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RUSH: Pete Buttigieg has also ticked off some people. Not sure exactly who yet, but he compared Bernie Sanders supporters to Trump supporters. Basically calling them a bunch of cult followers that he’s not really worried about and that nobody ought to take seriously.

So, I mean, to compare any Democrat to Donald Trump, which is what Buttigieg just did, and, worse, to compare Democrat voters to Trump voters, ooh! That isn’t gonna sit well. And I’ll tell you why he did it. A, I think he actually means it. But it’s also strategic. This poll, I’m holding it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It is a New Hampshire poll and has various elements of the Democrat Party supposedly very, very, very worried. And from this standpoint…

We are being asked to believe by various Democrats and their media acolytes that the Democrat Party is not really this harebrained bunch of lunatic Millennial socialists. That the Democrat Party is actually still the same Democrat Party it’s always been, just mainstream, centrist liberals.

Folks, there’s nothing centrist about the Democrat Party. And, if you ever hear that term or label used to describe them, do not accept it. There is nothing centrist about the Democrat Party. It has gone full left-wing radical, and I don’t care who in it you’re talking about.

Now, it may well be that the adult radical leftists are just as supportive of socialism as the Millennials are, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But they’re smart enough not to say so. But that whole party, the entirety of the Democrat Party is gone as far left as it can go and still be called an American political party. It’s right there on the boundary as it is.

But the Democrat Party does not live in a realm where truth and honesty in marketing and packaging live. The Democrat Party lives in an alternative universe that they create for the media to promote, to lie to the American people about who they are. And that alternative universe has been constructed: the Democrats are just a bunch of moderate centrists. And we’ve got this bunch of young Millennials over here, these idealists that are not old enough to know any better yet, they’ve gone pure socialist. But that’s not who the Democrat Party is.

Well, there’s a poll in New Hampshire which blows that to smithereens. It’s a poll of Democrat presidential contenders. And it isn’t even close. Bernie Sanders, 30%. Joe Biden, 18%. Now, Biden is what they want you to believe is the typical centrist Democrat. What it really means is that Biden is just an adult uber, hyper-leftist. Again, there’s nothing centrist.

But this poll in New Hampshire, which is a key nominating state, as you know, Crazy Bernie at 30% is blowing the lid off of this marketing attempt to suggest that the mainstream of the Democrat Party is not kooky. So I guarantee you they are worried as they can be about this. Pete Buttigieg, Mayor Pete is in third place in this poll at 15%. Crazy Bernie is twice the support of Mayor Pete.

So Mayor Pete’s going after Crazy Bernie and saying that Crazy Bernie’s crowd, his supporters are no different than Trump’s, which is the ultimate put-down. Mayor Pete is trying to position himself as one of these old, standard centrists, slash, liberal Democrats. Joe Biden owns that. By the way, Biden is gonna announce on Thursday, to which I say big whoop, but I’m just feeding you information here.

After Buttigieg, you have Fauxcahontas in there at 5%, Kamala Harris at 4%, Cory Booker at 3%, Beto O’Rourke at 3%, Amy Klobuchar at 2%, and Andrew Yang at 2%. So this is why Buttigieg is attacking Crazy Bernie and his supporters. But with Bernie leading the pack in New Hampshire — believe me, the Democrats in toto are not happy about this. They rigged the primary in 2016 against Crazy Bernie.

But get this. You know what I hear? I hear that people on Bernie’s staff are now saying that Bernie has accepted that he’s gonna be president and he’s running around actually thinking of himself in the Oval Office, not the measuring-the-drapes business, but that he’s fallen into the trap of believing the dream and that it’s already on the way to happening, and they say it is affecting his outlook on things, as it would, affecting his attitude and so forth.

Also because of this is why Fauxcahontas has announced her latest Santa Claus plan of free college education and forgiving of all existing student loans paid for by a 2% wealth tax on families that have a net worth of $50 million or more. Now, just the forgiving of student loans is gonna require $630 million. Her entire plan is around $1.4 trillion. And I’ll break that down later in the program.


RUSH: Here is Ron in Fort Collins, Colorado, home of Dan’s Bake Sale. Great to have you on the phone, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’ll be real quick here. Every man running for the Democrat nomination will be attacked. Uncle Joe was Kavanaughed. Uncle Bernie got attacked on taxes. Next he got attacked on going on Fox News. As an aside, any woman going on Fox News will be taking on the enemy. Any man will be caving. Also, the mayor was attacked. That’s over 50% of the people in your poll right now are men. That won’t last, Rush. Keep your eyes open. Every attack will be from that branch of the Democrat Party.

RUSH: Well, what are you saying here? That somebody’s gonna take out the white guys?

CALLER: They’re gonna take out any men. A black guy stole the first election from Hillary.

RUSH: A black guy guy stole the — yeah. Yeah, that’s true.


RUSH: It’s undeniable.

CALLER: It doesn’t matter. If it’s a male —

RUSH: So you think Crazy Bernie is gonna get — well, you say Biden got Kavanaughed, except Biden did it!

CALLER: Yeah, but that doesn’t matter. There’s gonna be stuff coming out of the woodwork. Don’t you think on some of those fundraising trips 15 years ago Uncle Joey got caught in some —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, I don’t doubt that. So you think the Democrats are gonna stack the deck, white guys and a gay guy in exchange for a woman, one of the women in the race?

CALLER: Yes, 100 percent. Just keep your eyes open, there will be a woman candidate or else.

RUSH: My eyes are never closed.

CALLER: I understand that.

RUSH: Even when asleep.


RUSH: I have all this audio here from the Democrat town halls last night, and I thought when the program started I would use them and as the program went on. You know what I decided?  I don’t want to hear from them.  I don’t care.  I know what they think.  I know what they say.  Why?

The time on this program is precious, and unless somebody says something truly outrageous… Well, I guess most of what they do is outrageous.  But, you know, things happened and they just seems to be more relevant and important than playing sound bites of these people.  But not to say we won’t going forward.  Like Amy Klobuchar had to ask her audience to applaud.  You know things are not going well when you have to cue your own audience to applaud.

And then Fauxcahontas was pounding her fist like crazy walking around the stage vowing that sexism and misogyny would not take her out. (laughing) Sexism? Well, can you imagine how these people feel? The three frontrunners are white guys, and two of them are brontosauruses — and then there’s Mayor Pete, whose claim to fame is kissing his husband or CNN or whatever network.  He can’t wait to do that on Fox, I’m told.  Fox has made a deal with Mayor Pete for a town hall, by the way.  I think it’s been finalized, yeah — and it better not be tonight at seven.

Just saying.


RUSH:  Crazy Bernie said that he thinks felons should be given the right to vote (I guess they think they need lawbreakers to win) including the Boston Marathon bomber should be given the right to vote.  Your Democrat Party.

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