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RUSH: Okay. Time to get started on the phones, and we’re gonna do that in Houston. This is Jane. I’m glad you waited, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, I love you and I love your program. But I want to get right to the point, and I am worried about Beto. I think he is making great inroads in Texas. And I think it shows by how close the race was between Cruz and Beto. And I’m an avid Cruz supporter, but I was shocked and dismayed by all the signs that I saw for Beto.

RUSH: It was Hollywood money. It was Hollywood money, Jane. Practically 80% of the money Beto got came from Hollywood leftists and others outside the state of Texas.

CALLER: But can I say one other thing?

RUSH: Sure. Say whatever you want.

CALLER: Okay. I’m nervous. I’m also Catholic. And I run into — in large Catholic circles, they are buying into climate change. And I am upset with Pope Francis. I do not agree with his encyclical. And when I push back, they look at me like I’m crazy. They think I’m nuts. And I tell ’em it’s a liberal agenda and that it’s not true, it’s not real. And I have people say it’s fact, that climate change is real, that we are under grave danger of the planet being destroyed and that for Lent we should give up plastic straws and plastic bags. And I’m infuriated.

RUSH: Now, Jane, I know those people exist. I want to tell you that in practically any poll that is taken by Gallup, NBC, Wall Street Journal, ABC, you name it, when people are asked to name the most important issues facing the country, climate change is down between 15 and 20. You may know a lot of people who think that it’s happening, but how many of these people that you’ve just described literally think this earth is not gonna be inhabitable in 12 years?

CALLER: Well, I was talking to a group of 10 people on Tuesday night. I know that’s a small number. But all of them, all nine of them say we need to do more to prevent it. Yes, they believe it. They believe that — I thought it was just Millennials — but these people are my age, and they are in their fifties and their sixties, and they’re buying into it. And one even said they’re conservative. But, you know, Catholics are kind of — I don’t mean to bash my religion. But I don’t like how wishy-washy we are. Abortion, we should be voting Republican and for Trump for that reason alone. But then when you bring in climate change, I feel like the pope is muddying the waters. And Catholics who are a big, huge voting bloc are turning their backs on abortion and voting for climate change and for these other things that are not real.

RUSH: It’s not just Catholics, although I understand totally your concern there because people have always thought that the Catholic Church was a bulwark that was one of the backstops that we could always count on to at some point be a line of resistance against all this degradation and decay. But this pope, this pope is an avowed Latin American socialist. He has politicized the papacy. It is what liberals do. They corrupt everything, every institution that they get hold of.

Now, on climate change, let me tell you something. You’ve got to keep on with these people, because the reason they think this — well, there are countless reasons why they think it — but they are bombarded with it every day in the media! They’re bombard. Their kids come home from college and blame them for it! I can’t tell you the number of people my age who have changed their opinions on things just to be close to their kids.

Kids come home from school “Dad, immigration isn’t a problem. The country is the problem. We’re not threatened by groups of a thousand or 1500 people here.” And parents want to be close to their kids. And it used to be that the parents would try to get their kids’ minds right. Kids haven’t lived long enough to have enough experience to actually have wisdom or even be on the path. What I’ve found is that a lot of Baby Boom parents are allowing their kids to determine what they think, or at least say they think, just to get along with their kids so they don’t have to argue with them all the time.

Who wants to argue with the kids? Kids come home from liberal universities and think all this gobbledygook. The fact of the matter is, climate change is happening all the time! There is no constant! The climate, the weather is changing constantly. The argument is whether or not man is causing it, particularly American people. And that’s the argument, Americans are causing this.

It’s a crock. We do not have the power to control one element of our climate! If the forecast today is for a hundred degrees, there’s nothing we can do about. We can’t change how hot it’s gonna get. We can’t change how cold it’s gonna got. “But Mr. Limbaugh, this is not climate.” Don’t give me that. You people exactly try to take day to day weather and extrapolate it to climate change.

Take one aspect of climate, whatever you think it is, we can’t affect it. There is nothing we can do. It’s so complex, we can’t even comprehend it. We are not responsible for hurricanes. We are not responsible for tornadoes. We’re not responsible for earthquakes. We are not responsible for any of this. And the idea that we are is silly. It is intellectually vapid to think that human beings, either individually or working together, can actually change the climate. By the way, there’s no evidence that man is. All they’ve got is computer forecasts. No empirical data.


RUSH: If I wanted to be a wiseacre, I would suggest to Boeing don’t even spend the time or the money fixing the 737 Max 8. Don’t waste time on it. Airplanes are gonna be banned in 10 years anyway, 12 years. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What’s in it for Boeing to fix this airplane? They’re not gonna be flying in 12 years. She’s gonna get rid of them. “Come on, Rush, you can’t –” no! That’s what she said! And we’ve got to do that to save the planet!

I don’t know how any reasonable thinking person can sign on to any of this. I know they do because liberals are not thinking and reasoning individuals. The agenda they have is hideous, and all of these are just tools to get them, leaders of liberalism, where they want to end up going. But it’s asinine when you actually stop and just think about it for five minutes what they are saying. In fact, Beto. Grab sound bite number 13. This is Beto O’Rourke and his campaign announcement. He was in Keokuk, Iowa. And an audience member, Q&A, said, “What are your thoughts on the Green New Deal?”

O’ROURKE: We face catastrophe and crisis on this planet. Even if we were to stop emitting carbon today, right now at this moment, this is our final chance. The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this, that we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis. Do you want to make it? So some will criticize the Green New Deal for being too bold or being unmanageable. I’ll tell you what. I haven’t seen anything better that addresses this singular crisis that we face, a crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction.

RUSH: All right. We’re listen to the equivalent here of a 5-year-old having just watched a horror movie, is what we’re listening to here. Except he’s not five. He’s whatever he is and he’s running for president. “We’re facing extinction in 12 years. This our last chance, our final chance. Scientists are absolutely unanimous.” No, they are not. Scientists are not unanimous on this. There is no consensus of scientists because there is no consensus in science.

You know, this whole climate change thing is an example of what has gone wrong in our culture. And I was addressing this in my comments yesterday about the deep state and the expanding bureaucracy that is not connected democratically to the people of this country. The people are actually running this country who are not elected, have never been elected, never face election, and it is the existence of this ever-expanding bureaucracy, deep state ruling class, whatever, that that’s what makes you feel disconnected from your government.

You think it’s your members of Congress, president, whoever, not responding to you. Maybe in some sense. But it is the existence of this isolated, expansive deep state which looks down on you, condescends toward you, and has no interest in what you think. You are a nonfactor. They are the ruling class. They know what’s right and wrong, they know what’s good and bad, and they’re gonna do it regardless. And they’re gonna laugh at you all the way.

And it’s that which Donald Trump threatens, and it’s that which forces them to oppose Trump. And one of the tricks, folks, that this ruling class has employed is to attach crime to every scandal and science to every controversial issue. Because attaching science to it makes it unarguable. Science is science. Science has scientists, and scientists say. And when scientists say, it’s the equivalent of the Supreme Court ruling.

Science has gone from being the same thing as philosophy. What is science? Science is the quest to understand things. Science is the quest to explain things. And there’s all kinds of science. There’s electronic science. There’s behavioral science. There’s political science. There’s talk show screeners science. There’s science for everything. And the pursuit of science has always been philosophical.

It’s always been a quest to understand the truth of something and how it works or what the end result is gonna be if this and this and this happen. Well, the deep state has taken control of science and has misapplied it and has redefined it for their own purposes to stifle any kind of disagreement or debate.

So science is no longer the pursuit of philosophy. Science was always, folks, imprecise. It was always open-ended. Look how long it took to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity. It was a theory, people thought he knew what he was talking about, and some of it can never be proven, because some of the things to prove it we’ll never be able to do, like speed of light.

But science has now become authoritative. And those that have the power to say that what they’re doing is science, combine that with authoritative rather than curious philosophical inquiry. Science has always been humble. The pursuit of science has always been pursued by people with humility knowing full well it is so complex that we may never understand it, but the quest to understand it, the pursuit is what’s the science.

Science is whatever the left believes. So climate change is science, and that’s designed to stop you from disagreeing with it. That’s designed to proclaim you as a Neanderthal if you disagree with them. They have co-opted and taken for themselves the term “science,” and they’re doing the same thing with history, and they’re doing the same thing with freedom. They’re redefining all of these things to become exclusionary rather than inclusive.

I think the way that they have appropriated this whole idea, that everything they’re doing has science attached to it, every political scandal is criminal in nature now, every political scandal is criminal in nature. The reason for this is to proclaim people with whom you disagree with politically as criminals to discredit them for the rest of their lives.

History doesn’t refer to things that were. History does not any longer mean the historical record. History is a process that replaces God. History is a process that replaces nature. History is whatever the liberal power structure says that it is and interprets it as it is, and it’s then attached to science in certain ways so as to stifle any kind of disagreement. Climate science. And I’ll tell you, this is how they get young Millennials who believe that it is science, it’s established science, it’s settled science. There’s no such thing!

There is no evidence of man-made climate change, man-made global warming! But, boy, it’s easy to convince people that there is. ‘Cause the weather changes every day. And certain days it’s dramatic, and there are always things happening in a person’s life span that are unique to them. They’re not unique to nature. They’re not unique in occurrence. We’ve always had tornadoes.

In fact, the 1930s may be the hottest decade on record in the United States. We haven’t even come close to duplicating how uncomfortably miserable the heat was, the Dust Bowl era the 1930s. But if you weren’t alive in the 1930s and who today was, nobody’s gonna remember that! You have to take it faith. So it’s much easier to believe that last July when it got up to 110 where you were, man, it’s never been, oh, my God, climate change. When in fact it’s been far worse many times over, way, way back in the past long before we were emitting carbon emissions like we are now.

But the real sin here is carbon. Carbon is the building block of life, and they’re turning around and trying to tell us scientifically that carbon is destroying the climate, that carbon is destroying the planet? Carbon is the building block of life. You can’t have life without it. The ultimate insult. Life itself is destroying planet. And that is essentially what they are saying, particularly when it comes to human life.

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