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RUSH: All right. Now, this, folks, is gonna be a real test of where we are. This is gonna be a real test of the American judiciary and our criminal, legal justice system. We’re going to find out quite a bit here. I don’t know about you, but I’m not all that confident what ought to happen here is going to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Greetings. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number is 800-282-2882.

Folks, I have to be honest with you. I’m not in a foul mood today. I’ve just had so many damn distractions this morning. As I have tried to remain focused on meeting and surpassing audience expectations I’ve had distractions I wouldn’t even dare tell you what they involve, because you would say, “Get your mind right, Rush. Put all that stuff out of your head and focus!”

Well, hey, folks, I’ve been doing that for 30 years. Occasionally I have a bad day. It’s gotten to the point, like I’ve got a story here that I just received, and it ticks me off so much, I don’t even want to talk about it! But it deserves to be talked about. It requires being discussed. But it just ticks me off. It literally makes me mad that I gotta talk about it. So that’s coming up in a few minutes.

I’m tired of the Biden stuff ’cause I know the guy is not gonna be the nominee, even though I hope he is! But I’m getting tired of Cortez and dealing with the absolute lunacy of this woman and the attempt to make her something serious. Now, normally I’m able to laugh at this stuff. But today I’m not laughing because of these stupid distractions I’ve had to deal with today.

And, no, I’m not gonna tell you what they are because you would just think that it’s my fault and I should just brush it aside. As I say, most days I’m able to do that. For 30 years I’ve been able to do that. Today for some reason I haven’t been able to get rid of being ticked off about it.

Nobody does anything right anymore. Nobody does anything even pursuing quality or excellence, and then people tell you they have done what you asked them to do and you find out they haven’t done it and it just — I gotta dial it back even now. I gotta dial it back even now. No, it’s none of you on the highly, highly overrated staff. They’re all panicked in there, “What did Rush ask me to do?” No, no. It’s a distraction. It has nothing to do with any of this.

This is one of these days I should have stayed in bed ’til 10 o’clock, not had any distractions, come in here a hundred percent focused on the show and then deal with all this stuff later. Plus, I gotta pack. I hate packing. I despise it. “Well, why don’t you have somebody else pack?” Because I have to try everything on. I’m losing weight or gaining weight. I just can’t say, “Pack that.” It may not fit that week. So I have to do it all myself. You pay people to do all this stuff and they can’t do it!

Anyway. The Mueller report. This is where we’re gonna find out what our criminal justice system is or has become. The House Judiciary Committee led by the august, the eminent, and the formally substantial Jerrold Nadler has finally subpoenaed the full, unredacted Mueller report as well as every piece of toilet paper that Mueller used to put it together.

He wants everything. He wants the paper clips. He wants the scratch notes. He wants the computer notes. He wants the toilet paper. He wants what was in the shredder. He wants virtually everything that they collected during this investigation because to them nothing’s over. Why, this is just the beginning! That’s the new mantra.

If we wanted to, we could put together a montage. But that’s another thing. Everybody’s stolen the montage idea so now I’m tired of doing montages ’cause everybody else does ’em. But we could have had one today of everybody on the left and the media talking about, “This is just the beginning,” meaning the Mueller report has been presented. There’s no evidence of collusion, ’cause there never was and there isn’t any obstruction. Mueller finally said so. So did Barr. But no. Ho-ho no. That doesn’t end anything. No, no, no, no, no. This is just the beginning. And the beginning is the subpoenaing of everything to do with the Mueller report.

Now, remember, folks, this first started with Nadler pretending to be angry about having to wait 10 more days for the attorney general to redact the report. The attorney general always said he was gonna send a redacted version up to Congress. That’s always been the case. Nadler didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to wait for Barr to redact. And you know why? Because he’s convinced, and the Democrats are convinced, that there is evidence of collusion, that there is evidence that Trump is a Russian spy, that there is evidence that Trump stole the election. They think there’s evidence in there, and they think that’s what some of the stuff Barr will be redacting. So they don’t want to wait.

They’re insane, folks. We’re dealing with genuine insanity. And I’m not using it as a term or a figure of speech. We’re dealing here with people who literally have been poisoned with their own hatred juices. Every bit of body juice that they secrete, I don’t care for what purpose, is been poisoned. Their precious bodily fluids — there’s a recycling effort there, and it’s just gonna end up poisoning all of us and the very bloodstream that keeps this country going.

Anyway, so they’re upset, don’t want to wait for Barr to redact. Nadler wanted it yesterday. This is after waiting 625 days for Mueller to complete his so-called investigation, which wasn’t an investigation. It was a coup. The Mueller investigation could have been completed in a couple of days. Certainly a couple of weeks.

Mueller has known for a year and a half there was no collusion. So they waited over two years. Now they cannot wait two weeks for the redacted version of the report. It quickly evolved to a demand for the full report with no redactions. And now the demand is for not only the unredacted report, but all of the underlying material which also cannot be redacted — probably amounts to millions of pages of documents — and they want everything there is.

Now, bear in mind, this was a counterintelligence investigation, folks. You remember we’ve had made this point. It was not a criminal investigation. Meaning that there was not a singular crime as required by DOJ regulations. This is something else that makes this whole shebang a meaningless, worthless political hit job.

Normally when you name a special counsel, you have to charge him with pursuing a crime. That’s why he’s impaneled. That did not happen here. There was no crime. The letter charging Mueller with responsibility for what he was to do from Rosenstein didn’t specify anything. It was a counterintelligence investigation, and those are much different than criminal investigations.

A criminal investigation is looking for evidence that can be used to convict or exonerate. A counterintelligence investigation is not searching for evidence. It’s searching for tips. It’s searching for bits of information that then analysts look at, intelligence analysts, and determine its value. And then those people assign that value to whatever they’ve learned, but it isn’t about pursuing crime. You know, trying to detect how the Russians are spying on us is not trying to detect Russian crime. It’s trying to detect Russian intelligence operations or Chinese or what have you.

And that’s what this was. This was a counterintelligence investigation. Therefore, the documents that are accompanying this report are bound to include intelligence agency methods and sources that are probably national security secrets. They do not have evidence of crime because Mueller didn’t find any! But what do the Democrats in the House Intelligence Committee care about revealing our national security secrets to the world. They don’t care about that if it means getting Trump.

Nadler says that his committee and the Gang of Eight should get national security secrets here because they get them all the time, which is why national security secrets are leaked all the time, especially when you realize that Adam Schiff is one of the Gang of Eight.

There’s also grand jury material — I’m sure you’ve heard about this — grand jury material is by law secret. It cannot be divulged. It must be redacted in whatever is presented. But the subpoena is for everything unredacted, including grand jury material.

This subpoena — and this is the crossroads — this subpoena is demanding that the nation’s number one law enforcement officer, the attorney general, violate the law. In a nutshell, that’s what the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee are demanding, that the attorney general, William Barr, violate the law.

Mueller was working with a grand jury. There are, therefore, grand jury interviews. There are grand jury tertiary witnesses, secondary witnesses, a bunch of people that contributed nothing, salacious questions and answers that had nothing to do with the eventual outcome.

Nadler and the Democrats want all of that made public because they just know, they just know there’s evidence of Trump having affairs. They just know there’s evidence in there that Trump is a Russian agent. They just know that there’s evidence in there that Vladimir Putin is running Trump. They just know it. Witness interviews, all kinds of unsubstantiated claims can be made. People can lie through their teeth if they want to as long as they don’t get — oh. Did you see — I wish we’d a had this yesterday. We don’t need to it. Cookie, don’t go get it. Once I mention this I’m not gonna go back to it.

Yesterday Comey’s interview at CNN, Christiane Amanpour actually asked him if the FBI could have stepped in and arrested people at Trump rallies shouting “lock her up.” That participants, that the audience at Trump rallies shouting “lock her up” were committing a crime and it’s a hate crime and couldn’t the FBI have moved in there and arrested ’em all and made ’em stop doing it.

Christiane Amanpour! I know she grew up in Iran where they do that to citizens, but she left Iran at age 11. This is how dumb, stupid, and ignorant Drive-By Media journalists have become. (interruption) No, she didn’t ask about Kathy Griffin being arrested for having the fake decapitation. No, no, no, no. This is simply about asking if people at a Trump rally shouting “lock her up” could be arrested. If the FBI could go in there during a rally and make ’em stop it.

And Comey, amazingly, said (paraphrasing), “I’m sorry, Christiane, but that’s not a function of government, to control speech.” And she said, “Really, well, the government could control hate speech, I thought.” No, the government generally doesn’t try to control speech, Christiane. It’s called the First Amendment. You might, ahem, want to read it. I mean, when you’re dealing with this kind of stupidity, how the hell can you ever win?

So, anyway, the Democrats and Nadler want every bit of salacious dirt and they want the attorney general, they are demanding with this subpoena that he violate the law. Now, there are people who believe — here’s where we’re at the crossroads or the real test point here. There are people saying that this subpoena demanding that Barr break the law and turn over everything is just a stunt, that Nadler knows full well that Barr’s not gonna turn this stuff over, as he’s demanding it.

And there are people saying no judge, not even an Obama appointed judge is going to embarrass themselves by allowing Congress to break the law and order the release of unredacted national security secrets and grand jury material. I am not sure. I am not confident that they can’t find a judge who will rule that Barr must release everything.

These people are so far gone, they have become so consumed with near rabid hatred, and not just the Democrats in Congress, but Democrat leftist judges, Democrat leftist voters, Democrat leftist journalists, Democrat leftist professors and teachers, that this is a crossroads, because this is obviously going to go to court.

The White House is going to say, and the attorney general is gonna say, “I can’t give you everything you are demanding here. It’s a violation of the law. We do not divulge national security secrets. We do not and cannot divulge grand jury material.” Somebody’s gonna take this refusal to court under the premise that they will be able to find a judge who will force Barr to break the law because of the special circumstances dictated by Trump’s presidency.

The nation is so threatened, the nation is so imperiled, the nation is hanging by a thread, that getting rid of Trump trumps everything else, including the Constitution, including the law. So where some people say this is just a Nadler stunt, no judge will embarrass him- or herself by demanding the attorney general respond to it, I’m not so sure. We’ll just have to wait and see. Nadler and the Democrats, it is said, know this.

By the way, Nadler has said that the subpoena will not be submitted until he personally approves it. You mean he’s chairman of the committee, and he hasn’t approved it yet? What the hell was the vote for? And then Nadler said, “Well, I’m going to withhold sending this subpoena to the attorney general. I’m gonna give him one more chance to comply.”

We don’t know how long Nadler is going to wait for Barr to comply. A lot of veterans of the D.C. swamp: “Rush, don’t sweat it. Just a stunt. Nadler knows this subpoena is worthless. You listen to Professor Dershowitz. Everybody’s saying that there’s no way, there’s no way.”

How many things have happened since Trump was nominated and then elected that people said, “No way would the Democrats ever try this. No way would a judge ever.” And it’s all happened. This is gonna be a real fascinating thing to watch, as far as I’m concerned.


RUSH: Okay. Just to reiterate here because I went a little long, it’s a brief segment here.

Everything Nadler is asking for is prohibited by law. Anything other than a redacted version as submitted by Barr — it’s a party-line vote in the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats only voted to subpoena everything. Redacted material, the supporting accompanying documents, it doesn’t matter how irrelevant they are, grand jury material, well over a million pages of stuff they’re wanting basically because they don’t trust Barr and they don’t trust Mueller now.

And they are convinced that there’s something in there that they can use to further their effort to get rid of Trump. What they’re asking for is a violation of law. Barr will object to sending them all of this stuff. If it goes to court, people are assuring me, “Rush, don’t sweat it. There isn’t a judge in the world that is going to authorize the violation of law. There isn’t a judge in the world, even an Obama judge, that’s gonna make Barr break the law,” the attorney general.

Well, that’s when we had backstops, and that’s when we had guaranteed institutions of reliability. But you think they can’t find a judge somewhere that would demand Mueller and Barr break the law by giving Nadler everything he wants? I’m not so sure, see.


RUSH: Here is Bret Baier earlier today on American Newsroom, Bill Hemmer’s show on the Fox News Channel. And Hemmer’s question: “Hey, Nadler’s making the case that they’re not gonna give this report to the public. If what Nadler is subpoenaing, if he gets it, if he gets everything, unredacted, if he gets everything, Nadler is assuring everybody that it won’t be made public.”

Nadler is out there saying some things that are not true. Nadler is saying that his committee has oversight responsibility of the presidency and as such they need to see everything Trump’s doing every day practically to make sure that — that’s not his job. That is such overreach.

Nadler doesn’t have near the oversight that he thinks he has. He can’t sit in daily judgment of any president’s daily performance, like Mueller shouldn’t have been able to do. But Bret Baier makes the point here that if this thing ends up up there, if an unredacted, full-fledged report ends up at the House Judiciary Committee, then it is gonna end up being made public no matter how much Nadler says that it won’t be.

BAIER: Exactly. Listen, if an unredacted version goes up, an unredacted version is going to get out. Washington is a leaky place. The only place that doesn’t leak is the U.S. Supreme Court. And, frankly, Bob Mueller’s team did a pretty good job of not leaking. The other point to make is that Mueller was working with Barr. The second letter points out that special counsel was working alongside Barr to make the redactions.

RUSH: Yeah, we made that point yesterday that Barr and — hell. These people all know each other. They’re all denizens of the swamp to one degree or another, and they were working together to redact the report, illustrating a spirit of cooperation.

Here comes Jerry Nadler trundling into that relationship, demanding you guys step aside, let me see your work, I need to see it all, I demand to see it all, here’s a subpoena. I’m telling you, folks, just gonna mention this one more time. All this conventional wisdom that no judge in the world would ever authorize the full release unredacted of this, no judge would ever — maybe five years ago and further ago, but today? Ha.

We obviously have a bunch of judges in the judiciary who are as dumb as Cortez and as uninformed and ill-informed as half the other Democrat elected officials we have in this country today. So whereas you used to be able to say that the law stood for something, how about the law at the border? What good is that?


RUSH: So I just had a chance to catch a little bit of this guy, Eric Swalwell. He is a member of Congress from California, Democrat. He’s on television, Eric Swalwell. And he’s being asked why should the attorney general break the law? Why should the attorney general break the law, send the committee everything in the report, including grand jury material unredacted? And his answer?

(paraphrasing) “Well, the American people paid for this report.” And he said, “Look, I was in high school when the Starr Report came out, I don’t want to talk about that, I don’t know anything about that, but the American people paid for this report and just because the report comes from the committee doesn’t mean that it’s all gonna be made public.” ha-ha-ha

Are you telling me the Democrats on the committee get this whole thing unredacted and it isn’t gonna leak? You know this Swalwell guy, I’ll tell you, I looked at this guy ’cause he’s smarmy. And I saw him in an interview on Fox a couple weeks ago slickly trying to turn the tables on the woman interviewing him and so forth, and I said, who is this guy? I’ve seen him on MSNBC. Who is this guy?

So I went and looked at him. He hasn’t done anything. We’re looking at the next Joe Biden. I’m not talking about, you know, the grope business. But somebody that’s in Washington for 75 years and has never, ever done anything else, just is a denizen of the swamp. And in all those years becomes a so-called expert in everything the left believes.


RUSH: President Trump yesterday dismissed the Democrat Party efforts to compel the full Mueller report release as somewhat of a waste of time. He said it’s politics at a very low level. He said that after $30 million Nadler and Pencil Neck want to start the process all over again, all of which is true, by the way.

Now, pardon me the redundancy, but I want to go back and repeat something I said at the top of the hour under the theory that repetition is required for an impression to be made. Very briefly, Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee voted party-line vote 24 to 17 to subpoena the Mueller report, all of it.

No redactions. All of the grand jury material and all of the support documents, the million pages of interviews that are irrelevant in the end of the thing, they want everything. It’s against the law. Grand jury material cannot be made public, and these things are redacted to protect the names and allegations of people who were not charged.

It’s a central tenet of American justice, that prosecutors do not detail alleged criminal activity of people they’re not gonna charge because it’s sullying their reputation unnecessarily. If you’re not gonna charge ’em, leave ’em alone. Well, Nadler and the Democrats want it all. And in asking for it all, they are asking the attorney general to violate the law.

And it’s not insignificant law. These are laws protecting the secrecy of grand jury testimony and all the comments made by prosecutors there, as well as the material I just described that ends up being redacted because it involves people that had nothing to do with it in the end and there’s no reason for them to be tarred and feathered. And nevertheless the subpoena is for all of it.

Now, Nadler has said that he’s not gonna issue the subpoena immediately. He’s gonna give Barr a few more days to do the right thing here and submit everything Nadler wants without a subpoena. But Barr can’t without breaking the law. Now, I know with immigration law being violated each and every day that the whole concept of breaking the law doesn’t carry much weight anymore.

So many laws are routinely violated and rarely prosecuted that it doesn’t have the stigma. Being a lawbreaker, somebody violating the law just doesn’t have the stigma that it used to have. But the attorney general is the number one law enforcement officer in the country and he’s being routinely demanded to violate the law. He won’t. He will not give Nadler what he wants, which will set up a court fight.

And people are telling me, noted legal scholars, noted legal authorities are telling me that there’s no way, Rush, there is no way any judge, not even an appointed-by-Obama judge is gonna make a fool of him- or herself by demanding the attorney general violate the law and honor that subpoena ’cause the subpoena isn’t legal.

Well, we’re gonna find out, aren’t we? We’re gonna find out just how sacrosanct our legal and justice system is. Because I think it’s entirely possible that Nadler and the Democrats can find a judge somewhere that will demand the attorney general satisfy that subpoena even though it is a violation of law. We’re gonna find out. The Democrats have been able to find a judge ever since Trump’s first travel ban to stay it or to oppose it or to issue a ruling that it’s unconstitutional. The Democrats have been able to find a judge every time they’ve wanted to, to rule against Trump.

So don’t be surprised if they find a judge that, because of the nature of the existential circumstances, the special circumstances, the people have a right to know. What is the attorney general hiding? Are you telling me that they haven’t corrupted the judiciary sufficiently enough that there isn’t a single judge on a bench somewhere that won’t tell the attorney general to cough it all up? I think the odds are greater for that happening than not happening.

But we’ll find out. We’ll find out if it’s gets that far. As I say, Nadler is gonna give Barr a couple days here to get his mind right. Gonna give Barr a few days ’cause Nadler knows what he’s asking for is for people to break the law.

So he’s saying, we’re not asking this to be submitted to the public, Nadler is saying. We’re just asking for be submitted to us, the experts in oversight of the executive branch. We’re entitled to that. We’re entitled to everything and anything we want, Nadler is saying, to fulfill our constitutional duty of oversight of the executive branch.

Well, his oversight powers do not extend anywhere near that far. But if he thinks that his committee will not leak, if they get this whole report unredacted, everything, and grand jury material, that it won’t leak, ha! It worries me. I’m sitting here chuckling about it, but it worries me. ‘Cause I think the rule of law is way out of balance, and in some cases it’s hanging by a thread because of the politicization of justice and the law by the Democrats, by liberalism, which, by definition, corrupts everything it touches.

Here is Will in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Hey, Will. Glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Third-time caller, Rush. Welcome-to-the-world dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I have actually two comments. Snerdley said that the first one was the only one that could get on the screen. The first one is a comment about the special prosecutor and some of the consequences. The second one is a personal thank-you. And I hope to be able to get to that one. The premise of the Mueller investigation was to determine the extent, if any, of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

RUSH: No, it wasn’t. But I know that’s what they want everybody to think.

CALLER: Sure. I’ve seen —

RUSH: ‘Cause there wasn’t any Russian collusion. There was never any evidence of it, so there couldn’t have been an investigation to find any. They knew it hadn’t happened. It wasn’t an investigation. But I realize that you’re setting up a premise here, so go ahead. Go for it.

CALLER: Well, I’ve seen news reports indicating that the Russians and the Chinese have been suspected of attempting to influence the 2018 congressional elections. Imagine the consequences that would follow if the attorney general, as a counterintelligence investigation, appoints a slew of special prosecutors, perhaps one in each congressional district, to look into Chinese, Russian, and perhaps even Mexican drug cartel influence in the 2018 presidential election. Now, there’s a couple consequences to that that I think are worth considering.

RUSH: Well, but it isn’t gonna happen.

CALLER: Recall how many people were associated with the Trump campaign who’ve essentially gone bankrupt because they had to hire attorneys to help them respond to the special prosecutor investigation and respond to these congressional inquiries. The appointment of special prosecutors to look into Russian and Chinese influence into the 2018 congressional election would basically put every single PAC, every single campaign staffer, every staffer and volunteer related to a congressional campaign, it would put them subject to possible grand jury testimony and subpoenas and 5 a.m. FBI raids. And there’d be no restriction whatsoever on indicting members of Congress nor would there be a restriction on forcing members of Congress to testify in front of a grand jury.

Now, would Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, or even Pencil Neck want their grand jury testimony to be released? I doubt it. Now, while the investigation’s going on, perhaps they could answer a question that I’ve had always had. How in the world is it that so many members of Congress become so wealthy on government salaries? That would be something that could be investigated by the special prosecutors perhaps —

RUSH: Yeah, but none of this is gonna happen. We could do hypotheticals here all day long and talk about how great it would make us feel, but none of this is gonna happen. There isn’t gonna be a special counsel appointed in every congressional district, and there isn’t gonna be an allegation that the ChiComs and the Russians impacted every election out there. I mean, you might like to see it, but isn’t gonna happen. And because it isn’t gonna happen, I don’t know what purpose it serves.

But look, I appreciate the call. I don’t mean to be gruff and brusque here, but we don’t have enough time here as it is anyway and dealing with all these hypotheticals and how it might make us feel if it did happen, even to make a point, it’s so far out of the bounds of what’s gonna happen here that it doesn’t serve any purpose as far as I’m concerned.


RUSH: Who’s next? Joe in Galveston, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. What a wonderful thing to talk to you. Many dittos. Listen, I want to make the point, you will probably remember this. If not, you’ve already thought of it. Back when Al Gore and George W. Bush were in the race, the hanging chad thing and all that, remember Katherine Harris was by law, she had to close the polls or stop the counting by a certain time, I think it was 5 o’clock, and the Florida Supreme Court came in, erased that, got rid of it and said, no, this is too grave a situation, we’ve gotta keep the polls open. That sort of thing. So the idea that they won’t be able to find a judge — I’m shocked that any Republican, any conservative could say such a thing as, well, there’s no judge —

RUSH: I know. With everything that’s happened since Trump was elected, I keep running into these legal beagle experts in Washington, “There’s no judge in the world.” Dershowitz, “There’s no judge in the world that’s gonna say that Mueller and Barr have to produce that report unredacted.” Really?

As far the Katherine Harris business, remember she was secretary of state, state of Florida, during the Florida 2000 presidential election and in the aftermath. And what she did, she followed the law after the original count. And this was totally lost on everybody because it’s the kind of thing that isn’t taught anywhere in civics 101, or third year law. Well, I imagine it’s taught there.

Once the secretary of state certifies the election and sends to the U.S. congress the designation of the winner in a state, that is it! And that had happened. And she went on TV, and she announced that the state of Florida — she said, “George W. Bush.” And then the hell started because that’s when Al Gore then withdrew his concession, and they got the idea for the recount going.

And you’re right. The Supreme Court of Florida, even at first, defied a United States Supreme Court order to shut down the count, but they kept going. And so the U.S. Supreme Court had to send them another, I don’t know what it was called, ruling or something, and the chief judge of the Florida Supreme Court read the Supreme Court ruling in session — it was on TV — and he looked puzzled as he could be, looked around, “They’re telling us that we gotta stop. The U.S. Supreme Court says right here that we have to stop.”

So he looked around at his other judges and said, “I guess, well, I guess we gotta stop.” Had to tell ’em two times. Meaning the recounts. There was gonna never be any end to it until the Democrats found enough votes! And the recounts were mounting up, and they were growing at almost a geometrical progression. And this is why dolts on the left think that the Supreme Court chose George W. Bush. They didn’t. They shut down a recount that had no end in the state of Florida because it had been already certified for the Electoral College purposes and the submission to Congress. Remember, it could have been thrown, the presidential election, if this had kept going, could have ultimately been thrown to the House of Representatives to elect the president, in which case Bush was gonna win anyway.

The Democrats exhausted every recount effort but would not stop. So the U.S. Supreme Court finally told ’em to stop, and the liberals now think that the court was cheating and wanted George W. Bush. And so they shut it down. And that’s why they think that the 2000 election was fraudulent. And treated Bush as an illegitimate president, unjust, shouldn’t have been there and all the rest.


RUSH: Here is Ken in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Rush, now that the Judiciary Committee has acted, why doesn’t Attorney General Barr simply politely say to Representative Nadler, since you’ve made this into a legal issue, the Justice Department should hold on to everything until the courts decide what we may or may not release.

RUSH: That may be what he does. I know he’s not gonna turn it over. There’s gonna be a fight over the subpoena.

CALLER: Well, it appears that he was prepared to turn it over in a matter of, say, seven, eight days with the redactions.

RUSH: Right. Right.

CALLER: But now that they’ve subpoenaed this thing with everything, they can make this into one of the longest cases that ever lasted in the history of the legal system. You know, if you win, you win. If you lose, you appeal, but I don’t know why they can’t hold on to every bit of this until the courts tell them what they may or may not release, period.

RUSH: I don’t know these guys so I don’t know what they’re thinking, and I haven’t seen anything written about what they’re thinking. Your idea is that Barr should just refuse to give them anything, go to court over this and therefore not surrender a thing to Nadler. I would love that, I would love to see Jerry Nadler chasing his shadow and everything else trying to get his mutts on this.

This is like Sauron and the ring. Isn’t it? Was that the guy’s name, Sauron? The guy was addicted to the stupid ring. He was going nuts trying to get hold of the ring. That’s what these guys are with this report. They are just convinced that somewhere in this report is proof that Trump is a Russian agent.

It’s just irrationally absurd. But if that’s possible, I think it’s great. I know that Barr is not gonna surrender. He’s not gonna respond to the subpoena. And, by the way, Nadler has said he’s gonna hold off sending the subpoena for a while — he knows it’s illegal — gonna hold off on it, give Barr time to think about the right way to respond here.

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