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RUSH: Speaking of Trump, every single day more and more evidence of the silent coup attempting to take out a sitting president. That story I shared yesterday with you from Paul Sperry, about TDIP, the program being run by the former staffer of Feinstein to keep the dossier alive as a supposedly true living document, dossier 2.0, that story hadn’t appeared anywhere! Have you seen it, Snerdley, other than at our website where we linked it? It was at Real Clear Investigations. It’s nowhere! It’s not being discussed even on the Fox News Channel because they’re too busy making sure Donna Brazile has access to their audience!

And Donna Brazile last night, do you know what she did? She claimed that Obama should get the credit for all the new manufacturing jobs that Trump has created. Laura Ingraham blew a gasket when she heard that, tweeted out the fact it was Obama who told everybody those jobs were gone forever! That they were never coming back! And now here she is on the Fox News Channel telling everybody that Obama is responsible for all these manufacturing jobs!

Anyway, let me take a brief time-out here, folks. I just look at this stuff. And George Papadopoulos tweeted something — I know this is true! — he said if the president declassifies just one element of my file as Congressman Mark Meadows has asked, it will reveal the operation Alexander Downer was on when he made contact with me, who sent him and why. Declassify, let America see it for themselves.

Let me review for you what the Papadopoulos story is. I say none of this to be insulting to Papadopoulos. Okay? But he was an early hire to be on the Trump foreign policy team when Trump didn’t have anybody. And everybody said, well, who are your advisers here and who are your advisers there? Trump didn’t have any. He is his adviser. So he puts some people on the staff, and Papadopoulos was 24 years old at the time and had never even met Trump.

Well, one of the spies that the FBI and the U.K. contracted with, Stefan Halper, got hold of Papadopoulos and invited him to come to the U.K. ’cause he’s on the Trump foreign policy team, and these people are trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign. So they invite Papadopoulos to come give a lecture on some such thing to some audience in the U.K., pay him his airfare and three grand, and he shows up and does it. He’s feeling his oats. Hey, man, look at me, I’m on the Trump foreign policy team, and this Halper guy wants me to come lecture a bunch of Brits. So of course he does it.

And in the course of the days, maybe week or so that he was there, Stefan Halper tells him that the Russians have 30,000 of Hillary’s emails. So Papadopoulos, “Wow! Man, oh, man. Look what I’m learning, all because I’m a Trump foreign policy adviser.” Then a few days after Halper tells Papadopoulos that the Russians have 30,000 of his emails, he has a meeting at an adult beverage bar with Alexander Downer, who happens to be the ambassador from Australia. And during the meeting, Papadopoulos says, “Hey, you know about Hillary’s emails, right? The Russians have them.”

Downer, who knows about that because he worked with Halper to set all of this up, then calls the FBI, “Hey, you got a guy in the Trump campaign that says the Russians have 30,000 Hillary emails.” They set the whole thing up! Now, what Papadopoulos is saying here is that the truth of this, who did this, pretty much as I described it, where it started can be revealed if they would just declassify one element of his file, not even the whole thing.

It would reveal the operation Alexander Downer was on when he made contact with Papadopoulos in the bar where Papadopoulos told Downer about the Russian emails. And he’s saying declassify it, let America see it for themselves. John Solomon has a story. You people, he says, are gonna be stunned if and when you learn how deep and how widespread this entire coup is.

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