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RUSH: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has only one job. Their mission is to help House Democrats get elected and stay elected.

But, my friends, there’s trouble brewing between the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and three new progressive House members. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Ro Khanna of California, and New York City’s very own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are ticked off.

You see, they don’t like a new DCCC rule that prohibits the organization from doing business with any political vendors who support challengers to incumbent Democrat House members.

These three progressives got elected challenging Democrat incumbents. And Ocasio-Cortez promises to help other whippersnappers get rid of older, less progressive incumbents. She tweeted that the new DCCC rule is extremely divisive, it’s harmful to the Party, and is a form of blacklisting. She said it especially undermines women and people of color.

She told small donors to “pause” their donations to the DCCC unless the organization changes its ways.

When it comes to the DCCC helping more Democrats to get elected and stay elected, well of course I hope they fail in that. It looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does, too. So this is another one that’s going to be really fun to watch.

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