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RUSH: Paul Manafort’s fate is in the hands of a judge that hates his guts, Amy Berman Jackson, literally. Obviously if the reports we’re getting out of the courtroom are true, what she’s saying to this guy, she hates this guy’s guts! She doesn’t believe anything he’s saying is still truthful. She doesn’t believe that he’s being straight with her in his pleas for remorse and leniency.

She’s making the point that Russian collusion had nothing to do with this case, it had nothing to do with what my sentence is gonna be. There wasn’t any Russian collusion because Manafort had no relationship with anybody in Russia. Manafort’s work was all done in Ukraine. It is widely known. But she’s doing her best to distance herself from Judge T.S. Ellis last week.

Now, just a little bit about Judge Berman just so you know. This is the same judge who backed John Kerry for the White House in 2004. Amy Berman Jackson also has claimed that George W. Bush stole the White House in 2000. She is the same judge who ruled for the Obama Regime against the Little Sisters of Catholic Church and for Hillary against the families of those killed in Benghazi.

She’s appointed by Obama. I know judge Justice Roberts will not appreciate me saying this, but she is an Obama judge through and through and her statements about Bush stealing the election in 2000 came before she was appointed to the bench. So at least there is that.

The real intrigue here on the Manafort sentence is whether or not whatever he gets is gonna be consecutive or concurrent, meaning is he gonna get out in time to have a life left or is he gonna die in jail. The judge also rejected the idea that, if there had not been any investigation into Trump and collusion, Manafort wouldn’t be there. She rejected that out of hand, even though it’s incontrovertibly true. If there had been no investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, then there wouldn’t have been any charges against Manafort. It’s a foregone conclusion.

And now we know — we’re gonna get into this as the program unfolds — Lisa Page testimony before a House committee has been released, and it is obvious that the only thing ever that propelled this investigation was the Steele dossier. That is it! There was never anything else. There was never any real Russian collusion. They never had any evidence.

In fact, Lisa Page is quoted as saying that they were looking around, is there anybody in the Trump campaign that has ever had anything to do with Russia? And that’s when they settled on Papadopoulos after they set him up! The Steele dossier was it. There’s nothing to it.

Now, what really has Washington abuzz, of course the left wants Manafort guillotined. The media wants Manafort guillotined in public so that they can present pictures of collusion and Trump and so forth. It’s just a mess. But the Mueller report is thought to be inexorably tied to the Manafort sentence in this way, that once this sentence is handed – by the way, this judge is going on for almost an hour here before she announces the sentence. (interruption) Okay, so 3.5 additional years in prison. The judge has just issued the sentence, 3.5 additional years for a total of 7.5 years in prison. Well, that’s gonna disappoint the Drive-Bys.

They were hoping for nine to 10 years or whatever life span Manafort has left. I think the sentence they wanted was death plus 10 years. They wanted Manafort’s corpse remaining in jail for 10 years after he had perished and passed away. So, anyway, this just happened right in the middle of my opening, riveting sterling busy broadcast monologue. And still on TV no numbers have been announced. This is Paul Manafort’s sentence, and they’re all sitting there talking about it. So we’ll get the numbers and pass it in.

But here’s the real thing now, is since Paul Manafort has been sentenced in both cases, this wraps up everything Mueller had. So now the conventional wisdom is the Mueller report will drop this week. And the best guess is that it will drop on Thursday or Friday. Now, that is gonna be its own – (interruption) no, they’re not gonna wait for Roger Stone! They could. I’m just telling you the conventional wisdom. I have no idea what Mueller’s gonna do. I don’t even know if Mueller is even involved in this anymore.

You know, I’ve been hearing that Mueller has been a no-show special counsel for about a year and that Weissmann and his cronies have been running this show. That Mueller is the name, the rainmaker, the face of all this, but in terms of actually getting up and going to work every day… I mean, Mueller’s been found, you know, going to the Apple Store getting tips on how to run his MacBook Air. Did you see that picture sometime…?

(interruption) Yeah, Mueller was at the Apple Store at the Genius Bar trying to figure out how to delete something on his computer. (laughing) Well, I don’t know if it was delete something, but he was in there getting lessons on how to operate a Mac. What’s he doing operatin’ a Mac? Why isn’t his secretary operating the Mac or whatever? Anyway, maybe he’s a tech wizard like I am. But the news is that Mueller… By the way, I have this…

You know, I played in the charity golf tournament on Monday, the Ernie Els for Autism tournament, and there were lots of people there, including many names you would know. And one of the names told me, “Yeah, Mueller has been really not involved in this, from our standpoint, from a year. It’s Weissmann and the rest of these people. Plus, many of those prosecutors on Mueller’s team have already quit, gone back to private practice or are spending time trying to get their kids into elite universities.”

So it’s kind of a threadbare little staff remaining. Anyway, the conventional wisdom is that the Mueller report’s gonna drop Thursday or Friday. He was waiting on the final Manafort sentence for that to happen. But even then, you know, it goes to the attorney general, William Barr. Whether it’s made public, how it’s made public, what happens to it after that is anybody’s guess.

So the day that it drops, just be ready. That’s the only thing you’re gonna be seeing on news broadcasts, the only thing you’re gonna be seeing on cable TV, whether any of it’s made public that day or not. Okay. While we wait for details on this Manafort thing… I basically have given you the primary news about this, and that is this clears the way for the drop of the Mueller report.


RUSH: Let me remind you about one thing here on the Manafort sentence. There’s all kinds of guilty pleas here, and it doesn’t matter to what for Mueller’s purposes. But I want to you bear in mind: Manafort is not being sentenced for his various tax and bank problems. He’s being sentenced for lying to the authorities and failing to file as a foreign agent of Ukraine. Now, I also picked up some chatter that part of the deal that Manafort made, which… This just sounds unbelievable to me and I’m not sure I heard this right, that Manafort agreed to plead guilty to charges that haven’t even been filed yet or specified!

Now, that just doesn’t compute with me on the surface of it.


RUSH: Seven-and-a-half years total in the two cases Paul Manafort will spend behind bars as a hardened criminal of the United States criminal justice system. It means he’ll get out of jail in 2024, and the Drive-By Media is not happy about this. As I say, they wanted Manafort to be sentenced to jail to his death plus 10 years. Didn’t happen.

Now, I’m still trying to track down this idea that Manafort’s lawyers allowed him to plead guilty to charges that have not been filed or even specified yet. The only thing I can understand about that is maybe as a plea for leniency and show a spirit of cooperation, what have you.

Here’s the thing to remember about all this. Remember, none of this has anything to do with Russian collusion because there wasn’t any Russian collusion. And as we will learn as we get into the program later when we examine the Lisa Page testimony that has been revealed, testimony from over a year ago before a House committee behind closed doors, we find out from her that the FBI actually wanted to charge Hillary Clinton in her email case.

They wanted to charge her with gross negligence, and Lisa Page told members of Congress that it was the Obama Department of Justice that said no, there will be no charges. And she says that even Comey wanted to at some point. Even Comey wanted to charge Hillary Clinton, but that it was the Obama DOJ that came in there and nixed that, just shut that down el quicko. But it makes clear there has never been any evidence of Russian collusion. Without that dossier, they had nothing. And the dossier is made up. The dossier is total fiction manufactured by the Hillary campaign as opposition research.

So they’ve got nothing. Okay? But they do have things now. They’ve got a bunch of guilty pleas over nothing! They’ve got guilty pleas in process crimes. Now, even the judge today, Amy Berman Jackson says that doesn’t matter. That’s not a factor here, the fact that he would have even been brought before this court without this investigation into Russian collusion, that’s not a factor. He’s still a bad guy, is a reprobate, and he would have been caught anyway. Well, that’s her point of view today.

Here’s how this matters, folks. There is going to be a Mueller report, and it will be portrayed as the Mueller report on Trump-Russia collusion, even though there isn’t any. This is all about narrative creation. This is all about creating a narrative for the Drive-By Media to run with.

The purpose of the narrative will be to continue the defamation of Donald Trump, in the effort to drive Donald Trump’s approval numbers lower and lower and lower, the effort to get rid of Donald Trump however via impeachment or resignation or some other way will continue unabated.

I don’t care what Pelosi said about impeachment being off the table. I don’t buy it. They’re going to continue trying to get rid of Trump, including in the election of 2020, if that’s their last option. Part of this will be the Mueller report. The Mueller report on Trump-Russia collusion or whatever it’s called.

The way it will be presented is: Robert J. Mueller, special counsel the United States of America investigating blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, looking into possible collusion between the government of Russia and the Donald Trump campaign. Mr. Mueller achieved 11 guilty pleas, period.

So your average, ordinary American news consumer will be told that the Robert Mueller report looking into Trump-Russia collusion secured 11 convictions, 11 guilty pleas. It won’t be said that they were process crimes, that the pleas were about lying to FBI investigators or Mueller’s investigators or failure to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine. It will just stop right after guilty pleas. And so the media will then continue to hype this as a very successful Mueller investigation.

“Robert J. Mueller, American hero extraordinaire looking into possible Trump-Russia collusion secured 11 guilty pleas in the investigation that spanned over two-and-a-half years.” And the media will run with that. And then you’ll be at the bowling alley or you’ll be at the local bar and you’ll be running, “Yeah, Mully! Eleven guilty pleas! Trump did it!” That’s going to be the impression they want to create.

That’s why Mueller doesn’t care, doesn’t care what the guilty pleas are for, doesn’t care who! So go after Flynn, go after Stone, go after Jerome Corsi, go after all these nonfactors, nonplayers, go after all these people that had nothing to do with anything because nothing happened. Go after Manafort. Go after his buddy Gray. Go after the Russian troll farms over in the Soviet Union that had nothing to do with anything, announce the indictment of all these Russian troll farms, presume they would have been guilty if they would have ever shown up for trial even though they wouldn’t have.

But you get to create the story that ace prosecutor Robert Mueller secured 11 or however many it is guilty pleas in his investigation of Trump-Russia collusion. I know how this is gonna work out. I know how that’s gonna happen. And we’re gonna be stuck here trying to tell people what we’ve been trying to tell people for two years. No, no, no, no, those guilty pleas have nothing to do with collusion because there wasn’t any collusion. The guilty pleas are process crimes. Duh.

“What’s a process crime, Mr. Limbaugh?” A crime that occurs in the process of the investigation. It has nothing to do with the seminal charge. We’re gonna be stuck trying to tell people there wasn’t any collusion, and what we’re gonna be up against is a news narrative of Trump-Russia collusion, the final report featuring 11 guilty pleas, or whatever the number is.

That’s what Mueller wants. That’s what Weissmann, all these clowns on this special counsel team want, just the guilty pleas. Got ’em pleading guilty to not picking up their poop from the dog after they walk ’em in the park, whatever, just get a guilty plea from as many people as you can so that you can then create this narrative. We shall see. It won’t be too long.


RUSH: Let me have it. Let me have it. Manafort has been indicted by New York prosecutors right now. Mortgage fraud conspiracy. This means Trump cannot pardon him. That’s why.

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