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Apr 23, 2019


TMZ: Osundairo Brothers Sue Mark Geragos for Defamation in Jussie Smollett ‘Attack’
National Review: Sanders and Harris: We Should Restore the Boston Marathon Bomber’s Voting Rights
New York Times: Highlights From 5 Candidates at CNN Town Halls
AP: Dem Leaders Stress More Trump Probes, Downplay Impeachment
CNN: Top Democrats Tamp Down Impeachment Talk on Call After Pelosi Pens Letter
FOXNews: Americans Would See Impeachment as a ‘Limp Attempt at a Soft Coup:’ Joe Concha
Mediaite: Trump Rates Cable Shows in A.M. Rant: Fox & Friends ‘The Best’, Morning ‘Psycho’ Joe, CNN ‘Beyond Disaster’
Washington Examiner: Bob Woodward: Steele Dossier Appeared in Draft of US Intel Assessment on Russian Meddling
FOXNews: Sanders Tops Biden in New Hampshire Poll, as Buttigieg Surges
LA Times: Will Newsom End Oil Drilling in California? Many Environmentalists are Betting Yes
The Hill: Intercept Editor Glenn Greenwald Slams Media Handling of Mueller Report
The Intercept: Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories. He Obliterated Them – Glenn Greenwald
Washington Examiner: Mueller report Contains Claim Russia Taped Bill Clinton Having Phone Sex with Monica Lewinsky
Breitbart: Warren: My Wealth Tax Will Pay for Universal Child Care, Universal Pre-K, Free College Tuition
TIME: Jared Kushner: Mueller ‘More Harmful’ Than Russia
TIME: Hillary Clinton: Anyone Else Would Have Been Indicted After Mueller Report
New York Post: Amy Klobuchar Tells Crowd They’re ‘Supposed to Cheer’ in Cringe-Worthy Town Hall Moment


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