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RUSH: I’m gonna tell you, if Pelosi keeps this up, she is going to cause all kinds of grief to rain down on her head. She is out there now saying that the Attorney General William Barr believes Donald Trump is above the law.This is all about the fact that he’s gonna investigate the fact that the FBI, the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign, and there’s no question that they were! I mean, just with the FISA warrants on Carter Page alone. But Comey admitted it in congressional testimony. There was spying. The real key here is why. They planted informants. This has been admitted to as well.

If they suspected the Russians were tampering with the Trump campaign, why not tell the Trump campaign? This is so obvious what happened here. There isn’t one shred of evidence for Trump-Russia collusion at all. And so Barr has said that in the Mueller report there isn’t any evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. But I want to remind you of something I told you all months ago in speculating about the Mueller report.

Even if there is no evidence of collusion, because there wasn’t, this report is gonna say horrible things about Trump. You wait. You wait. And Mueller has set this up precisely so that the Democrats and the left and the media can harp on those negative things. I don’t know specifically what they’re gonna be, obviously, but there gonna be plenty of stuff in there. Mueller has left a lot of little — what do we call them — Easter eggs, little things in there to be discovered that could be blown up into major events or major news stories.

And the headlines: “White House Braces for Mueller Report.” The White House isn’t bracing for anything. In fact, maybe there are people in the White House bracing, because I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you there’s some people who have been in the West Wing on Trump’s staff who I have no doubt talked to the special prosecutor.

Remember that anonymous New York Times story from somebody assuring us, “Don’t worry about, there are adults here and we’re making sure that Donald Trump doesn’t ruin the country and we’re making sure that Donald Trump does not do this. You can count on us, we can’t tell you who we are, but we’re here.” Remember, nobody knew who wrote this.

I think the New York Times made it up, myself. I think somebody there wrote it. But regardless. This report may in fact reveal who in the White House participated in sabotage against the president. I can understand there might be some people there bracing for the report, but Trump isn’t. So Barr has claimed, hey, I’ve summarized this, there’s nothing in there, and Mueller hasn’t corrected him.

But Pelosi is out there saying William Barr, the attorney general, believes Trump is above the law. I’m gonna tell you, this is gonna infuriate him. He’s gonna think not that this is just politics. He’s not gonna give her a pass on this. He is gonna take this for what it is. She is personally insulting his character. She is personally insulting his integrity, and she’s doing it to please the lunatics in her base that dwell in the denizens of basements on Twitter.

“Barr believes Trump above the law.” If these people aren’t careful, they’re gonna get exactly what they don’t want. They’re gonna get a full-fledged investigation into how this happened, who was behind it, who all knew about it.


RUSH: What I want to do, we got these sound bites of Pelosi, and she’s out there, she’s hitting William Barr, “President Trump is above the law, according to the attorney general.” I thought commenting on the investigators was obstruction of justice? Isn’t Pelosi obstructing justice? I mean, Barr has announced he’s gonna be doing an investigation, a big investigation. And she’s out claiming and prejudging that Barr thinks that Trump is above the law. How is that not obstruction in their own definition?

Anyway, she was on CNN this afternoon with none other than Ms. CNN International, Christiane Amanpour. Question: “It appears that the attorney general is going to finally send to the Congress the redacted version of Robert Mueller’s investigation. What do you expect to see, and how redacted do you think it will be? Do you think you’ll be able to accept it?”

PELOSI: First of all, we don’t know. And that’s why we said show us the report. For the attorney general, though, to say, “I’ll use my own judgment about what I redact,” that’s not necessarily going to be the final product. All of our intelligence community in high confidence have said that the Russians tried to disrupt our election. That is the heartbeat of our democracy.

RUSH: What?

PELOSI: We have to find out what happened, so it doesn’t happen again. And it isn’t up to the attorney general who has said basically that the president is above the law and the rest, so he’s there to redact whatever he wants. Well let’s just see what he puts forth before we make — you can’t make a judgment about something that you haven’t seen yet.

RUSH: I cannot describe the fury and anger that I’m experiencing right now over one thing she said here. “All of our intelligence community in high confidence have said the Russians tried to disrupt our election.” We just got a report, 400-plus pages, after two years that were unnecessary, saying that there wasn’t any.

And she is out lying to the Drive-By Media, who is going to continue to spread the lie and spread the disinformation and continue to misinform as many Americans as they can. “All of our intelligence community in high confidence have said the Russians tried to disrupt our election.”

Now, basically, if you want to say the Russians are always attempting to gum up the works, well, yeah. But that’s not what we’re talking about. When she says that, she means Trump and Russia colluded. That’s what she is saying. People are supposed to infer based on two years of never-ending reporting that Trump and Russia colluded. She knows that when she says our intelligence community in high confidence said the Russians tried to disrupt, she knows how people are gonna interpret it.

She wants them to interpret as our intelligence people with high confidence said that Trump colluded with Russia. That’s the conclusion she wants people to draw after hearing that abject lie. And it’s an abject lie because of the intention behind it. It isn’t up to the attorney general. It most certainly is up to the attorney general and the special counsel. They worked together to redact this thing to protect all kinds of things.

They’re not gonna give this up because they’ve got nothing else. They want to continue to tell their deranged voters and as many Americans as possible that they’re still hiding something here. Have people say “gee, I wish we could come together and –” How is it possible with this? How is it possible with this kind of irresponsible rhetoric coming from the Speaker of the House?

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