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RUSH: This is the kind story you’d expect from New York or Los Angeles, but it’s happening in Dallas, Texas.

The newly elected Dallas County District Attorney, a guy named John Creuzot, has instituted a new policy. His office, the D.A., will no longer prosecute “theft of necessary items” valued up to 750 bucks.

By necessary items, the D.A. means consumable goods like food, baby formula, abortion products and other products people need to live.

Creuzot says “criminalizing poverty” isn’t good for the community’s health and safety. So he’s not gonna go after people who steal personal items under 750 dollars unless there’s evidence that the theft was for economic gain.

So, I know you’re not believing this, let’s summarize. The Dallas D.A. thinks prosecuting theft is prosecuting poverty. So he’s not going to do it anymore.

Now you can bet every Dallas criminal is a grateful criminal. They know they can rob a business of 750-dollars’ worth of consumable goods and walk away scot free. Even if they’re caught, all they have to do is claim poverty and need.

It’s asinine. It’s absurd. It’s beyond stupid. And it’s what happens when social justice liberals get elected. And way too many of them are.

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