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RUSH: Mayor Pete. Pete Buttigieg says that he hopes that he and his husband have children. “Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay mayor of South Bend, said he hopes to have children with his husband Chasten,” or Chasten, I don’t know how he pronounces it, “but said his presidential run ‘has kind of slowed down the path a little bit.’ [He] told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday that the couple have discussed having children together. ‘Chasten, my husband, he’s made for a lot of things.

“‘He’s a great educator, he’s become a great public figure coming out of the gate. … But he’s also going to be an amazing father. And I can’t wait to see him — I hope I’ll be good at it too — but I can’t wait to see him have that chance,'” and then Mayor Pete announced that his own supporters are too white. Yeah, he did. Mayor Pete says there’s not enough “diversity” at his events. He’s criticizing his own supporters for being too white “after questions about the lack of diversity at his events and among his campaign staff.”

Mayor Pete, “who is the first openly gay…” Every story! Mayor Pete, “the first openly gay presidential candidate, was asked about the lack of racial diversity at a fundraiser in New York. He responded ‘that he is aware of the lack of diversity at some of his presidential campaign events, including the fundraiser he was headlining…'”

Oh, you know when he also said? He said that his campaign came alive — it only happened — after his CNN town hall appearance. Mayor Pete, you’re wrong. Your campaign did not come alive with your appearance on the CNN town hall. It came alive two days later when I told people about your appearance on the CNN town hall.

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