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Mar 28, 2019


Wall Street Journal: Move On From Robert Mueller, Mr. President.
Obsessing Over the Investigation’s Origins Isn’t the Way to Win Over Swing Voters – Karl Rove

New York Times: Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary
CBS: Republicans on House Intelligence Committee Call on Adam Schiff to Resign
Breitbart: Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate: ‘Time to Go on Offense’
NewsBusters: The Liberal Media’s Most Embarrassing Mueller Failures
HotAir: And Now, For Your Amusement … The Amazing Democratic Kreskins Of 2017-19
Federalist: 61 Hacks Who Peddled Russian Collusion And Should Never Be Trusted Again
PJ Media: 50+ Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities, and Grifters Who Peddled the Russia Collusion Hoax
New York Post: Will the Times Ever Revisit Its story About the Government Spying on Trump? – John Crudele
The Hill: Rand Paul Claims Brennan, Clapper, Comey ‘Sent Spies Into the Trump Campaign’
MSNBC: James Comey Thought His Firing was ‘Potentially Obstruction of Justice’
NBC: Comey: Mueller Findings Show Trump Lied About FBI, His Attempt to Destroy the Agency Failed
NewsBusters: Nets Gave Whopping 2,284 Minutes to Russia Probe
CNSNews: Mueller Probe: 22 Months, 19 Lawyers, 40 FBI, 2,800 Subpoenas, 500 Search Warrants, 500 Witnesses
UKDM: ‘They Could Have Worn White Face’: Jussie Smollett Lawyer Offers Bizarre Explanation as to Why the Empire Actor Told Police His Nigerian Assailants Were White – and Points to Old Video of One of Them Wearing Make-Up to Play the Joker as Potential Proof
FOXNews: Trump Vows to Release FISA Docs Now that Mueller Probe is Concluded, Slams ‘Treasonous’ FBI
Federalist: Millennials Are The Most Prosperous Generation That’s Ever Lived – David Harsanyi
TIME: ‘Change Is Closer Than We Think.’ Inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Unlikely Rise – Charlotte Alter
Daily Wire: Trump Unloads: Rubs Mueller Report In Media’s Faces, Calls For Resignation
Politico: Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border Over Migrant Surge


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