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RUSH: The Pew Research Center predicts that Hispanic Americans will officially become the largest voting minority in 2020. Pew estimates that Hispanic voters will be 13.3 percent of the electorate, with African-American voters at 12.5 percent.

Now, I have no doubt certain Democrat Party leaders will privately celebrate their decades-long voter-replacement mission, accomplished via illegal immigration.

What does this dramatic population shift mean? Hispanic politicians will demand a bigger chair at the Democrat Party table of power. More leadership roles. More money for their districts. Meanwhile African-Americans, already taken for granted by Democrats, will slip further down the totem pole. Their political power will slowly erode and they will be treated more and more like second-class minority citizens in the Democrat Party, a trend, by the way, that’s already started.

Here is the sad fact of political life: “We’re number two” just doesn’t have the same clout as: “We’re number one.” Even if you’re talking about minorities.

There is another political reality. Democrats will try to “use” the Hispanic voting block just as cynically as they’ve used African-Americans. Always promising to help fix their problems in exchange for votes, but never delivering. Never fixing anything. Keeping them forever dependent as a source of never ending power.

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