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RUSH: Get this. Representative Ilhan Omar has called Stephen Miller a white nationalist. Stephen Miller is the high-ranking immigration adviser for President Trump. He’s a brilliant guy. I think they ought to put him on TV more. The thing is he’s Jewish. And she doesn’t like Jewish people to begin with. White nationalist? A Jewish guy is a white nationalist, Ilhan Omar? This is all they’ve got. Somebody does something, “White nationalist. White supremacist.” White this, white privilege, white whatever. You just have to laugh.

By the way, grab sound bite number 8 real quickly. This is Alex Burns. I mentioned that many in the Drive-By Media are really frustrated. What does Trump think he’s doing here? On immigration. He’s being hemmed in by having to keep campaign promises. This happened on CNN’s New Day today, discussion about Trump. New York Times national political correspondent Alex Burns had this to say about Trump’s thinking about being reelected in 2020.

BURNS: You’re seeing a picture of somebody who feels really kind of hemmed in by his 2016 campaign promises, right? That this is a guy who is looking back at the things he said he would do. His advisers have said consistently he wants to run on a theme of promises made, promises kept. A more three-dimensional politician might say at this point that I’ll get into some new spaces and I’ll show voters a side of me or an agenda that they haven’t seen yet because elections are also about the future, but this is a president who is focused on the past, his past campaign.

RUSH: Focused on the past! He’s focused on the past campaign! He’s keeping promises! He’s being sidetracked! And they say it’s Donald Trump who is out of touch. Now, we have had montage here, Stephen Miller, a bunch of Democrats and the Drive-By Media obsessed by Stephen Miller. They think he’s running Trump’s immigration policy and demanding all these people be fired. So we put together a montage of the obsession the Democrats and Drive-Bys have regarding Stephen Miller.

CHRIS HAYES: (music/b-roll noise) The president reportedly turns over immigration policy to Stephen Miller.

PAULA REID: Engineered and directed by immigration hardliner Stephen Miller.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: (outdoor noise) Stephen Miller is reportedly consolidating his control over administration policy.

ANDERSON COOPER: Stephen Miller is playing a key role.

JENNICE FUENTES: The dark lord of anti-immigration, Stephen Miller.

DAVID CICILLINE: (rotunda noise) This is apparently being led by Stephen Miller.

JOHN ROBERTS: (voice over/b-roll noise) Driven in large part by Stephen Miller.

WOLF BLITZER: Stephen Miller, immigration hardliner.

JIM ACOSTA: (outdoor noise) Immigration hardliner Stephen Miller.

ERIN BURNETT: (rotunda noise) We’re talking about 33-year-old Stephen Miller.

GLORIA BORGER: Stephen Miller.

JAKE TAPPER: Because of Stephen Miller. Stephen Miller.

JONATHAN LEMIRE: Stephen Miller.

ERICA HILL: Stephen Miller.

PAMELA BROWN: Stephen Miller.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Stephen Miller.

KATHLEEN RICE: (rotunda noise) Kirstjen Nielsen was pushed out by Stephen Miller.

TARA SETMAYER: Stephen Miller pulling the strings like this from his perch.

JASON JOHNSON: Stephen Miller, his white nationalist tendencies are really obvious.

GAYLE KING: Stephen Miller is said to be the driving force.

RUSH: Stephen Miller. They’re obsessed. He’s been there since day one. He’s been working on this since day one. But now all of a sudden they’re obsessed, white nationalist, Stephen Miller. Have you ever known a Jewish person to also be considered or called a white nationalist? How does that work?

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