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RUSH: Well, guess what? The attorney general just cleared Trump of obstruction after Mueller punted on it. The attorney said, “I looked at it, I looked at the Mueller report, there’s no obstruction of justice.” It’s wrong to say that Mueller was a coward. This is not a cowardly thing.

This was Mueller providing a pathway or a highway for the media to continue down the road to impeachment by claiming, “Yeah, I couldn’t decide whether Trump has obstructed justice or not, even though there wasn’t any collusion, so I have left it up to the attorney general.” And so the attorney general has just announced that there wasn’t any obstruction.

Well, you know what’s gonna happen next, don’t you? The Drive-By Media is gonna say that this is Trump’s handpicked attorney general, and he should have recused himself from this, and they’re gonna demand he show up on Capitol Hill to be interrogated about this. You mark my words. And if I were Barr, I would tell ’em to pound sand.

I want to ask you all something as members of this audience. Imagine that for two years I got on my high horse and was telling you with fairly confident certainty that something you really wanted to believe was gonna happen. Suppose that I told you beginning two years ago that Donald Trump was going to see to it that the Department of Justice indicted Hillary Clinton and that she was going to be accused of colluding with the Russians and being a central figure in this entire hoax. And that the indictment of Hillary Clinton could possibly lead all the way up to the Obama Oval Office, including Brennan and Clapper.

For two years I tell you that I know this is gonna happen and that I’ve got sources telling me this. Now, because of the relationship that I have with you that’s been built up over these many years, you would believe me. That’s the great benefit I have of having you people in the audience. You believe me.

Imagine if I had lied to you for two years about something you really considered important and you really think needed to happen, and I was here every day and many times every day assuring you that I knew it was going to happen, that the evidence was there. That not only was Hillary gonna be indicted, she was gonna be convicted because we all know, and I’m talking to people who have seen it and I tell you all this.

And then imagine one day after two years of that the Trump Department of Justice announces that there will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. After two years everything I’ve told you gets blown to smithereens. How many of you are gone forever? I would say a lot of you. And folks, I don’t mean speculating. I’m telling you that for two years I am assuring you — and pick whatever it is want, something you really want to happen is going to happen, that I know it’s going to happen, and that I’ve got contacts with people in positions to know that it’s gonna happen. I know the people that are gonna make it happen. I can’t give you any names.

Imagine two years of that. And imagine me doing so with great confidence, imagine me citing other sources. Imagine I’m the only one saying it, though. No other talk show is saying it because I’m making it up. You can’t hear this anywhere else. I’m making it all up. Hannity’s out there wondering, what the hell’s going on? They’re all wondering, “What the hell’s Limbaugh doing?” Drudge is wondering.

And I got nothing. After two years, I’ve got nothing. What happens to me? I’m finished. I’m gone. You would want — and rightfully so — nothing more to do with me. I would have just used you, I would have just wasted your time, I would have toyed with your emotions. I would have gotten you believing things. You would have been quoting me all over Twitter. You would have been telling everybody, because Rush is right and Rush doesn’t mislead us.

And then the fateful day comes where it all blows up on me and I have to admit that there was never anything to it, although I don’t do that. I just, say, “Gee, I don’t know what happened here, but –” blah, blah, blah. And then I say, “Folks, even if this isn’t gonna happen, Hillary, she’s still gonna get hers.” You’re not gonna want to hear a thing about it.

Now, you know that’s true. I’d lose you. And rightfully so. Not only would I lose you, I’d lose my reputation. I would be finished forever. The Drive-By Media and everybody else would let you never forget what I have done. Now, what’s gonna happen to them? Because they have done exactly that. Except what they’ve had done is worse, folks. Because what they’ve done has had deleterious impacts on much of this country.

The harm that the American media has done — they could have shut this down. They chose to side with it instead. They chose to become part of it. The American mainstream media became a part of the Mueller team, they became a part of the American counterintelligence apparatus. They became quasi-members of the Obama administration. They became as big an enemy of Donald Trump as the Democrat Party is.

The damage that they have done in the process here is incalculable. What would have been the results in the midterm elections if the Republicans in Congress had fully supported Trump and his agenda in the first two years? How many things might they have accomplished? How far along would we be building the wall? For example.

How far along would we be in finally replacing, repealing Obamacare? How many more tax cuts? How much of our infrastructure rebuilding project might be underway? How much more cutting of government regulations from the administrative state would have happened? We will never know any of this because many Republicans for the first year of all this, believed it, or acted as though they did.

They acted as though they thought Trump was gone and were probably happy about it, and many people think that Paul Ryan wanted Trump gone and other Republicans too. But the point is Trump did not have the support of his party for a host of reasons, but included among them, they believed this crap. Many Republicans probably wanted it to be true because they wanted to be rid of Trump.

What would have been the difference in Trump’s negotiations with the ChiComs and with the North Koreans and the Europeans had this political scandal not have occurred? What would Trump’s personal and job performance approval numbers be from the American people had the media not spent 13 stories a day for two years accusing Trump of being a traitor by colluding with Russia and illegally stealing the presidency?

How little talk would there have ever been of impeachment, how little talk would there have been of indictments. Imagine if there had been no talk of a stolen election, none of this, imagine what the Trump the presidency could have been. We’ll never know because you can’t predict things in the past that didn’t happen and how they would have changed. But you can raise some very interesting questions.

So you see, in reality, Robert Mueller, he doesn’t deserve our applause. We don’t need to thank him. I was repulsed when I — well, not repulsed. I was alarmed. There’s some videos going around on Twitter with Trump’s head on some people at a gigantic dance party celebrating as though they’ve been freed from bondage. Wrong attitude. We don’t thank these members of the coup for failing. We don’t applaud them. We don’t claim America’s system of justice worked.

That’s not what happened here. What happened here, they failed in their objective to get rid of him. Not because they honored the American system of justice. Quite the opposite. They trashed it. They trashed our justice system, and they created a two-tier justice system, one for them and one for Donald Trump, maybe one for the rest of us. It doesn’t deserve any applause whatsoever. It doesn’t deserve any gratitude whatsoever.

They should be treated with scorn because what they did was reprehensible. Robert Mueller, everybody on his team, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, they gave the Democratic Party everything they could have hoped for in reality. Those people gave the Democrat Party a billy club to hit Donald Trump over the head with constantly, every day, for more than two years.

There isn’t a single other Republican in office or who wants to serve in office who could have withstood what Trump withstood the past two years and defeated it and beaten it back. Oh, yeah, they wanted Trump to stop tweeting. They wanted him to stop beating them up. They wanted him to stop countering what they thought they should be able to get away with impunity, and that is maligning him, impugning him, and destroying his presidency, his career, his life, and that of his family. Of course they wanted him to stop tweeting.

The Never Trumpers are right in there with ’em, folks. Republican conservative Never Trumpers did everything they could to bring down this presidency as well. Imagine if none of it had happened. And it shouldn’t have happened because none of it was real. There was never any collusion. There was never any attempt to steel the election. Not on Trump’s part. The Russians — and, by the way, Obama pointed out to everybody it can’t be done anyway. The American presidential election is 50 or more different elections.

The states run the election system. Government tabulates the totals, but there’s no way. There’s no way you could tamper, there’s no way you could rig a presidential election. You wouldn’t know where to go to rig. You couldn’t do it with certainty, and even Obama admitted this. But yet the last two years Donald Trump was a traitor and did just that.

It’s really a testament to something that Trump and his family are still standing and that they’re not embittered, that they’re not apparently seeking revenge. They’re still smiling, in fact, and they’re working hard. Robert Mueller had it within his power to stop this. Robert Mueller had it within his power the first day he got this assignment to tell the people assigning it to him there’s nothing here, fellas, I’m not doing this. You want me to find something that doesn’t exist, I’m not gonna do it.

But no, Mueller accepted the charge and began a plan in earnest to help the media perpetuate this lie and myth that Trump was a traitor. Mueller could have participated in letting the country heal. He could have helped to out the coup. As the most moral man in Washington, of the greatest integrity and character, Mueller could have done all of this.

Instead, what did he do? He covered it all up for two years. He doesn’t deserve your applause, and he doesn’t deserve your thanks. Because he failed. And the admission of failure was dumping all of this at 5 p.m. on a Friday in the middle of March Madness. Meaning, I got nothing. Now, maybe that’s the way Mueller did out it. Maybe that’s the way he did decide to deal with this honorably, but I doubt it because he needn’t have spent two years when in the first day this whole thing could have been exposed.

This whole thing still needs to be exposed. It still needs to see the light of day. The true perpetrators need to be identified and how they did it needs to be explained and they need to be held accountable. We all know how it happened. You know how it happened. It started with the construction of the Steele dossier. That one document is responsible for everything that’s happened. Well, the document itself isn’t, but the people who did it and perpetrated it and used it.

And the people that did this were portraying themselves as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts all along the way, saving America from a traitor, saving America from some distasteful, unspeakable ogre, that somehow managed to defeat the smartest and most qualified presidential candidate ever! Hillary Clinton.

So in my mind there’s no reason to read the Washington Post or New York Times ever again. There’s no reason to ever turn on CNN or MSNBC.


RUSH: Now, this is cute. This is cute. I just checked the email during the break. “Dear, Rush: Come on! Can’t we just have one little, tiny win? We’ve been trashed as much as Trump has been. Can’t you let us have just a few hours of celebration and dancing to acknowledge a rare win? I agree on the horribleness of Mueller, and I want justice for all those things, but we’ve been vindicated — and shockingly so. I never thought Trump colluded, but I did not trust that Mueller would not indict him anyway.”

Well, he can’t indict a sitting president. Look, I understand. (chuckles) Folks, if you want to applaud, give yourself five seconds and do so. But, see, I have… (sigh) Vindication? I’m having a real trouble with that, a real problem with vindication. Vindication indicates that we did something wrong or that we have something to explain or that we were properly judged or some such thing, and I’m sorry. I don’t want to do anything that validates what just happened here.

We don’t need a fourth branch of government filled by a lawyer sitting in daily judgment and analysis of the sitting president, knowing full well that he’s investigating — every day — the president’s doings, comings and goings, and all that and is going to issue his judgment on whether or not the president is okay. We don’t have a government that does that. And then when the guy gives us what we want?

“Oh, thank you, Lord Mueller!” It’s like applauding Supreme Court decisions. I know, but that’s bad, too, because it means we’ve established that the Supreme Court — nine people — get to determine what is and what isn’t in this country. Tthat’s not the reason Supreme Court was ever set up. (sigh) But I understand. I understand. I’m not trying to tell you don’t feel good about it. Just don’t be thanking these people that tried to run your president out of town for failing at it.

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