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RUSH: Stand by in there on the Dittocam for that picture that I sent you. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a news story from NBC Bay Area. The headline: “Woman’s Rant, Facebook Post Target Trump Supporter in Palo Alto Starbucks.” Don’t put it up there yet.

A furious, out of control, insane rant by a woman trying to shame a Trump supporter at a Palo Alto Starbucks was posted online and went viral this week, and now the woman at the center of the rant and post has lost her job.

Essentially what happened here, this lunatic — and this is what I was referring to earlier. I think this woman is deranged because of the media. Whenever any kind of unfortunate public incident pops up, what does the Drive-By Media do? The first thing they try to do is link the perpetrator of the incident to talk radio or to the Tea Party or what have you.

And they try to carry forth this narrative that people are being driven insane or to radicalism by Rush Limbaugh or Fox News or what have you. When the truth of the matter is, imagine that you are somebody that does nothing but watch CNN or read the New York Times or Yahoo News. Your only news diet is mainstream media.

What, after two years, have you been led to believe? You’ve been led to believe your president is a traitor who stole an election, cheated working with one of our prime enemies, is an ongoing Russian agent, has not paid his taxes, rapes every woman that he can find, and gets away with it. You would be driven insane if all you had as your input source for news was the mainstream media.

And I maintain that to whatever extent a certain significant portion of our population is mentally unbalanced can be traced right back to the irresponsible reporting multiple times a day, a steady diet in the Drive-By Media. You just have to look at what they’ve been absorbing. And it’s not just one story now and then. It’s five stories a day for over two years now.

Trump and porn stars, Trump and Russia, Trump and prostitutes peeing on a bed in Moscow, Trump’s a traitor, Trump’s agent of Putin, cheated Hillary Clinton out of the election, Trump beat people up. And accompanying all those stories is the assurance every day that Trump’s gonna get caught and be thrown out of office, that the Democrats are mounting impeachment.

And not just the media. Then, you as a student and somebody that has a steady diet of that news every day, you then watch the people you vote for, like Adam Schiff, or any of the other Democrats, Eric Swalwell, and they assure you that they have evidence that Trump colluded, that Trump is a traitor, that Trump is an agent, that Trump is helping Putin and that Hillary should have won, that they’ve got the evidence, it’s only a matter of time.

For two and a half years you get a steady diet. You watch MSNBC every night you’re told the walls are closing in, it’s about over for Donald Trump. Then you see Obama’s CIA director on TV every day two years in a row saying the same thing. How insane would you be by now? I think you’re way beyond the center line of sanity.

So what happened, a person that I think has been affected by all this, a woman walks into a Starbucks, and she sees an old guy, he’s minding his business, he’s bothering nobody, he’s wearing a MAGA hat. She is so triggered, she starts screaming at this guy. She calls him a Nazi. Hint: The guy is 74 and is Jewish. She starts calling him a Nazi.

It’s no different than the Covington kids and the Indians and so forth and that whole mess that happened on the mall in Washington. She takes his picture. She posts his picture on Facebook. She continues the rant. The guy’s a Nazi. He’s a Trump supporter. He’s destroying the country.

A day or two later she is fired. She’s an accountant. She has an accounting job at a music store. Who has music stores anymore? I guess you gotta buy instruments. Okay. So she’s fired from her accounting job at a music store. She is a horrible person.

But there’s a part of me that is willing to absolve her ’cause I think she’s been driven crazy. If she’s triggered by a Make America Great Again hat — and look at how that triggered a bunch of lunatics from the congressional black Liberians, whatever they were, then the Native Americans, Nathan Phillips and his crowd of war drum chanting, war beating whatever native Americans, people losing their minds.

It’s the media. A furious rant by a woman trying to shame a Trump supporter, Palo Alto. Hello, Stanford. Coffee shop. The woman who posted the incident on Facebook used the name Parker Manki. Well, here she is, folks, if you’re watching the Dittocam, here she is, that’s her on the left.

And on the right is the 74-year-old Jewish guy that was minding his own business in the Starbucks in Palo Alto wearing the MAGA hat that she called a Nazi and continued her rant with a picture of the guy on her Facebook page. The woman came over, she said, “Is that a Trump hat?” “Yeah.” And then she turned to the rest of the crowd in the store and said, “Hey, everybody, come over here, let’s get this guy, he’s a hater. I’m calling him out. He hates brown people. He’s a Nazi.”

She was trying to rally the whole store to beat this guy up and throw him out of the Starbucks. He’s Jewish. Her Facebook page has now been deactivated. She has been fired from her job. This is what the Drive-By Media is doing to way, way, way too many people, I fear.

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