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RUSH: You know, one of the reasons why a lot of our youths believe in climate change is Algore and that disgraceful, despicable, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller movie of his called Inconvenient Truth.

And in that movie and an accompanying book there are a series of pictures of adult polar bears standing on three-yard-square pieces of ice. And in the movie and in the book Algore claimed these polar bears are near death, they’re about to die because their habitat is melting because of the United States and climate change. These poor polar bears. The polar bear population’s being wiped out, there’s no place for them to go.

And the pictures are dead frauds! Polar bears can swim 30 miles. Did you know this? They frolic on these ice floes. They have fun. You didn’t know that? They can swim – (interruption) well, it’s a long way they can swim. Okay, maybe not 30 miles, maybe 10. But the point is, a polar bear will not drown if it’s out in the ocean frolicking around on little pieces of ice. But they have these fraudulent photos that make it look like the polar bears are barely holding on, they’re barely surviving, and, my God, that ice is gonna melt, and they’re gonna drown, they’re gonna die, oh, my God! The kids believe this.

It got so bad that some car maker during a Super Bowl actually created a TV commercial with some clown driving his electric car home and a polar bear was waiting for him in his garage to give him a hug for driving an electric car. And of course the youths of America are saying, “Isn’t that cute? Look at the polar bear thanking us for saving their lives. This is so wonderful.” They believe this garbage.

Well, the fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, “A new book claims the number of polar bears may have quadrupled in the last 50 years despite melting Arctic sea ice. Scientists predicted massive polar bear population declines as sea ice retreated, but that hasn’t happened, the book says. ‘It’s a wonderful conservation success story,’ said zoologist and author Susan Crockford. Polar bear numbers may have quadrupled in the last 50 years, according to a new book … The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened.”

Of course! The polar bear population is not threatened.  It never was threatened.  The pictures were fraudulent.  We pointed it out at the time.  But as I will get to, there’s a story in the Stack about left-wing liberal psychology. It’s about why and how they believe what they believe.  Once they get something in their head — like meat is bad and only vegetables can save you — they believe it.  You can’t talk ’em out of it. (interrupting) Thank you, Mr. Snerdley.

National Geographic: “The longest polar bear swim recorded: 426 miles, nine days straight without a break,” and you thought I was just grabbing a number out of the sky when I said 30!  I happen to know what I know.  I’m very proud of what I know.  I’m very proud to share what I know — and I’m confident that what I know is right, and I know that polar bears can swim incredible distances without stopping, without having to eat.

Of course, they eat along the way. They grab some fish with their paws, chomp down on it, keep swimming.  The point is, they don’t live on ice that is melting and therefore they’re gonna die.  The second big tenet of climate change falling apart — and there are, by the way, bunches of ’em, but these are just two. The Green New Deal is all about all these changes that would make things so damned expensive that they’re impractical.

“The reality is current recycling programs are too costly to function efficiently and are being abandoned by cities across the United States,” according to The New York Times. Philadelphia. Memphis. Sunrise and Deltona, Florida. These are cities which are abandoning recycling programs because it’s not cost efficient, it doesn’t make any difference anyway, and they can’t continue it. So… But, again, this won’t matter.

The fact that all of these truths are happening will not shake the faith in the climate change issue, because it’s religious and it’s not the result of critical thought.  People who believe in climate change have not arrived at it because they’ve thought things out and have arrived at a certain conclusion.  They have been force-fed an emotional diatribe and they believe it.  Anything that makes them a victim, folks — anything that makes them helpless, anything that allows them to blame everybody else for destroying their happiness — is what they will easily be coerced into believing.

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