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RUSH: Here’s Jorge Ramos, Univision. He said yesterday he believes the solution to the migrant crisis is just to legalize everybody, just erase the border and let ’em come on in. Grab audio sound bite number six. Anderson Cooper last night. Cooper said, “Some of the president’s supporters say if the aid programs to those countries are so successful and they’ve been going on awhile, how come there’s this surge of people trying to come across the border?” Meaning, if we’ve given so much foreign aid to these countries and they’re doing so great, why are so many people in these countries seemingly leaving and wanting to come to the U.S.?

RAMOS: The truth is that, Anderson, nobody can stop that. I mean, nobody really can stop that. Just a few months ago, I went to the border between Guatemala and Mexico. There’s the Suchiate River. You just pay $1 to cross from Guatemala to Mexico. And then we have to also understand that the borders between Central American countries and between Guatemala and Mexico are basically open. You can cross and no one is going to stop you. And Central American countries and Mexico, they are not the immigration police of Donald Trump. So if these immigrants want to come to the United States, it is very difficult to stop them. They’re going to keep on coming, and there’s really nothing we can do to stop that.

RUSH: See? See? It’s over. We can’t stop ’em. There’s no reason to even try. Jorge Ramos, great American, Univision. He went further. He said the U.S. economy has been absorbing them and it seems that we have to realize the only way to deal with this is in a legal way, and just to understand legally they are going to keep coming. There’s nothing we can do to stop ’em.

So his solution is just proclaim all of this legal, just ignore the law, ignore the border, and then we won’t have a problem. We only have a problem because we drew lines for a border. And we only have a problem because we’ve got a law that says people can’t legally cross that line. Well, if we get rid of the line and if we get rid of the law saying they can’t come, then poof! No problem! And that’s his solution. Ramos said, “The truth is, Anderson, nobody can stop them.”

Then we have, adding to this, Julian Castro of the San Antonio Castro political mob. Mother is Rosie Castro. She was one of the most partisan left-wing special interest operators ever. She’s had these two kids, and one of them is Julian Castro, presidential possibility here. And he unveiled an immigration program laying an early marker in the 2020 presidential contest.

And I have the story, it’s at TexasTribune.org and it says — San Antonio mayor — his plan appears to be the most detailed yet in the Democrat presidential field, and it’s basically let everybody in. Let’s grant amnesty to everybody here and stop trying to keep ’em out, and if you stop trying to keep ’em out, he says, it’s less likely a whole bunch of people are gonna want to come. He’s telling people what they can’t have that’s making them come, see.

So you gotta make it look like it isn’t any big deal and then you’ll really reduce the number of people. His proposal is highlighted by a call to decriminalize illegal border crossings. So here we go. The second prominent left-wing activist saying the solution to the problem is forget the law and then to decriminalize people who break the law!

Well, man, that would be easy. It is so hard to enforce the law. It’s so hard. It really hurts people’s feelings when they break the law and you have to enforce it against them. It’s really unfair because not everybody breaks the law and the people that break the law we have to be so hard on them, no compassion in that. We just need to get rid of the laws and then we wouldn’t have any enforcement problem. Then we could get rid of ICE and then maybe someday we could get rid of passports. Nobody would ever have to have a passport. Oh, it would be so wonderful!

So he’s calling to decriminalize illegal border crossings which he would do by repealing a provision of U.S. law that makes it a criminal instead of civil offence to unlawfully enter the country. The provision is Section 1325 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It’s been a key factor in the Trump administration’s zero tolerance approach that led to family separation and blah, blah, blah, blah.

“The truth is,” Castro wrote, “immigrants seeking refuge in our country aren’t a threat to national security. Migration shouldn’t be a criminal justice issue. It’s time to end this draconian policy and return to treating immigration as a civil — not a criminal – issue.”

Now, this pitch “stood out to some advocates who said it signaled a new direction for the immigration debate. ‘I’ve been working on immigration for many years, and this is a very different conversation than we were having in 2016,’ said Zenén Jaimes Pérez, a spokesman for the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal advocacy group. ‘I think for many years, we’ve taken it as something to prosecute and something to criminalize, and that has had a disastrous effect.’” I think this Castro guy’s on something. Let’s just take the law out of this.

Okay. So you take the law out of it, you reduce this from a criminal issue to civil and then that’ll vanish before long. And then the next thing to go will be the border. ‘Cause if there’s no line to cross, then there’s no illegal side of it, and if there’s no illegal side of it, there’s no law necessary. Bingo! And the Democrats have perpetual majority Democrat registration.


RUSH: We will go to Waldorf, Maryland. Robert, glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh, and I hope you’re hitting ’em well. You know, we hired Trump to take care of this problem at the southern border. I mean, that’s his number one, I would say, priority that we, the people-hired him for. We know that Congress isn’t gonna do anything to help him, but he does have the power to do something with this issue. I mean, Mexico has basically invaded the southwest of this country and taken it back from the earlier war we had, you know, with Davey Crockett back in San Antonio.

But he has to do something with this. If he doesn’t do anything with this, this is on him. Mrs. Nielsen is incompetent is needs to be fired. But bottom line, Trump knows what he’s dealing with now. Mexico is complicit in an invasion of our southern border, which to me is an act of war. And the president of the United States needs act accordingly and shut down that border and put the military there and stop this invasion.

RUSH: Last week the president announced that he was thinking about shutting the border, and immediately the Washington establishment, “You can’t do that! Economic, oh, God we’d lose a million and a half dollars, oh, my God. You can’t.” So Trump is walking it back now about closing the border. People are saying, “Well, look. Okay, you can’t shut the border, but can’t you stop immigration? You can let people go back and forth, conduct business, but can’t you stop illegal immigration?”

What do you think we’ve been ostensibly trying to do for 25 years? We right now, it’s patently obvious, you got Jorge Ramos and this mayor down in San Antonio saying it’s gotten so bad – and this is the way they always do it! They flood the zone and they make it look like the law is incapable of working so get rid of the law. Moynihan called it, as you know, defining deviancy down.

Apparently we don’t have the personnel on the border to catch ’em. We don’t have the personnel to stop them, and if we catch ’em, we don’t have the places to detain them. So we catch ’em and release ’em. And then if they apply for asylum, which they all are doing, that’s a whole ‘nother matter that requires essentially catch-and-release, ’cause we don’t have any detention centers.


RUSH: Here’s what Trump is up against, folks. I’m just gonna remind you again. There isn’t anybody in Washington that wants to stop illegal immigration. Not enough to matter. Washington wants illegal immigration. We’ve always known it.


RUSH: Let me go to the phones. East Lansing, Michigan. This is Patty. Glad you called. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon. I know that they’re scaring us with “in three weeks we won’t have any more avocado toast,” but people have forgotten the reason why we import all that produce, because they cut off the agricultural industry in California because of the silverfish. A three-inch little fish, they shut off water to the ag industry.

RUSH: I thought it was the kangaroo rat.

CALLER: It was the silverfish.

RUSH: Silverfish.

CALLER: Little three-inch, yeah, minnow. And people forget that. We need to start growing avocados back in California again. That’s my point.

RUSH: I gotcha. I gotcha. It strikes me that some people may not know what you’re talking about. So let me fill people in. Have you heard this, Mr. Snerdley, that one of the reasons leftists are saying we can’t close the border is because there’d be an avocado shortage, and avocado toast is a big deal to liberals and their health regimen and so forth, even though avocados are all fat. Did you know that?

CALLER: It’s good fat.

RUSH: Right! Good fat. Good cholesterol versus the bad cholesterol. The good calories versus the bad calories. The good booze versus the bad booze. The good sex versus the bad sex. The Keith Richards version of avocados and everybody else’s version of avocados.

All right. So now the left says we can’t close the border because there’d be a shortage of avocados. And what Patty is saying here is the only reason we have a shortage of avocados is that the left has prohibited them from being cultivated and grown in California. She’s not wrong about that. You know, California’s an amazing, amazing state. It’s identified by what happens on its coasts. San Francisco, Silicon Valley, then Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Even up north in Humboldt County you’ve got the environmentalist wacko movements up there trying to keep trees from being cut down, and then all the way down to San Diego. But the heartland of California, the valleys of California feed the world. And I was joking about the kangaroo rat, but there were farmers that were shut down because of the need to protect the kangaroo rat. That was in the Bakersfield area.

And she’s right. Silverfish were threatened. Silverfish are like cockroaches, but they were threatened, and so in order to protect them we had to dial back certain farming, and avocado farming apparently was one of the crops that fell by the wayside.


RUSH: Marty in Peoria. Marty, great to have you. Glad you called the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush. Glad to get through to you. My question is concerning these immigrants that are fleeing the Central American countries. If it’s so bad, the living conditions that they have to flee, why doesn’t the United Nations set up in southern Mexico to house these people and take care of them? I mean, they get billions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars a year to take care of stuff like this. Why isn’t that being done?

RUSH: Well, why aren’t Syrian refugees stopping in Morocco? Why are they going all the way to Italy and Germany?

CALLER: Yeah. They’re not supposed to come through Mexico to get here. They’re supposed to stop at their first port, right?

RUSH: Well, in fact one of the, quote, unquote, loopholes for asylum seekers is that they have to originate from a country outside Mexico. That’s one of the things going on here. You can’t seek asylum from Mexico. If you don’t live in Mexico, you have to seek asylum in Mexico. It’s the first country you reach after you depart your own hellhole. Then you have to seek asylum in Mexico. Mexico says screw you, we don’t want you, sending ’em north. Your question, why the United Nations — I mean, you know the answer, right? You’re asking it rhetorically.

CALLER: I mean, it’s such a bogus — there’s such a mess. And they do nothing but take hundreds of millions of dollars from us, and they do nothing.

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. The point is to get hold of U.S. money however, whichever, whenever they can. It’s a good question, even though it’s rhetorical. Where is the United Nations even in these native countries helping out? It is the U.N., after all. Why doesn’t the U.N. have establishments, little blue helmet people running around in Guatemala, in El Salvador, and Nicaragua, these other places helping out? Because the agenda is to flood the United States. Pure and simple. That’s why a number of us call it an invasion.

Does anybody really think — I need to ask this, and you may disagree with me. Does anybody really think that all of this immigration, migrancy, whatever you want to call it, is all of this organic? Did all of these people just decide in the past I guess now year and a half, two years, that they’re gonna form caravans and begin a trek?

Often children without mom and dad, all the way up to Mexico and eventually get to the United States, the Promised Land or what have you, did these people just decide, they don’t know each other, they live in different towns, different countries, different neighborhoods, and they all decided at the same time to somehow find a way to get to the U.S.?

I find it very difficult to believe that there isn’t some organizing, as in community organizing going on here. And there has to be somebody with sufficient money behind all this. You ever stop to think, you’re minding your own business, you’re in El Salvador, you live there, you get up every day, you do whatever you do in El Salvador. One day you decide you’ve had it, can’t take any more. Life isn’t worth living in El Salvador. So you decide you’re gonna walk 1,500 miles to get to the United States.

You don’t have anywhere near what you need to stay alive for 1,500 miles on the hoof express. You can’t take enough water with you. You certainly can’t take enough food, you can’t take enough bug repellant, you can’t take enough tents. I mean, what are you gonna do for using the bathroom? Mexico does not have a trail of Port-A-Potties, unless they do now.

Maybe you’re gonna find a coyote somewhere along the way and take an SUV for a portion of the trip. But you just decide to do this one day. Maybe you get mad at your president for not hating Trump enough. You say, “Okay I’ve had it, I can’t live anymore in El Salvador.” So you decide to walk to the United States. And you grab your 2-year-old. And you grab your 6-year-old.

Or, better yet, you decide that your life is over but you want a better life for your kids, so you send them on the trek without you! The hoof express to either Texas, California, New Mexico, or wherever you can get to. Maybe with a stop in Cabo. Of course, then you have to get across to the Baja Peninsula. That means you gotta be able to charter a boat after you walked halfway up the country of Mexico.

Does anybody think this is just organic? And then you hear there’s a caravan or two that you can join. So you call, you go online with your little computer in El Salvador, and you search caravans to the United States. And there’s also these websites, “Wow, look at this!” You can find this caravan or that caravan and that’s all you have to do. And then you find the caravan starting in Honduras.

So now you gotta find a way to get from El Salvador to Honduras. This just happens organically? For those of you in Rio Linda, organically means spontaneous, just happens here, I mean, at a moment in time, hundreds of thousands of people decide at the same time that they are gonna walk to the United States from Central America. It’s just hard to believe.

And now you’ve got Obama, former Obama Border Patrol officials and ICE, Homeland Security people admitting that it is a crisis at the border. And do you know why it is? Because we do not have the manpower to even process the people coming through. And if you add asylum seekers to it, we don’t have detention centers. They have to wait a minimum of three weeks.

You apply for asylum, you are detained, you’re separated from your family and you’re detained, you’re given a court date to come back for the application, but we don’t have any place to hold ’em so it’s catch-and-release. They’re released into wherever they go, and they never come back for the court hearing.

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