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Mar 19, 2019


FOXNews: Donna Brazile: Why I Am Excited To Join Fox News And Take Part In A Civil – And Sensible – Debate
LA Times: Murdoch Family Launches a New Fox; Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Joins Company’s Board
Politico: Poll: 71 Percent Think Economy is ‘Good’
UKDM: Trump Calls George Conway ‘a Total Loser’ and 2020 Campaign Chief Says He’s ‘Jealous’ of Wife Kellyanne’s Success After Outspoken Lawyer Claims President is Mentally Oll
Mediaiite: George Conway Fires Back at Trump By Sharing Symptoms For Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Gov. Ron DeSantis Scores with Florida Voters in New Poll
San Francisco Chronicle: SF meets Andrew Yang, a Presidential Candidate Who’s Attracting Support from Millennials
HotAir: Andrew Yang To Parents: Just Say No To Circumcision
YahooNews: Democratic debates are coming up, with dark Horses Poised to Share the spotlight
The Week: Andrew Yang is Ross Perot for Millennials
The Hill: CNN Poll: Trump’s Disapproval Rating Slides to Lowest of Presidency
Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi: ‘We’re Collecting Thoughts About’ Lowering The Voting Age
NBC: Trump: ‘I Was Never a Fan of John McCain and I Never Will Be’
Grabien: Andrew Yang: White People Will Be Shooting up Asian Churches within a Generation
AP: U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked – 06.29.1989
CBS: Elizabeth Warren Calls for an End to the Electoral College
CBS: Trump Supports Making Daylight Saving Time “Permanent”
Washington Free Beacon: Kamala Harris Accused of Letting Company Exploiting Latinos ‘Off the Hook’
CNN: Supreme Court Says Government can Detain Immigrants with Past Criminal Records Even Years After Their Release from Custody
Washington Examiner: Trump: ‘We Have To Do Something’ About Online Discrimination Against Republicans
Washington Times: Twitter Admits Error in ‘Shadow Ban’ of Conservative Commentator Over Lisa Page Transcript
Washington Times: Devin Nunes Files $250 Million Lawsuit Accusing Twitter of Conservative ‘Shadow Bans’


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“There was a company-wide meeting for some reason or another, some Google vice president made some comment about Google policy and families and the employee group in this meeting blew up. They practically melted down because the Google definition of family includes children!”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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