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RUSH: So, folks, to answer our last caller who said, “I think… I think James Comey’s… He’s — he’s engaged in a plan here to blow up all the corruption! Historians will see that it was Comey that enabled everybody to find out what kind of corruption’s going on.” No, no, no. With all due respect, James Comey looked Hillary Clinton’s crimes in the eye and saw nothing. James Comey usurped the responsibilities of the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, in order give Hillary Clinton a pass for whatever number of reasons.

What James Comey did with Hillary Clinton is no different than Kim Foxx, state’s attorney, Cook County, Illinois, and Jussie Smollett getting a pass. Same situation, same result. And all of the so-called normal people who are held accountable to the rule of law day in and day out, are angry and incensed by this. We have two high-ranking law enforcement officials giving prominent leftist activists a total pass. Look, the rule of law is the glue that keep our society together. Many people think there’s a lot of aspects of our culture that maintain its order and functioning.

But the rule of law — and look at what’s happened with failing to enforce immigration law. We don’t even talk about illegal immigration anymore. We’re so beyond looking at the law and the illegality there, that we’ve got sanctuary cities! We’ve got open lawlessness in cities and governorships aimed at the United States, via immigration law, because political considerations are considered more important than the rule of law. Well, once you’re able to ignore the law with impunity — with no punishment, with not being held accountable — then the next time is easier, and the next time after that is easier.

So if you get away with exonerating Hillary Clinton for whatever reason, she’s allowed to break the laws that you list in a press conference, and you make up… You’re Comey, and you make up something that’s irrelevant. “Well, we couldn’t find where she intended to do any of this.” The statutes that she had violated do not require intent. She had broken the law! She was given a pass. Somebody wanted Jussie Smollett to get a pass. We don’t know who it is, but it is somebody that was able to tell Kim Foxx what to do.

Somebody that had something on Kim Foxx or has a gigantic, big carrot stick hanging in front of her that she’s got a really well-paid future if she does this. For all we know, somebody may have put Jussie Smollett up to this with the promise that he was gonna get away with it. Some lunatic leftist with money, some activist somewhere might have set this whole thing up in the ongoing lunacy of trying to get rid of Donald Trump.

Everything the Smollett thing has is every cliche the left believes. Eric Holder is out there today. “When do you think America was great?” He’s only Obama’s attorney general, and he’s arguing with people over the concept of American greatness and American exceptionalism. As far as he’s concerned, there isn’t any. “Holder derided President Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ as a celebration of a mythology that ‘never really in fact existed…'” Guess where he said this.

He said it on MSNBC, Wednesday night, feeding the vampires that watch that network for some blood.

“‘When I hear these things about “Let’s make America great again,” I think to myself: “Exactly when did you think America was great?”‘ … Rejecting any conception of American exceptionalism, Holder said America has simply not been ‘great’ in the past. ‘It certainly wasn’t when people were enslaved,’ he said. ‘It certainly wasn’t when women didn’t have the right to vote. It certainly wasn’t when the LGBT community was denied the rights to'” use whatever bathroom they wanted to use.

Why are they so eager to deny American greatness? Because, folks, that’s honestly what they think. This belief is what justifies them ripping this country apart and rebuilding it. There is no possible way to fix what they claim are America’s original sins. There is no way to fix slavery. No matter what we do to fix it, stop it, correct it, account for it, accommodate it, no way. Can’t be fixed. America sucks! America’s unjust and needs to be ripped down and rebuilt.

Women and the vote? Same way. We can’t give women the vote. We can’t appoint ’em to office. We can’t make any amends for any of these great travesties. No fix is sufficient. No correction is worthy. Even though gay people now can get married — even though marriage involves a man and a woman and we’ve bastardized that law — no matter what we’ve done, it’s not enough. America was never great, can’t be great. America’s forever founded in sin.

This is what gives them and AOC and all these young new socialist Millennials and all the rest on the left… This is what, in their minds, justifies ripping this country to shreds and putting it back together as some socialist utopia, because its original sin cannot be fixed. “America isn’t great. It has never been great. It can’t be great,” and yet it is the simple, greatest place.

The fact that all of these problems have been fixed, they have been addressed, and the Constitution of this country remained a vehicle for these issues to be changed, to grow, to evolve? No credit is forthcoming, because they don’t want America to survive as founded. The Smollett crime has every liberal cliche that these lunatics run around and claim they believe every day. It’s got racism. It’s got anti-gay bigotry.

It’s got Trump voters are a bunch of brutes. It’s got fear. It’s got paranoia. Every cliche that these people believe about this country is encapsulated in the Smollett episode. So… (coughs) Excuse me. I’ve got a frog in my throat here. Just a second. So is it possible that some activist somewhere conceived of this entire Smollett episode, paid him or did something to convince him to do this and part of it was he’s gonna get away with it?

“We’ll take care you, Jussie, but you do this, ’cause we’re down to our wits’ end here. We gotta get Trump. We gotta get Trump. We gotta portray this country as going off the rails because of Trump. We gotta blame everything that goes wrong in this country on Trump and Trump’s voters. You can help us, Jussie.” Jussie arrives already hating Trump. We don’t know about this Foxx babe, the state’s attorney. She may be one of these people like Mosby in Baltimore that hates the cops.

Black Lives Matter and all that. I mean, these people the left have put their people that believe this garbage in really high positions of power. But I don’t think very much of any of these things that happen on the left are genuine or organic. I think they’re structured and planned. As to Comey — you know, back to the him — I think what’s happening, in truth… I think Comey and all of these people, Brennan and Clapper?

I think they are scrambling. I think they’re scrambling hard to spin everything in an effort to cover their own rear ends for what they have done here, and I think the main person they’re afraid of is Trump. I think they’re scared to death of Donald Trump, and I think that’s why they’re fighting so hard to destroy him — so hard to discredit him, so hard to do anything they can to diminish Trump — is because they’re scared to death.

It is no secret that Donald Trump is there to drain the swamp. It is no secret that Donald Trump is there to diminish the power of the administrative state and to expose them. They’ve not had to face anybody like this and an agenda like this. Most everybody else that wins elections wants to be accepted by the administrative state. They’ll do everything they can to keep the administrative state, the intel agencies, the media, whatever, happy.

They can’t control this guy. And so far, they haven’t been able to beat him. I just think they’re really, really scared. They investigate, they fight, they dig, they smear, they lie because they are terrified. Now we gotta deal every day with somebody like Holder coming along, “When did you think America was great?”

If you really believe that then what the hell was the Obama administration? ‘Cause the Obama administration at times tried to make everybody think that America had great values, this is who we are, or that’s not who we are. Obama clearly tried to make people think he was a super patriot. Apparently Holder’s not even concerned with that.

I don’t know about you, I don’t want anybody in positions of power in this country that think America’s this gigantic scab, essentially a scab on the face of the earth that needs to be picked. The animus these people have over things that have not even happened to them! They’re angry at things that happened hundreds of years ago that have been addressed beyond being addressed. They’ve not even happened to them, and yet they still run around enraged.

And the reason they do is because the real objective is to rip this country apart and sounding angry over the original sins of our founding is what justifies their efforts here. Not only in their minds, but in the minds of as many people they can get to tag along with ’em.

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