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RUSH: One of the daughters of Lori Loughlin who was benefited by her parents’ action is livid at her parents because she’s had to leave school. Well, apparently she didn’t know that her parents — here’s the reason why.

This young woman, their daughter, on her own, through her own hard work and whatever, had become what are known as YouTube influencers, meaning she had enough of a loyal audience on YouTube that if she recommended a product — she was paid $30,000 to recommend a product. And $30,000 here and 30 there, they didn’t overdo it, but she was doing quite well on her own while being a student at the same time. And all of that I think has been blown up by this now.

I think her influence deals have been withdrawn because of course she was the beneficiary of the — what’s the word? Not cheating. I guess it was. Cheating, yeah. But she’s livid and people are speculating, will she sue her parents for lost income and so forth? I don’t know about that. But the story, she was really mad, really mad at her parents, which you could understand.

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