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RUSH: California Governor Gavin Newsom just went on a three-day fact-finding trip to El Salvador. He wanted to learn why people there try to come here illegally. It took him three days to find out that El Salvador is gang-ridden, poverty-stricken, and corrupt.

Now, at the conclusion of his tour, California’s Governor Newsom promised he is going to help build up El Salvador. He’s gonna help El Salvador fix their problems and help “stabilize” El Salvador, because that will “temper the rhetoric” from President Trump.

As Gavin Newsom fixes El Salvador, this will “directly” help California’s problems at the border, he says, as an added benefit.

Governor Gavin the Great invited El Salvador to send a delegation to meet with California business leaders to discuss “investment opportunities.”

California has more problems than you can shake a stick at from the human poop piles in San Francisco to the out-of-control homelessness problem in Los Angeles. Yet here is this newly installed California governor flying to Central America, pretending to conduct foreign policy like he’s a big-cheese world leader. He’s gonna fix El Salvador in order to fix California.

Who knew that El Salvador was California’s problem? I had no idea!

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