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Apr 1, 2019


CNBC: Democratic Presidential Longshot Pete Buttigieg Announces $7 Million Fundraising Haul in First Quarter
Daily Wire: Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down On Cow Farts, Makes Multiple False Claims During MSNBC Town Hall
New York Post: Ocasio-Cortez Falsely Says GOP Changed Constitution to Block FDR from Re-Election
Washington Post: Joe Biden’s Affectionate, Physical Style with Women Comes Under Scrutiny – Elise Viebeck, Colby Itkowitz, Michael Scherer and Matt Viser
Breitbart: Lucy Flores: Biden Interaction ‘a Clear Invasion of My Bodily Autonomy’
Daily Wire: Biden’s Rivals Pounce As ‘Handsy Joe’ Forced To Defend His ‘Expressions Of Affection’
PJ Media: Virginia Lt. Governor Sex Assault Accuser Still Wants Him to Resign
CBS: Justin Fairfax Accuser Vanessa Tyson Describes Alleged Sexual Assault: “I Couldn’t Feel My Neck”
FOXNews: Chris Rock Slams Jussie Smollett at NAACP Awards: ‘What the Hell Was He Thinking?’
RealClearPolitics: SNL Skewers Jussie Smollett: “You’re Not Going To Believe What Happened To Me This Time!”
Politico: William Barr Can’t Hide the Mueller Report – Renato Mariotti
Daily Signal: Biggest Media Miss of Trump’s Presidency
American Spectator: Voters Agree With Trump on Russia Probe
Wall Street Journal: Fewer People Have Doubts About Trump After Mueller’s Completion
Washington Examiner: William Barr ‘Pretty Upset’ with Clinton Emails Investigation, Lindsey Graham Says
Reuters: Trump Cuts Aid to Central American Countries as Migrant Crisis Deepens
USAToday: ‘We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: As Trump Threatens to Close Border, Migrants Overwhelm Texas Cities
Breitbart: Pew Research: U.S. Home to Nearly 20% of World’s Migrant Population
PowerLine: John Brennan: From Spittle to Flop Sweat
FOXNews: Mueller’s Investigation was Deeply Flawed – Victoria Toensing
UK Sun: Mick Jagger ‘Will Undergo Heart Valve Replacement Surgery this Week’ After Postponing The Rolling Stones’ US Tour, Claim US Reports
Daily Signal: 3 Times Previous Presidents Closed the Southern Border
Daily Caller: CBS News Paints Coyotes As Humanitarians: Border Smugglers Are ‘Helping Migrants Survive


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