Children (Isn’t that right, Kraig? It’s exactly what it is.) “…UCLA and the University of Texas.” It was run by a guy in California whose last name is Singer, who helped parents get their (I guess) hapless, unqualified white liberal kids into the schools through bribes.

But that’s only half of this. The scam is they’re donating money to this fraudster who’s running a charity. They got to deduct the money that they paid as bribe money to get their kids into these schools. They double dipped! Wealthy, filthy rich, white liberal Hollywood actresses scamming major American universities, scamming the American taxpayer, scamming the IRS. You just wait. The Russians are going to be said to have some kind of role in this before it’s all over. It says, “Most of the students did not know their admission to the school was due to a bribe…”

Oh, really? Well, wait ’til you hear some of the other details and then we can determine the veracity of that. The children’s parents — and we’re talking about, what, 18, 19 years old here, maybe older? “The children’s parents would allegedly pay a specified amount of money fully aware it would be used to gain college admission. The money would then go toward an SAT or ACT administrator or a college athletic coach who would fake a profile for the prospective” white, liberal children “regardless of their athletic ability, according to the charging documents.”

Felicity Huffman and her husband Bill Macy “allegedly helped their daughter with her college admission by making a ‘purported charitable contribution of $15,000…to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme,’ the documents said. ‘Huffman later made arrangements to pursue the scheme a second time, for her younger daughter, before deciding not to do so.’ The court documents also stated that [Lori Loughlin] agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team…”

The USC crew team! Do you know what crew is? It’s what they do in Boston when you see them at the beginning of the Banacek TV show. They’re rowing boats! That’s what crewing is! The USC crew team? Anyway, here’s how it would work. They would say that their kids wanted admission to USC because they had great prowess in crew and they wanted to be on the crew team. So they ran the scam, they got admitted, and then the kids would say on the first day — and this is why I don’t believe the kids didn’t know.

The kids would get in and say, “You know what? I changed my mind. I don’t want to do crew,” or they would fake an injury after the first couple of practices in whatever athletic endeavor that they were using to get in. It was a scam from the get-go — and the double dipping! All of these payments, these bribe payments were made as charitable donations. Now, ostensibly that was to hide their purpose, but it also permitted tax deductions of the payments. We also discover here that these white, rich, leftist Hollywood actresses didn’t trust the system.

They didn’t think their kids could legitimately be admitted to these universities without trying to game the system. Man, oh, man, if there has ever been an open, up-front illustration of leftist white privilege, I don’t know what else it is. And then, of course, the elite universities have to have somebody there participating in this! Somebody had to know. The ACT, ACT administrators, whichever, whoever were involved, had to be involved with this ’cause somebody’s getting the bribe money.

Look at the amount of money they paid to get apparently their otherwise ineligible, unqualified kids into the schools. It was $500,000 in the case of Lori Loughlin, and there are 50 others. There are 50 so far that have been identified in this scandal. It was revealed earlier today — within the last hour — by U.S. Attorney’s Office and an IRS agent, claiming they’re gonna continue to track this down and make sure the American taxpayer does not keep getting ripped off in situations like this.

So actress Felicity Huffman and you have a her husband, Bill Macy — and, by the way, neither these actresses’ husbands are named in this story, and this is the first story I have. Now, maybe there have been subsequent stories that have been published since the program began. I haven’t seen them yet. But in the initial story — and this is a Fox News story — the names of the husbands are not included. Why is that? Why are the husbands left out of this? (interruption)

Oh. You mean maybe the husbands didn’t know? Maybe the husbands didn’t…? (interruption) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You can’t say the husbands didn’t go along with this. Maybe the husbands didn’t sign the check. Maybe they’re not in charge of the checkbook. (coughs) Excuse me. By the way, I feel fine, folks. Still suffering from the ravaging virus that I had last week. It’s just a matter now of clearing out things, but I have occasional sniffles here and occasional indiscriminate cough, but otherwise, I’m fine and dandy.

So “50 people snared in a nationwide college admissions cheating scandal that involved paying up to $6 million to place their children into elite universities,” and I guarantee you if there had been any conservative actors or actresses involved in this, their names would have led this story. Again, the scam involved placing students at top universities Yale, Stanford, Georgetown — ’cause they give away like $3,000 worth of contraceptives every month. Remember that? Stanford, University of Southern California, UCLA and the University of Texas. It’s run by a guy in California.

His name is not mentioned in the story either, but his last name, I’ve been able to find out, is Singer. He helped parents get their kids into schools through bribes. It has to mean that the parents thought their kids had no other way of getting into these schools. That’s just on the surface of it. That’s kind of in… These people have enough influence without bribing people, I would think, particularly if you’re talking about UCLA or USC. But to have to say that your kids are experts in crew, rowing, and then you get the kid to say, “Ah, I really don’t like crew,” after they get into the university?

You can’t kick them out after that.

Anyway, let me… You can digest this, and there will be more details forthcoming.


RUSH: It turns out that Felicity Huffman’s husband William H. Macy’s not been named, at least in any of the court documents revealed so far. Now, Lori Loughlin… You know, I saw a picture of her in the story. She looks familiar, and I finally found… (interruption) Right. I know she’s from Full House. She’s got this big show on Hallmark called The Laundromat Murders or some such… (interruption) Wind Calls the Heart? Fine. Wind Calls the Heart, Hallmark Channel. I think there are murders that happen in laundromats and she’s a laundromat detective or some such thing. I don’t know.

Anyway, her husband has been indicted in this. You know who this guy is? He is the lead fashion designer for Target. Right on. His name is Mossimo Giannulli. He just signed a deal for $27.8 million with Target, a multiproduct licensing agreement with Target stores for $27.8 million. Their daughters are Isabella and Olivia. (interruption) How’s he gonna plan the Target boardroom? What’s Target famous for? I’m having a… What was the controversy involving Target? I’m… (interruption) Oh, yeah. Everybody and their database was released. Yeah, okay.

So, anyway, I just wanted to correct the record. Bill Macy was not named in any of the court paperwork. He is Felicity Huffman’s husband. “One of the unsealed court documents included indictments against former Yale University women’s soccer coach Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Meredith, who has been charged with two counts of wire fraud.” There’s mail fraud in this too. This features a tremendous number of years in prison if these people end up being found guilty of a full boat of charges, because once you start getting mail fraud and wire fraud… (interruption)

Garage Sale Mystery. That’s it! I don’t know why I thought The Laundromat Mystery. Ha-ha-ha. Don’t… (interruption) The Garage Sale Mystery, Lori Loughlin.

It’s classic, is it not, trying to game the system paying and defrauding and finding people willing to take the bribe money. But the big deal to me is funneling these bribe payments through a charity in order to be able to deduct it, which, you know, involves some degree of financial understanding. Target was also in the news not long ago for… I think they were the first to install unisex bathrooms, in addition to having the major data breach.


RUSH: Okay. I’m gonna switch it up because people want to weigh in on the rich white leftists gaming the university admissions system, and I want to take their calls. If I don’t now and I get into Pelosi and get into calls in the next hour, when we go to the phones, people are gonna be talking about the rich white liberal Hollywood scandal. So I don’t want that much separation between the topic — the subject — and the calls on it. So let’s start in Elkhart, Indiana. This is Rhonda, and I’m glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. The tragedy of this scandal is that when parents bribe and manipulate the challenges of life away from their kids, they are robbing them of so much opportunity to build character in the pursuit of their dreams. One of my sons is a political science major, and his dream has been to get into Hillsdale College. I watched him take two rejection letters, and every time he got back up and he swung again. And on the third try, Rush, he got that admissions packet that he was wanting.

As his mom, I am so thankful for the lessons that that opportunity has given him. And I know it’s gonna make such a difference for him throughout his life — and as he pursues a career in politics — to have that inner strength that says, “I won’t take failure. I will try again.” He made a goal of getting an internship at a local congressman’s office so that he could get the experience and get that letter of recommendation. And you know what? He got that too. And I just think that he has such a bright future.

RUSH: Well, it’s a good point, but let me be honest about something here, folks. It’s not new that parents try to help their kids along. I mean, there’s all kinds of examples of it throughout recorded human history. I know people whose whole lives have been built around making connections to get their kids jobs here, jobs there. Now, I’m not talking about bribing or defrauding the IRS or anything. I mean, this is an extreme example. But the idea that parents have attempted to assist their kids getting ahead?

There’s nothing new about that, and there’s nothing particularly untoward about it, unless it involves breaking the law and arranging for a kid to do something he’s not qualified to do. I agree with you totally about the life lesson here, that you should not ever rob anyone. This is my major argument against liberalism. It takes dignity away from every practitioner. Victimology and liberalism destroy dignity. They destroy the opportunity for human accomplishment, human achievement — the really great self-esteem that comes with actually having accomplished something on your own, earning something on your own.

That’s irreplaceable, and people who have that denied get short-changed — and, in worst cases, they end up expecting influence to grease the skids for them. I know the temptation was probably great for you to get involved and help your kid get what he wants. Again, it’s human nature and it’s one of the things that parents see sometimes as even a responsibility. So I don’t want to sit here and be perceived as somebody who doesn’t know this kind of thing goes on. It does. Not the Felicity Huffman, rich white liberal Hollywood actress business here.

Just the idea here that connections, networking, this kind of thing. I mean, it is practically how Washington, D.C., gets staffed, folks! It’s how the administrative state gets populated. I mean, the Ivy League is a training ground and proving ground and a population resource center for the Washington administrative state. (interruption) Uh… (sigh) I’ve just been asked, “Are you saying there is no level playing field?” Well, playing field, that’s… It’s a toughie. This is one of the realities of life. Some people are more qualified than others to do certain things.

Some have more aptitude for certain things than others. We are all different. The level playing field concept is one in which anybody seeking their passion, following their dreams, has equal access to the opportunities on the playing field. That’s what a level playing field is. A level playing field does not mean guaranteeing results. It’s not guaranteed outcome. It’s opportunity, period. This is a gross exaggeration of this criminal behavior and the complicity of the universities in this.

This is a gross, gross illegal manifestation of it. Do you not know anybody who has tried to get their kids a job? Let’s say that you… I don’t know. You know the congressman in your district, and your kid wants to go into politics, and you think an internship with your congressman might be a good deal. Would you call the congressman and put your…? Of course, you would! Of course, you would! Would you bribe your congressman? Well, of course not.

But a lot of people will attempt to leverage relationships they have with people for the benefit of, not just their kids, themselves, for crying out loud. It is the way of the world. Now, I happen to choose, in my life, a business where I didn’t have any of that because (sigh) I didn’t know anybody that could leverage me in broadcasting and in radio. But it’s a, nevertheless, true point that she’s making. It’s a very fine line, because you don’t want to rob your kids not only the opportunity succeed, but the opportunity to fail. There is so much to learn in failure.

Everybody does it.

Everybody knows how to do it.

It’s what you do after you fail that determines who you are and what kind of person you are. And there are parents who don’t want their kids to fail, particularly now ’cause (sobbing), “It’s so painful! It’s so hurtful! It’s so unfair!” So you try to grease the skids so your kid never fails and never learns proper life lessons. I’ve had people…. Hillsdale College is a partner of this radio program. I can’t tell you the number of people who (muttering), “Uh, could you… Could you, you know…?” I’m not gonna do it. If I do it once, I’ve gotta… I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna leverage a relationship I have with Hillsdale in any way, shape, manner, or form like that. It’s the cleanest way, and will not violate my sense of duty within the partnership to not leverage it this way.


RUSH: We’ll get back to those of you on the phones that want to talk about the university cheating scandal — the wealthy, white, leftist liberals in Hollywood trying to game admissions for their children to major American universities. Now, look, folks. Let’s not pretend to be naive here. We know that parents want to get their kids into the best schools they possibly can as part of being parents. Particularly when you talk about education, that’s what… Regardless of how corrupt our system has become, it still is a fact of life that American parents want their kids to get into the best school they can get ’em into.

Now, we’re not being naive here about this. We’re not acting like the white, rich leftists in Hollywood are doing something nobody else does. It’s the way they went about it. It was using their wealth and using their privilege. In fact, somebody just sent me a tweet here from Lori Loughlin that went back to February 25th of this year… No! Yeah, I guess it is. Tweet: “There are more important things than money. Like doing the right thing. Words to live by.” That is a Lori Loughlin tweet. Now, you know who it is that says there’s more to life than money?

Who is it that says that? People with money! And you know why they say it? It’s because they know it’s damn well true. They started out and maybe didn’t have much. They’ve gotten a lot of money. Back when they didn’t have money, they thought money would answer every problem, all their prayers, and it doesn’t. So they then realize that and come out with this flowery stuff, “There’s more to life than money. There are more important things in life.”

Yeah, they don’t say that before they earn it. They say it after they earned it, because it doesn’t answer all of the questions or solve all of the problems. (interruption) Well, it… (interruption) Yeah, it… (chuckling) Snerdley’s out there shouting at me. “Well, it does make life better, doesn’t it?” I don’t even want… I don’t want to go down this road. Yeah, it does, but it’s… (sigh) Let me just leave it at that. Yeah, it does. (interruption)

Okay, fine. There’s nothing else to be gained by going any further than this. The point is parents have been trying to do everything they can. Look at the times in Washington when vouchers have been provided to poor families, African-American families. They line up for weeks to get those, because they want the best for their kids. Everybody does, except those that… Well, sadly there are those that don’t care about that, but most people — in your average, normal circumstance — want the best for their kids.

And when you talk about education, it’s the top of the list that they want to do for ’em. And this is an instance of gaming and cheating the system here with the help of the universities involved. And what this does is tell everybody else that the admissions system can be or is gamed and isn’t legitimate. And so every system that’s set up that tells everybody, “You gotta get in by passing this test, getting this score, doing that…”

You’ve got gazillions of people following the rules, trying to get in the way they’re told they have to get in because they don’t have money to spread around — and they’re finding out now that the case and system is rigged against them. I’m sorry, since the left has politicized everything, I will point out that it’s leftists that what caught violating the law, gaming the system. Maybe not all of them are. Who knows? We don’t know all the names here.

But since we’re talking Hollywood, what are the odds?


RUSH: I checked the emails during the break, and I found a very interesting question here. Ready for this? “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: Why did these wealthy, liberal, Hollywood, powerful actors and actresses have to cheat to get their kids into places like USC and UCLA?” I had to think about that for a second, and it was one of the questions… Why cheat? Did they not have enough influence? “Hi. I’m Felicity Huffman and I can ruin you in one episode of the Real Housewives of Wherever. I want my kid to get into your school.”

Why go to all of this trouble? Okay. Let me run a theory by you. One reason that they may have had to cheat is that the left in this country has made so many rules to keep white kids out of college that there aren’t that many admission slots — at least not as many as there used to be — especially at the elite colleges. Affirmative action, any number of policies have limited the number of admissions for, primarily, white boys. White men are the ones that are attending college in lesser numbers than any other demographic, but it would also be true for white females.

So admissions are taken by minorities. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and in some cases… Not in the case of the Asians, but in some cases the people getting in have lower scores than others who are not getting in because of these policies guaranteed to ensure equity and fairness and equality. So because… You know, liberals corrupt everything they touch. They corrupt their own states, and then they leave their states and they come to states like ours here and start corrupting us! They bring their high-tax belief; they bring their Big Government belief.

They bring everything that they create and then flee. They bring it with ’em. Well, now, they have corrupted, in many ways, the American education system. More than just admissions policy, they’ve corrupted the curriculum and everything else. So now there’s just fewer opportunities for their kids to get in; so they gotta game the system. How does that theory strike you? There may be other reasons but that’s what I came up with.


RUSH: It’s Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Virginia, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Welcome back!

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I am a retired college professor. So when you opened your show today, you started speaking about something very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been predicting a college and university bubble for years. Using influence of legacies and money to get our kids or grandkids into a college are not new ideas. But this exposure of Hollywood doing so is just the tip of the iceberg. When we add the student loan scandal, which has allowed colleges to raise their tuition and families to incur years of student loan debt — further causing out-of-control tuition and admission policies — well, what is the result? The result is now we have a generation of poorly educated young adults who prefer socialism to capitalism, and they even have their own poster child in AOC. So I’m wondering how you feel about my comments. I’ve had these things on my mind for two decades.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something here, Virginia. You have hit bull’s-eye on the college loan scandal. I think it is exactly a scandal. I want to ask people to think about this and think about who’s been running the college loan system. And remember that President Obama basically commandeered it maybe late in his first term. He just essentially took it over on the theory that (leftist impression), “Individual lenders were discriminating against certain peoples such as peoples of color and other minorities.”

So to get rid of these inequities and this inherent unfairness brought about by the existence of America, Obama and the federal government took over the student loan program. They were heavily involved in it even before they took it over because they regulated it. It has long been a real sore spot to me, Virginia, because education of children has been a primary objective of parents since the beginning of time. The establishment of this country…

Even beyond Washington, the conventional wisdom of this country has been, “You’ve got to go to college.” They have been pushing this as a philosophy and almost as a requirement. They have been pushing this on American families for generations, and particularly since the Great Depression, “You’ve got to go to college to have a chance. You’ve got to get a degree to have a chance. You cannot expect to reach heights that you desire without going to college.” Going to college has almost been portrayed as a mandatory requirement of being alive — and everybody bought it.

Parents all over the country bought into this. Their kids had to go to college regardless. It didn’t matter what the obstacles were. They had to be overcome, because going to college became mandatory. The American conventional wisdom made it clear to parents that their kids were not gonna have anything along the lines of success or prosperity if they didn’t go to college. So everybody lined up to go to college. Well, with this kind of demand, what happens to tuition? It skyrockets!

Because not everybody who wants to get into Harvard can. Not everybody who wants to get into Yale can. Not everybody who wants to get into Brown can. So you go where you can afford. But the tuition kept skyrocketing, and the reason — partial reason — for that was because this is where liberalism had been inculcated and propagandized into the youth of America. So professors and graduate assistants and teaching assistants were paid ever increasingly salaries and benefits to keep them there, to keep them on campus.

They were granted tenure to keep them there. Lifetime health care, lifetime benefits, because that’s where the American youth were going to have their minds made right and propagandized/indoctrinated into liberalism — and the price kept going up and up and up, to the point nobody could afford to go without taking out extensive loans, which were happily given by the administrations and by Obama administration. And now we’ve got to the point where the very value of a college degree has practically been canceled out by the cost of one.

People are going into debt. Families, students, what have you are going into debt to such a degree that they’re gonna have to work years and years — maybe decades — to pay off those loans, thereby nullifying the value of the college degree that they have been given! What good is it if you have to work 20 years to pay for it? You can’t even begin to amass any wealth or prosperity because you have that college degree debt to pay off.

This is a system that has been set up purposely to operate this way, and in my mind, the value of a college degree has been deteriorating over time by virtue of its cost. And there is never a critical word for tuition. We can whine and moan about drugs and pharmaceutical companies. We can whine and moan about the price of a gallon of gasoline or the price of a bottle of milk or whatever. We can complain about the cost of electricity, even the cost of cell phones. But nobody’s allowed to complain about the cost of college tuition.

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